Lyft Free Ride Hack: Is It Possible?

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Lyft rides are very convenient when you need a ride and want to avoid driving in traffic. But using Lyft for a few trips can get quite expensive. You may have heard about a Lyft ride hack, and you’re probably wondering if it’s possible to get free rides with Lyft. Unfortunately, while many users of Lyft and Uber claim to have hacks that get you free rides, there may not be much validity to this.


While many Lyft promo codes are available, there is no hack to get free rides. However, once you sign up for the Lyft service, you will receive a referral code. Anytime someone uses this code to ride with Lyft, your account will be credited. This, in theory, can give you a free ride with Lyft.

While freebies are not easy to come by, nor are free rides, there are a few clever ways to use your Lyft account. Many ride sharing companies offer enticing discounts and sign-up bonuses for new users. Among these are unique referral codes that your friends and family can redeem. So if there isn’t a Lyft free ride hack, what can you do to get “free” rides?

Is The Lyft Free Ride Hack Possible?

There are numerous ways to get free items, but most of them require research, your time, or some other kind of investment. If you have used Lyft before then, you’ve probably heard about the Lyft free ride hack. While this concept seems too good to be true, there may be a few ways to get free rides. But, again, this is not necessarily a hack but probably taking advantage of a referral system that Lyft has.

While it is never recommended to take advantage of any system, there are ways to navigate these services legally and save you money. For example, getting free rides with Lyft is only possible through credit earned with a referral code and promo codes. This isn’t necessarily a hack but more an incentive to get more people to use Lyft.


It’s not easy to get a free Lyft ride, but you can earn credits if your friends and family use your referral code when getting a ride with Lyft. This strategy, combined with in-app promotions and offers and coupons, can help get free rides.

What Is The Lyft Referral Campaign?

The Lyft referral campaign is strictly for users and their family members and friends. This is restricted to some cities and only works with those who have never used Lyft before. It’s easy to refer friends and relatives to Lyft by navigating to the Lyft app and sending them a referral code they will use on their first ride with Lyft.

You earn $5 in Lyft credit per referral if your referral code is used. If your referral code has been used, it will reflect in your user account in the Lyft app once the ride has been taken. New rider credits on Lyft generally expire within 14 days and should be used within this period.

Through enough referrals and credit earned, you could be on your way to getting a free Lyft ride. By just having 5 friends or family members use your referral code, you could earn $25 in Lyft credit.

How Can You Use Lyft To Get Rides Without Paying?

There are a few genuine ways to get Lyft rides through discounts, earning credits, and promo codes. Many sites claim to offer Lyft hacks, but these should be avoided. Instead, opt to earn credits or promo codes for discounted Lyft Rides.

Here are a few ways to get discounted Lyft Rides:


  • First-time users get a promo code when signing up to ride with Lyft
  • Use your unique referral code to get friends and family to ride with Lyft and earn credits
  • View the Lyft app regularly for discounted offers and promotions
  • Sign up and pay with partner credit cards for special offers

How Can I Get Lyft Credit?

Lyft credit is a virtual cash system where credit is earned through your referral code and promotions via the Lyft app. Lyft credits can be used towards paying for a ride and can be used over multiple rides. Lyft credits can also be earned through partnering credit card companies. You can also send a ride credit to friends and family members.

With Lyft credit, the promotion with the highest value will be applied automatically to your ride if there is more than a single promo available. Once your ride has been booked and used, you can choose which promotion you want to apply to the ride.

How Can I Get Ride Discounts With Lyft?

Ride discounts let you get a ride with Lyft at a discounted rate. If the discount is equal to the cost of the ride, then the ride is free. Ride discounts can be in percentage form, a flat rate, or fixed promotion. Generally, these discounts apply for a certain period and should be used within that time frame.

Ride discounts can be redeemed on the app, found via coupon sites, or sent to you by Lyft when you sign up.

How To Use Promo Codes For Lyft Rides?

If you are a new Lyft user, you will receive a promo code just by signing up. To add a promotional code to your Lyft account, simply open the app, navigate to the payment section and add the coupon code in the add credit code section. Your promo code will then be applied, and your ride will be discounted based on the promo code.

If you have active promotional codes on your Lyft app, you can view these by going to the promos tab in your Lyft app. In addition, the promotions tab will show your credits and all active promotions.

What Kinds Of Promotional Codes Does Lyft Have?

Lyft has three different promotional codes: percentage promos, discounted promos, and fixed-rate promos. These discounts can be found on the Lyft app, with information like the value of the promotion and expiry date.


