About Black Angus Rewards: Discounts, Freebies & More

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So, you’ve got a hankering for steak, and someone whispered the magic words: “Black Angus Rewards Program.” Should you jump on this meaty bandwagon? Let’s get into the juicy details. And if you’re in a rush or too busy seasoning your steak, here’s the quick overview:


Quick Summary of Rewards:

  • You earn points for purchases (5 points/$1)
  • You can redeem points for free desserts, drinks, discounts, starters, and entrees.
  • Military hero discounts are 15% off.
  • Birthday bonuses are included.
  • Referral and exclusive members-only perks.
  • App-only features and discounts.

Before setting your heart (and stomach) on Black Angus, a reality check. They’ve got joints only in Arizona, California, Hawaii, New Mexico & Washington. Do a quick location check before your tummy starts its steak symphony. Alright, sharpen those steak knives and let’s slice into this.

How Does This Rewards Program Work?

It’s a dance of dollars and points. Spend money, earn points. Use points, get food. Feels like a carnivorous carnival where you’re both the performer and the audience. But before you start dreaming of endless steaks, let’s choreograph your moves.

Deals & Freebies: How to Steak Your Claim

A good deal is like a perfectly grilled steak – satisfying. Let’s piece this together with a table:


500Free Dessert
750Free Specialty Drink
1000Free $10 Credit
1500Free Steakhouse Starter
2500Free Entrée (up to a $35 value)
These all expire after 120 days of being active.

Got the app? You’re in for some app-tastic deals. New users get 10% off on the first takeout order. And hey, if you’ve got a special day coming up…

Birthday Perks: Celebrating Another Year of Meaty Goodness

Ah, birthdays. The one day you get to be the star and eat like a king. At Black Angus, you get double the points for the entire birthday month. Change is a part of life; while you might be celebrating with a steak this year, who knows what the next year holds? Stay open to possibilities and enjoy the moment.

Heroes Discount: A Special Cut for the Best Among Us

In the bustling steakhouse world of Black Angus, there’s a special table set aside – metaphorically speaking. For whom, you ask? For the very best among us: our everyday heroes.

  • From veterans to active-duty military stars
  • The brave first responders, be they police, EMTs, or firefighters
  • The healers in scrubs – yes, nurses and healthcare champs
  • And let’s not forget our educators, shaping tomorrow, one lesson at a time.

How does Black Angus salute you? With a meaty 15% off on dine-in delights. No codes, no fuss. Flash your valid ID, badge, or any of the listed proofs, and voilà, savings served sizzling! Just remember, while the steaks are high, this can’t mix with other offers, see the fine print here.

So, here’s to you, the heroes. May your steaks be as outstanding as your service! Cheers!

The App: A Meaty Affair or Just More Digital Clutter?

In today’s digital age, there seems to be an app for everything. Does the Black Angus app make the cut? Available on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store, this app promises management ease and exclusive deals. But ask yourself: do you really need another app? Perhaps just for that 10% off for new users which is the one and only extra benefit to using the app beyond the convenience of the app. But I’d skip this unless you really visit your location or order online often because you can do it all through the website too.


Wrapping Up the Feast…

Is the Black Angus Rewards Program the golden ticket to steak heaven? Maybe. If you’re a regular, it’s a no-brainer. But for the occasional steak lover, weigh the pros and cons. Don’t forget to register online if you decide to jump in. Whatever you choose, always remember: the best steak is the one enjoyed with friends, family, or a really good bottle of wine. Cheers!

Bon Appétit! And always remember: life’s too short for bad steaks.

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