Ways To Get Free Stuff On Amazon

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So, are there different ways to get some of Amazon’s best things for free? Let’s explore some of their best offers.


Please note: These offers were accurate as of 8/19/2022 at 1:59PM EST and may have changed or are no longer active.

Key Takeaways

  • There are many ways to access free content and products on the Amazon platform.
  • Subscribing to Amazon Prime gives you access to a ton of free content, but paying for most of the things on this list is unnecessary.
  • Writing good product reviews can allow you to be chosen for programs where you could receive free stuff.

Getting Free Stuff (or Cheap) From Amazon

Even if you don’t pay for an Amazon Prime membership, there are still many ways to get free stuff from Amazon. You can earn free Amazon merchandise in exchange for your honest feedback. Several third-party websites and Facebook groups can help you get your hands on free and deeply discounted Amazon merchandise.

Free Music On Amazon

In contrast to customers of the Apple store, Amazon Music users have access to many free albums and songs. If you know the specific places to look, getting your hands on thousands of free tracks is still possible, despite the overwhelming majority of music available for purchase.

You can search for music based not only on the artist but also on the release date and the genre. Furthermore, anyone with an Amazon account is given unrestricted access to the songs without paying a fee. In addition, the Amazon Music library allows you to search by price, after which you can navigate to the free music.


Amazon Prime Gaming

Prime Gaming offers a free channel subscription on twitch, free in-game content for various games, and free games to download. It is included with Prime Gaming when you subscribe to Amazon Prime.

On top of all these fantastic benefits, you also get exclusive emoticons. Only Prime Gaming and Turbo members have access to emoticons such as kappa had, scaredy-cat, and others. Set a chat color with the expanded chat color options.

The crown icon quickly identifies Prime members whenever they speak on any Twitch channel. Extended Broadcast Storage – Save your previous Twitch broadcasts for 60 days instead of the standard 14 days.

Free Box Of Baby Product Samples

A surprise box stuffed with presents for parents and infants with a value of up to $35. When you create an Amazon baby registry, in addition to receiving a free baby box as a thank-you gift, you can also anticipate discounts and special offers on products connected to babies and parenting. The box is crammed to the gills with sample and full-sized versions of popular baby products.

You have to make a $10 purchase from the register before accessing the free Welcome Box. But, with the encouraging tidings, you are free to make purchases of whatever you have listed on your gift registry. In addition, you are free to include items that are not intended for babies.

Customers who create new baby registry lists on Amazon receive a complimentary gift basket filled with newborn essentials as a warm greeting. To be entitled, you or someone you shared the registry must make a single purchase from the register that adds up to at least ten dollars. You have to visit the Amazon Baby Registry page and create a registry.


Changing Your Search Filters On Amazon

If you go to Amazon and change the filters on your shopping page to “Price: Low to High,” you will be able to find items with prices that are much lower than average. When you use that filter, you’ll see many products with meager prices compared to those of other products on Amazon.

In addition, if you have access to Amazon Prime, you can get those products shipped for free. Using this filter, you can find jewelry for prices as low as $0.01 if a seller is getting rid of their inventory, but it’s very likely and rare. Plus you can find a wide variety of items are available at similarly low prices you can choose. Also look at our promotions list here for more deals.

Students Get Free Prime Membership For 6 Months

You would be thrilled to find that students may get Amazon Prime for free if they go to the Amazon Students page and provide some information about themselves.

It is designed to aid college students in making considerable financial savings and is aimed at persons aged 18 and older. Therefore, its intended audience is college students. In addition, students enrolled in higher learning institutions can sign up for a free six-month subscription to Amazon Prime if they are not Prime members.

This membership grants students access to all the most significant benefits and freebies offered by Amazon Prime. In addition, you can visit the Amazon Students landing page for a free Amazon Prime trial that lasts six months.

Free Products Through Amazon Vine

Since 2007, Amazon Vine has constantly been running. Amazon Prime members who have excellent ratings and review histories and who are interested in providing more product and Amazon service evaluations may be eligible to receive an invitation to participate in the Amazon Vines program. We have Amazon’s word that these views are not associated with the firm.

Customers are not required to submit good comments; they only need to provide clear and encouraging instructions. Amazon or its merchant partners make no effort to tamper with these surveys. However, there are guidelines in place that prohibit the posting of misleading or erroneous information. Therefore, the survey must adhere to those rules.


The implication is that any commentator whose responses to a survey are skewed in favor of a positive outcome will be fired. Everyone is not permitted to take part in this activity. But, on the other hand, you can increase the likelihood of being extended an invitation if you regularly and comprehensively review the products you buy.

Because of their high reviewer rating, based on the quality of their past product reviews, these Vine Voices were handpicked. Amazon offers free products to commentators who have been chosen for the program. In other words, it shows that posting a Review on Amazon isn’t a waste of time. You raise your chances of being chosen for Vine Voices by analyzing and improving your Vine profile and ranking.

The Amazon Shopper Panel

The Amazon Shopper Panel is an invitation-only program that you can opt in to be a part of and earn rewards monthly. You can earn rewards easily by sharing your receipts from purchases outside of Amazon.com, and you can get additional rewards by completing a short survey.

Upload ten eligible monthly receipts through the Amazon Shopper Panel app by taking pictures of the paper receipts or by emailing receipts to https://panel.amazon.com/. You will earn $10 in either Amazon Balance or a charitable donation. In addition, you will receive rewards for each survey completed every month.

Get Free Audiobooks

In exchange for your feedback on the quality of the service, you can get a free trial of Audible Premium Plus if you sign up today. In addition, you will be rewarded with a free download of an audiobook when you complete the survey. Finding the best audiobooks that are currently available on the market can be accomplished in a very efficient manner.

