How To Get Free Bags Of All Types Online

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If you’re looking for free bags, they may be more difficult to find than you think. The internet has lots of freebies, but many of these require you to make a purchase first to get the freebie. Free bags come in handy when shopping and needing bags for groceries. Free tote bags are perfect as a book bag. Having free bags can always be used, gifted, and money savers.


The 15 ways to get free bags of all types online are below.

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Key Takeaways

  • The most common bags that are free online are shopping bags.
  • Free handbags are the most difficult to find online.
  • Loyalty programs and promotions from retailers are great ways to get free bags.
  • Many companies offer tote bags as promotional items for marketing purposes.
  • Free bags generally come with a purchase of another product.

Where To Find Free Bags Of All Types Online?

Free bags can be found on many sites, but most require a purchase upfront, especially makeup bags. Tote bags and shopping bags are more easily seen at expos and as part of a promotional offer. Many companies also encourage moving away from plastic shopping bags to material bags. You can exchange these plastic bags for reusable bags.

Sometimes looking online for freebies can be daunting. Often sites have expired freebie deals or long surveys that you need to complete before getting a free product. In addition, many of these deals are for marketing purposes and may not be available for an extended period.

1. Promotions From Retailers

Many retailers have promotions that come with a free reusable bag. Some offer free bags on Earth day, while others run regular promotions where you can get free reusable bags. The recent ban on plastic shopping bags prompted some stores to give away free reusable shopping bags. Stores like Wawa and Stop & Shop in New Jersey have recently given customers free reusable shopping bags.


Other retailers may offer a free gift like a tote bag when purchasing an item in-store. Totes and shopping bags are relatively inexpensive to produce. Therefore, they can be easier to find in retail stores as part of a promotion or sale.

2. Coupon And Freecycle Sites

Coupon sites like Yo! Free Samples and Amazon coupons can help you save on items like bags. By using coupons and in-store discounts at famous retailers, you could even get a bag for free. There are also a few excellent sites like Freecycle, where you can find products in your neighborhood that people want to give away. This is a great place to look for free bags.

You could start a bag exchange with a few friends you meet regularly and exchange items you no longer need for new ones. This is a clever way to pass on things you are no longer using and get items you may need.

Below are some recent bag offers here on Yo! Free Samples:

3. Loyalty Programs

Many retail outlets have loyalty programs that offer rewards when you shop. For example, some retailers like Giant have a rewards program. In addition, Target has an app where you get coupons and discounts and up to 5% savings on purchases. With loyalty programs, you can earn discounts, get cash back, and even get free gifts just for being a loyalty program member.

Most receipts at large retailers will display your savings after shopping. So you could save this amount after shopping each month and use it towards a bag.


4. Visit expos

Have you visited an expo recently? Most companies are sponsors at an expo, and many welcome gifts come in reusable bags. Expos and events are a great place to find free samples and get a free bag. If there are no welcome gifts, many booths have promotional items for customers who visit their booth.

Many of these would have a reusable or tote bag with a few promotional items and flyers in the bag. In addition, some booths may have discounted offers where you can purchase a product and receive a free gift. For example, a beauty expo often has a free makeup bag with a purchase.

5. Dyper

Dyper is a company that makes bamboo diapers. They are currently offering a free bag with the subscription to their monthly box; free shipping is included in this deal. The value of the free diaper bag gift is $69.00. This great offer is perfect for new moms who want to save on the cost of a baby diaper bag.

6. Klipling

Klipling runs a regular competition where you can win a luggage bag. All you need to do to enter the contest is complete the online form on their website to stand a chance to win. The best part about this luggage bag competition is that it’s open to almost all countries, so anyone can enter.

7. Qualigifts

Are you looking for a free drawstring backpack? Qualigifts, a gift-orientated company, offers free drawstring backpack samples with 2 lines of text printed on the bag. To get your free sample of the drawstring backpack, you need to complete the form on the Qualigifts website.

8. Earthbound Farm

Earthbound Farm has a giveaway yearly for Earth day. Generally, you complete a short quiz to win a reusable tote. This competition is only once a year but may not occur every year. However, it’s still worth looking into. Their reusable tote is perfect for shopping trips and a great way to cut down on plastic shopping bags.

9. Allure Subscription

You may consider getting an Allure subscription if you love magazines, which come with a free tote bag. The subscription starts at a 6-month subscription for $5 or a 1-year subscription for $8. If you love all things beauty, this is a great way to get a free bag and a few magazines.


