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This is a basic introduction to how to use to get free samples, free stuff and coupons. We also talk about our awesome monthly contest & money saving tips. We posted this on our homepage but posting it here with a transcription in case you missed it!


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Welcome to My name is John, and I have to admit I’m a pretty frugal person and I am guessing you are too.

What we do at YoFreeSamples is collect free samples, coupons, and great deals all in one place across the Web. So let me walk you through the site.

Here we have Free Samples where you can get Beauty Samples, Baby Samples, and even Free Food.

In this section, Free Stuff, we have free clothing. You can play games for free and even get magazine and birthday free samples.

In the Coupon section, we have coupons from, SmartSource coupons, and even RetailMeNot, and we also have our own Drug Coupons section, which we’ve made ourself.

We’ve saved thousands of dollars for our users with these coupons. So get printing.

Now, wait, we also have a monthly contest where you can play and earn points by Liking, hitting the +1, or leaving a comment, and we have a monthly prize, typically a $25 gift card.

You can play by registering with us, and that’s about it.

We also have a money saving blog where we have awesome tips and ways to save for just about anything.

So that’s the basics of the site.

We’ll be talking about more features as we release more videos, but if you have any questions, you can just email me at because, you know, I’m a real person.

And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and sign up for our daily emails. Thanks.

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