To get your free audiobook from Audible, you must sign up for a free trial of Audible Premium Plus for 30 days. After that, you have complete discretion over whether you want to keep your subscription active or cancel it at any time. Sign up for Amazon Audible by going to the landing page for the service.

Use Amazon Reload

You should consider using the Amazon Reload service if you frequently shop on Amazon. For example, if you load a total of $100 onto your Amazon account for the first time, Amazon will credit an additional $10 to your account at the time of this writing.

It is in addition to the fact that your Amazon account already functions as a gift card. After that, you can use your free $10 credit to purchase any product that Amazon has for sale. Check out the Amazon Reload page if you have some free time. This promotion can change at anytime.

Free Kindle Books

Through Prime Reading, Amazon Prime members can access many additional free Kindle book titles. However, because they are exclusive to the Kindle platform, you will need access to a Kindle tablet to take advantage of these freebies.


However, given that you own a Kindle and are a subscriber to the Amazon Prime service, you can access thousands upon thousands of free book titles on the Kindle platform. To get free titles for your Kindle, you must go to the Amazon Prime Reading page and follow the instructions.

How To Get Amazon Prime For Free (30 Days)

You can qualify for a 30-day free trial of amazon prime if you haven’t had amazon prime in the last 12 months. You must have a credit card to sign up for the Amazon Prime free trial. Amazon Corporate Line of Credit, Checking accounts, or Pre-Paid credit cards are not viable payment options for the Amazon Prime free trial.

You can access the two-day free delivery service, Prime Video, and Prime Music. For your 30-day free trial, go to Amazon Prime and select “start your free trial.” After selecting “start your free trial,” follow the on-screen instructions if prompted.

Change Your Shipping Date

Amazon Prime customers know how handy it is to select the option that provides the quickest delivery time. But did you know that Amazon will give you a discount if you are willing to accept delivery times that are slower than their standard? Depending on the specifics of your order and the location in which you live.

You may collect a credit of up to $1-2 if you choose to have the shipment of your order delayed by one or two days. As compensation, Amazon will award you shopping credits if you decide to reduce the priority level of your Prime shipments. It is because Amazon frequently experiences delivery overload. Sometimes during the holidays this reward goes up even higher.

In most cases, the holdups only persist for one or two days. So, when checking out, look for an option to have your shipment delayed or consolidated, and choose one if it’s available. Soon after that, a credit will be promptly credited to your account. Go to your orders to find your purchase, select another date from the calendar,

Amazon Prime Video

One of the benefits of having an Amazon Prime membership is access to the streaming on-demand video service known as Prime Video. In addition, you have access to thousands of the most popular movies, T.V. shows, and Amazon Originals that have won awards. You are not required to have Amazon Prime to sign up for the Prime Video standalone service.

A free 30-day Amazon Prime trial, including Prime Video, is available to new members signing up for the service. If you were to join any streaming service, this would be one of the longest free trial periods available. In addition, college students have access to an even more extended trial period and are eligible to receive a complimentary subscription to the service for six months.

Amazon Trade-In Program

The trade-in program offers a 20–25 percent discount on new eligible Amazon products and an Amazon gift card for the same amount as the item’s appraised value. The process is simple and valuable with free shipping and a fast offer. In addition, you can trade in an older model for a significant discount and some Amazon cash if you are considering upgrading but currently own an older one.

You can even get a free shipping label from Amazon to mail your goods to them. In addition, users can swap hundreds of qualifying goods through the Amazon Trade-In program, including cellphones, video games, and Amazon Devices, for an Amazon.com Gift Card.

You can search for goods that can be traded in from the Trade-In Store by selecting the “Find more stuff” button or the “Upgrade and save with Trade-In” option on various new device pages. These options allow you to upgrade and save money with your trade-in. Ensure that you check back frequently as they will be routinely adding additional products to the Trade-In program.

A limited-time promotional credit toward a new qualifying Amazon Device may also be available for some trade-ins. All the items you want to trade in must match the model mentioned on the trade-in device selection page unless a device is available in several colors.

Amazon Wedding Registry Completion Discount

After your wedding date, qualifying Amazon Wedding registrants will get either a one-time discount of 20 percent for Prime members or 10 percent for non-Prime members on certain items shipped and sold by Amazon.com.

Prime members: Registrants who have received purchases totaling $500 or more from their Amazon wedding registry are eligible to receive a 20% Wedding Gift discount that can be applied to a single order of up to $1,500, with a maximum value of $300 for Prime members. This discount can be used to buy items from the registrant’s Amazon wedding registry. This deal may only be redeemed once per customer.

Non-Prime members: Registrants who have received purchases totaling $500 or more from their Amazon wedding registry will be eligible to receive a 10 percent Wedding Gift discount. This discount may only be used once and can be used for a single transaction with a maximum value of $1,000. Additionally, a maximum discount of $100 is available to customers who are not Prime members.

The offer ends 90 days after your event date at 11:59 P.T. This special deal for wedding gifts is only valid for purchases of certain items that are shipped and sold by Amazon.com. Please look at the terms and conditions for details on any restrictions.

Group Gifting: If you’d want to give a group gift, you can choose specific products on your wedding registry. As a consequence, close family and friends can make a tax-deductible contribution toward the purchase of the things on the register. In addition, as a thank you for participating in the Group Gift, you will get an Amazon.com Gift Card in the number of your donations.

Gift cards may be exchanged for credit on your Amazon.com account, and then you can use that money to complete the transaction. However, it is impossible to send items purchased with donations via Group Gifts until the person who owns the registration has paid.

For whatever reason, Amazon.com gift cards cannot be transferred to another customer’s account when purchased from Amazon.com. Aside from cases when doing so is mandated by law, they are nonrefundable and nontransferable. Gift card rules and limits are detailed in their Terms and Conditions.

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