10. Cheap Totes

Cheap Totes is a store specializing in tote bags. Tote bags start from as little as $0.69 per tote bag. Their store stocks a wide range of totes, including a budget, canvas, and zipper totes. They are offering customers a free sample of their tote bag, and the only thing you will need to pay for is shipping.

11. Bagbirdy

Bagbirdy is currently running a competition where you can win handbags and wallets. This competition is open to anyone in the world. Each month they give away a free item or prize to an email subscriber. To enter, all you need to do is subscribe to their mailing list by completing a short subscriber form on their website.

12. DSNY

If you reside in New York, then you may be able to get a reusable bag by taking the environmental pledge on the DSNY website. DSNY is distributing reusable bags across the city. These bags are made from 90% recycled material. Visit the DSNY website and take the zero waste pledge to claim your bag.

13. Thrift And Dollar Stores

Thrift and Dollar stores are great places to look for free bags. In addition, thrift and dollar stores may have clearance items that you can basically get for free, especially if it’s a really great deal. Some dollar stores may also have shopping bags and backpacks. The Salvation Army, Goodwill, and America’s Thrift Store are a few good stores to find cheap or basically free bags.

14. Branson is a travel and entertainment website that offers great deals on shows and accommodation. Their current promotion includes a free Branson Swag Bag.

To get a free Branson Swag Bag, you need to visit their website and complete a short form with your information. The Branson Swag Bag is filled with savings and products like a Tanger outlets coupon book, a Branson pen, and a guest care savings book worth $7000 in savings.

15. Dollar General

The retailer Dollar General is currently running a competition where you need to answer a few questions from their quiz to win a beauty bag and digital coupons. This is a limited offer and may not be for an extended period. The beauty bag is limited to one bag per household. This bag is a great freebie and can carry all your essentials and beauty items or just be used as a beach bag.

There are numerous ways to save cash, one of them is by using reusable bags and getting bags for free. Shopping bags are handy and have many different uses. For example, drawstring bags and backpacks are great if you have children and are going out and need a bag to carry a few essentials.

You can also get branded bags, but these are not entirely free and may require a purchase first. There are many ways to get free bags, including survey and earning sites. These sites help you earn extra cash, which you can use towards a bag. Coupons and thrift stores are excellent choices when you want to save or get a free bag.


There are a few methods of getting a free brand name bag. While these bags are primarily handbags, they require a small purchase from the retailer to get the bag. For example, Victoria’s Secret has a limited promotion of a free wallet with any handbag purchase.

Among these deals, they often run promotions with their pink store card; if purchasing an item, you get another free, and one of their recent deals required you to spend $85 and get a free tote bag.

Many name brands run promotional sales, especially buy one get one free deal. These retailers also have reward programs for members and special discounts and freebies. So it may be good to check out a few retailers like Marks and Spencer for a great rewards program.

What Other Can I Get Free Bags Online?

Another option to get free bags online is by completing surveys or tasks to earn gift cards or cash. Many rewards and survey sites pay members for completing tasks, playing games, or giving their opinion.

Popular sites include Swagbucks, Surveytime, and InstaGC. Swagbucks is available in all countries, but most opportunities are in the US. The payment threshold is $5, and they have a wide selection of gift cards, including Paypal gift cards. Swagbucks has more than 20 million users and comes with great cashback offers for tasks like shopping online, contests, playing games, and watching videos.

Surveytime is available to users worldwide. The PayPal payout threshold is $1, and payment is through gift cards. This survey-based site is one of the fastest paying PayPal survey sites that reward you as soon as you complete a survey. It may take time to find surveys you qualify for, but some short surveys pay $1 per survey.

InstaGC is another earning-based site that is open to users worldwide. Their payout is in Bitcoin and Paypal. You get paid by completing surveys, watching videos, and downloading apps. The payout is instant, and the qualifying amount for a payout is only $1.

Does Shipping Still Apply For Free Bags Online?

Many freebie deals include shipping, and this is mostly for sample products. While bags are more oversized items than most samples, there may be some shipping costs involved. If the bag is part of a contest or competition, then more than likely, there are no shipping fees to receive your free bag. However, shipping may apply if the free bag is on a retailer’s website as part of a promotional deal.

Pay attention to the fine print when looking for freebies; some may have a catch. For example, if shipping costs are involved, they may be based on a fixed rate or by weight. Be cautious around shipping fees, and remember that it may take a while to get to you if a product is shipped.

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