  1. Percentage promotions. If Lyft runs a percentage promotion, your ride will be discounted by a certain percentage. This discount is only applied to the ride fee; other fees may still be charged where applicable.
  2. Discounted promotions. Discounted promotions include a single rate discount on the cost of a ride. This could be a $12 discount on any ride. This means if your ride costs $20, $15, or $30, you will get $12 deducted from the cost of your ride.
  3. Fixed-rate promotions. If the fixed rates promotion is a discount of, say, $8 for a ride to the value of $20 or less. The rest of the ride fee is then payable. If your ride costs $25, you will only be paying $17 for the ride.

Can Multiple Lyft Promo Codes Be Used At Once?

You can store your promotional codes in your app under the promo section. These codes will each have their own expiry date. Unfortunately, you can only use one promo code at a time. When signing up with Lyft, your first ride is credited to your account; you can select which to apply per ride if you have any promo codes.

Can I Go Anywhere Using My Lyft Promo Code?

Most of the restrictions on travel are set out in the terms and conditions. Generally, you are permitted to request a ride within 100 miles of a Lyft covered area and as long as you start your Lyft ride in a Lyft city. There may be some restrictions on promotional codes when traveling long distances.

Where To Find Lyft Promo Codes For Rides?

The best place to find Lyft promo codes for rides is through the Lyft app or coupon sites. Coupon sites have coupon deals where you can save on rides or even get a free ride. Coupons generally expire and may vary from month to month. Currently, coupons available for Lyft rides are offering $3 off your first ride and a free ride. Other coupons provide up to $20 off your next ride.

While getting coupons for a Lyft ride can help save you money, it’s also good to be cautious about the site you use for collecting coupons. Reliable sites are more likely to have up-to-date coupons with valid codes than other sites with expired codes.

The terms and conditions of using Lyft should also be followed when claiming a coupon code. Some codes may not be valid, and again Lyft policies. A few good coupon sites to look for promo Lyft codes are Giving Assistant, Groupon and Retailmenot.

How Can I Save Money On Lyft Rides?

It is possible to save money on Lyft rides and avoid paying full price. Besides taking advantage of discounts and promotional codes, you can save money on Lyft rides by avoiding peak hours, referring others to Lyft, and subscribing to Lyft Pink.

  1. Avoid booking rides at peak hours. If you want to save money on Lyft rides, booking rides outside of rush hour can save you money. Many rideshare companies increase their prices slightly during peak times as the demand is high. By avoiding booking rides during these times, you can save money.
  2. Encourage relatives and friends to sign up for Lyft. By encouraging others to sign up for Lyft, you can share your referral code. This allows you to earn Lyft credit and even get free rides.
  3. Join Lyft Pink. Lyft Pink is a ride plan that allows you to choose how often you need a ride. Generally, you can save up to 15% on each ride, and it comes with a range of other benefits.
  4. Share your ride. You could save a few dollars if you regularly use ride-sharing. In addition, Ridesharing makes your overall ride cheaper if you don’t mind sharing a ride with someone who may be getting dropped off in the same direction.
  5. Schedule a ride in advance. Once you schedule a ride with Lyft in advance, the app secures a price. So even though you may be traveling during peak hours, you will be paying the price your ride was booked at. Therefore, you avoid paying a higher price during peak hours due to a higher ride demand.

Do Existing Lyft Users Get Free Rides?

Existing Lyft users who have already downloaded the Lyft app and have used Lyft the sign-up Lyft promotion. Existing users can get free rides through promotions sent by Lyft via email. You can also get free rides by earning Lyft credit or being gifted Lyft credit by another person. Some sites offer Lyft promo codes, but these are often unreliable, or the codes have expired or been used up.

Some sites that claim to have Lyft codes are not genuine sites and may be risky. It’s also challenging to determine if these sites are legally allowed to distribute Lyft codes, so it’s better to avoid them.

If you frequently use Lyft, you may get an email with a ride pass. This pass lets you purchase some rides at a discounted price. If you haven’t gotten a ride pass and are a frequent user of Lyft, you may want to inquire about the ride pass.


If you are looking for another genuine way to get close to a free ride, looking for Lyft coupons on coupon sites can help get you a free ride. Sites like Groupon and Retailmenot have coupons for 50% off of a Lyft ride. They are an excellent resource for existing Lyft users.

Is Trying To “Hack” Lyft For Free Rides Worth It?

As long as you follow the terms and conditions set out by Lyft, using the referral program and offers from Lyft is a great way to save on rides and maybe even get a free ride. It may require some work and convincing for your friends or family to use Lyft and your referral code, but this could save you money and even get you a few free rides.

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