Zappos Return Policy Guide

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Zappos is an online fashion retailer that sells a massive selection of clothing and shoes for adults and kids. But when you’re buying clothes online, you can’t always try the items on before you buy them! That’s why it’s essential to know the store’s return policy before paying for the items in your cart!


Zappos’ return policy guide allows customers to return any unworn item that is in its original packaging within one year of purchase. You can log a return with Zappos over the phone, through email, chat, or on their website. Abusing the Zappos return policy may get your account flagged.

Our Zappos return policy guide will help you successfully return any items that don’t fit, are uncomfortable, or don’t suit your style!

What Is Zappos’ Return Policy?

Zappos allows customers a full refund for returns logged within one year of purchase. To qualify for a return, the items should be in new condition. The items must also be returned to Zappos in the original packaging. Some of their apparel is shipped with a security tag attached to the garment. It’s important to keep the tag if you want to return your item.

Zappos offers a few hassle-free ways to return your items:


Type of returnAccepted by Zappos
Website return formYes
Online chat with Zappos representativeYes

Unfortunately, Zappos does not accept in-person returns or return letters.

How Can I Log A Return With Zappos?

Returning items with Zappos is easy! The best way to log your return is through the Zappos website. To return your items, you’ll need to follow these easy instructions:

  1. Log on to your Zappos account through their website
  2. Find the Zappos order with the item you want to return and select it
  3. Find the item you wish to return and check the box next to the item
  4. Click ‘Return Checked Item’ to proceed
  5. Print your return label or have it emailed to you for later
  6. Click ‘Return Items’ to proceed
  7. Place items into the original packaging and inside the shipping box
  8. If you no longer have the original packaging, place it inside a plastic bag (Note: Zappos may not accept the return if you don’t send it in the original packaging)
  9. Print the label
  10. Place a label on your shipping box
  11. Drop the Zappos shipping box at your nearest UPS shipping location

Are There Exceptions To Zappos Return Policy?

Yes, there are exceptions to Zappos’ return policy. Firstly, the items should be unused and in their original packaging. You should also return them with their security tag if Zappos originally sent them with one attached.

Zappos doesn’t have any minimum or maximum return quantities. No items are excluded from their return policy if they are unworn and in the original packaging.

Does Zappos Charge For Return Shipping?

No! Zappos doesn’t charge their customers anything for return shipping. As long as the item unworn and the original packaging, Zappos will refund or exchange any returns you have.

Can I Return A Worn Item?

Zappos only returns items that are in new condition. You can return an item that has been worn if you were wearing it to try it on. If you have purchased shoes, Zappos recommends wearing them indoors to test their comfort. Once the soles get dirty or worn, Zappos won’t accept the return.


How To Fairly Use Zappos’ Return Policy

You should never abuse return policies. You should use Zappos’ return policy fairly and only return items in acceptable condition. Although Zappos has a 365-day return policy, you should also return items as soon as you notice that they are too small, uncomfortable, or not to your liking.

Can I Return A Gift From Zappos?

If a friend or loved one has bought you a gift from Zappos, there are ways to return it! When someone gifts you clothing or shoes, they don’t always fit or suit your style. Luckily, Zappos will gladly log a return on a gift.

To return a gift to Zappos, you’ll need to follow these easy steps:

  1. Call Zappos customer service line
  2. Provide the information of the person who gave you the gift (make sure you have their phone number, email address, and name before phoning)
  3. (Optional) Choose to have the sender refunded, or
  4. (Optional) Choose to log a gift return and receive an online gift certificate in the same amount

What Is Zappos Return Policy For VIP Members?

Zappos VIP program follows the same basic rules as their standard return policy. However, Zappos VIP members may receive discount VIP discount codes. These discount codes will make your online shopping spree much more affordable!

If you want to return an item you bought using a VIP discount code, Zappos will only refund you the amount you paid. For example, if you purchased a pair of sneakers that they discounted by 10%, Zappos will only refund the discounted amount.

Does Zappos Need A Reason For Returns?

No! Zappos is happy to replace your item or fully refund you, no matter why you return your purchase. But it’s important to remember to retain the original packaging for the article, and make sure to return it in new condition!

Is There A Limit On Zappos Returns?

Suppose you bought several different items that are not to your liking or don’t fit. In that case, Zappos will allow you to return everything! There is no limit on Zappos returns!


Can You Abuse Zappos’ Return Policy?

While Zappos has a lenient, customer-centric return policy, it’s important to remember not to abuse it! If you return Zappos items too often, your account may be flagged. You may risk being banned from their site for abusing their policies when your account is flagged.

Can You Return Any Item From Zappos?

Yes! Zappos will happily refund or exchange the item – no matter what size, color, or style! You can return anything you’d like if you stay within Zappos’ return policy guidelines.

The only items that are excluded from Zappos’ return policy are items that have been worn or returned without the original packaging.

Final Thoughts

Zappos’ return policy is focused on keeping their customers happy! Zappos will accept returns logged within a year of purchase, as long as they are in their original Zappos packaging and have not been worn. You can even ask for an exchange (including gifts) if you don’t want a refund!

Thanks to their ‘no minimum or exceptions’ policy, you can also return any item to Zappos.

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