How To Get Free Or Cheap Toilet Paper

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Although it isn’t a glamorous item, toilet paper is a daily necessity in every household. And as something that you flush down the toilet, you probably resent paying more than you have to for it. Although there aren’t as many sources of free toilet paper as there used to be, we will show you how to get free or cheap toilet paper.


The 7 best sources of free or cheap toilet paper are below, scroll down to see the whole list.

Key Takeaways

  • It isn’t as easy to get free toilet paper anymore, but manufacturers may still send samples if you request them.
  • Taking advantage of deals, stockpiling when you get an outstanding deal, and applying coupons can result in you getting toilet paper for very little; the price per roll may be low enough that some rolls work out free.
  • Manufacturers make toilet rolls in so many variations of sheets per roll, the number of rolls per pack, different price points, and misleading descriptors such as “mega” and “ultra” that you have to do the math to work out what constitutes a good deal.
  • The Toilet Paper Value Calculator will help you determine a good deal and what to avoid.
  • Changing where you buy toilet paper and what brand you buy, or going generic, can significantly impact how much you pay.
  • You can use Amazon’s Subscribe & Save service to save 5 to 15 percent of the suggested retail price.
  • Working toward free gift cards allows you to keep them for getting your toilet paper for free.

Where To Get Free Or Cheap Toilet Paper

Although the days of easily acquiring free or dirt-cheap toilet paper that you can stockpile in bulk are over, there are still ways to get it at more than reasonable prices. These generally involve you shopping smart and may require you to change your shopping habits to find the best deals.

You will have to use some effort to get the best deals on toilet paper, we will show you where to begin and what tricks to apply to find the best prices. Let’s take a look.

1. Samples From Manufacturers

One way to get free toilet paper is to contact companies directly and ask politely for free samples or coupons. You can look for your favorite brand’s website, subscribe to its newsletter, and follow its social media platforms. Alternatively, have a look at the following toilet paper brands:


2. Subscribe & Save With Amazon

Toilet paper is among the top-selling items in Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program. You pre-order items for delivery to your home at weekly or monthly intervals. It is convenient, and allows you to save 5 to 15 percent of the suggested retail price.

3. Identify Cheap Local Businesses

Certain stores have agreements with toilet paper brands to carry them at better prices. For example, buy:

  • Charmin or Cottonelle at Walgreens
  • Charmin at CVS
  • Quilted Northern or Scott Brand at Target
  • Angel Soft at Kroger

You can often get a massive discount if you buy in bulk (18 rolls or more) at Walgreens and CVS.

4. Do The Math

Toilet paper varies from brand to brand, with the sizes of the rolls differing, as does the thickness, weight, and ply. Regular, standard, mega, ultra, and double are thrown around with no standardization.

As a result, it’s worth computing the actual unit cost:

  • Divide the price by square feet to get the price per square foot
  • If the brand doesn’t show square footage on the pack, divide the price by sheets per roll.

To aid you in these calculations, use the Toilet Paper Value Calculator. Input the relevant variables, and it does the math for you.


5. Toilet Paper Coupons

You used to have to search through newspapers, magazines, and store fliers to clip coupons. However, nowadays, all you have to do is go to the website of your preferred store (one that already does good deals on toilet paper) and look for their current coupon offers. Stacking double buy offers, coupons, and other rewards such as Walgreen’s Register Rewards can produce very cheap toilet paper.

You could also try visiting coupon sites that centralize coupons from various stores, such as, RetailMeNot, or Coupon Chief, and search for the best offers on toilet paper or use an app such as Flipp to aid you in your search.

6. Earn Free Gift Cards

Target offers free gift cards with purchases, which means that as you buy other items at their stores, you can be earning toward getting free toilet paper. The gift cards vary in the amount they give you, the minimum spend required, validity, and product category, so they won’t always help you get toilet paper, but this is still a method worth using.

The free gift card promotions from Target cycle rapidly, so to keep tabs on what is happening with them, we recommend downloading the Target app to your phone and using it. You can also use an online survey site such as Swagbucks to complete surveys, take trial offers, and earn points that you can put toward Target gift cards or Visa gift cards that you can use at any store.

7. Stockpile

When you find toilet paper at an excellent price, buy in bulk and stockpile it. Your savings can be so much that some of the rolls you buy work out free. What’s more, buying in bulk saves you time, as you don’t have to spend time buying toilet paper for a few months. But when should you stockpile?

The average price is around $0.05 per square foot, so if you find toilet paper that costs $0.02 or less per square foot, buy it in bulk. As prices increase, you will have to alter this metric slightly, but a good rule is if it costs somewhat less than half the average price per square foot, then stockpile about six months’ supply.

Is Cheap Toilet Paper Bad For You?

Provided you buy toilet paper that can do the job, cheap toilet paper causes no health problems. Be aware that some cheap toilet paper requires you to use more, negating the savings and potentially clogging your toilet.


Where Is Toilet Paper The Cheapest?

Costco’s Kirkland Signature brand is probably the cheapest toilet paper per sheet.

Is There An Alternative To Toilet Paper?

You can use a bidet in your bathroom as an alternative to wiping with toilet paper.

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