How Much Is Netflix? Is It Worth It?

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Basic$9.99/monthUnlimited movies, television series and mobile games, watch on one screen at a time.
Standard$15.49/monthUnlimited movies, television series and mobile games, watch on two screens at a time, HD available.
Premium$19.99/monthUnlimited movies, television series and mobile games, watch on four screens at a time, Ultra HD available.
Note: Prices accurate as of 8/18/2022

What Is Netflix?

Chances are pretty good that you already know something about Netflix. It’s considered by many to be the premier streaming service, with its nearest rivals being Disney Plus and HBO Max.


One of the things that sets Netflix apart from the competition is the variety of familiar television shows that it offers. These are in addition to Netflix’s impressive library of original television series, movies, specials and documentaries. Netflix users recently have experienced a price bump, but most of them wouldn’t dream of giving up their favorite streaming service.

In fact, Netflix was the first such service on the planet, but this doesn’t mean that the company has rested on its laurels. It has a massive library that’s consistently being refreshed. Plus, it’s extremely accessible since it’s available in virtually every format and on every streaming device. Its television series have won multiple Emmy awards, and some of its shows have entered the pop culture consciousness in indelible ways.

If you’re new to streaming and aren’t sure where to start, make sure that Netflix is on your list.

How Much Does Netflix Cost?

Netflix offers three plans, none of which will bother you with advertisements. The Basic plan runs $9.99 per month, and you can watch on one screen at a time. Mobile downloads are available. With this relatively low cost, you have access to the entire Netflix catalog, and you can watch as much as you like.


For $15.49 per month, you can step up to the Standard Plan. This could be useful for households that like to watch different programming at the same time as it’s possible to watch on two screens simultaneously. Moreover, you can have downloads on two devices. HD programming is available at this level.

The Premium plan costs $19.99 per month, but it is a good value as households can be watching on up to four screens at once. Downloads are available on four devices with this plan, and in addition to HD programming, you’ll also have access to Ultra HD.

This pricing represents a relatively recent increase that has the Premium Netflix plan costing about the same as HBO Max. One thing to consider is that this Premium package allows users to set up various profiles and watch four screens at once. Theoretically, you could split the package among your roommates and save a lot of money.

Although Netflix is more expensive than other streaming services, it definitely delivers plenty of bang for your buck. Its buzzworthy original programming alone could keep you busy for months.

Where Can You Watch Netflix?

Netflix is a ubiquitous and popular streaming service that you can watch whenever and however you choose. Most people log in via their television. Smart televisions probably already have the technology to bring you Netflix, so all you have to do is search for the service on your main menu.

Others use a streaming device, such as a Roku, to turn any television with an HDMI connection into a platform for watching Netflix and similar services. Netflix has a website on which you can view its contents on any laptop or PC as well as an app that can be downloaded onto a smart phone or a tablet. You can watch on Android or iOS devices, Blu-ray players as well as a variety of game consoles.


What Can You Watch on Netflix?

Netflix has one of the largest and most diverse catalogs anywhere, but it changes on a regular basis. You could be watching an old favorite series one day and not be able to find it on the next. Wise viewers will find articles online with titles such as “What’s Coming to Netflix this Month?” or “What’s Leaving Netflix this Month?” if they want to stay in the know.

It also may be helpful to understand that some of the service’s most popular shows have gone to other streaming services in the recent past as various networks begin rolling out their own streaming services. For instance, Friends departed for HBO Max while The Office went to Peacock, which is owned by NBC. Many of the Marvel movies that used to be found on Netflix have moved over to Disney Plus. It helps that Netflix has added other favorites like Seinfeld and Community. Still, its library isn’t quite as deep as it once was, which may lead Netflix to rely even more on its original content.

One of the satisfying things about watching television series on Netflix is that they are season complete. This is not always the case with competitors, like Hulu, that may have only a few recent episodes to watch. If you’ve fallen behind, it may be impossible to catch up. With Netflix, you always have the entire season to feast upon.

Netflix’s original programming also helps to make the service a satisfying one. Most people have heard of Stranger Things whether they have seen the series or not. Other popular original titles include The Crown, Ozark, Bridgerton, Orange Is the New Black, The Witcher, Dead to Me, Bojack Horseman, Black Mirror, The Umbrella Academy, The Stranger and the Queen’s Gambit. With original movies such as MaRainey’s Black Bottom, I Care a Lot, The Trial of the Chicago 7 and The Irishman, Netflix is even breaking into major categories for film awards.

The movie catalog on Netflix similarly is impressive. Selections include recent releases as well as beloved classics. Action, drama, horror, comedy and choices for children are varied and diverse.

How Can You View Your Netflix Account?

Although it is possible to view your account from a television or a smart phone, it is definitely easier to do so from a laptop or PC where you have access to a full-size keyboard. Simply navigate to the Netflix website, and choose your profile.

At the top right-hand corner of the screen is an icon for your profile and your account. Click on this icon to bring up choices such as “Manage Profiles,” “Account,” “Help Center” and “Sign out of Netflix.”


Click on “Account” to find out information about your membership and billing. This is where you can quickly and easily change your email, password, phone number, payment method and billing day. You can even redeem or purchase a gift card here.

Below this, you’ll see details regarding your current plan. Making alterations is as easy as selecting the “Change plan” link on the right-hand side of the screen.

From the Account page, you also can set profiles and parental controls. Simply click on the down arrow to change settings such as language, viewing restrictions, profile lock, viewing activity, ratings, the appearance of subtitles, playback, communication and more.

Two of the most useful categories under the profiles are viewing activity and ratings. Viewing activity lists everything that has been watched in that profile back to the beginning of the membership. It includes dates and links to the content if you ever want to quickly get back to something that you may have watched weeks or months ago.

Netflix has a particularly adept recommendations system. The more you rate, the better its recommendations get. In the Profile category on the Account page, you can see everything that you have rated in list form. It’s easy to change your ratings here, and you can use the viewing activity section to conveniently review more of the content that you’ve watched.

Cancelling your account also is possible in this area. Simply navigate to “Account” and click on the “Cancel Membership” button in the section headed “Membership & Billing.”

How to Contact Customer Support

Visit the Netflix website to find a comprehensive Help Center that will probably answer most of your common questions. Just type a topic into the search bar to bring up related search results. The main screen of the Help Center also has common topics listed under categories such as Manage My Account, Can’t Watch, Billing Questions and Watching Netflix. A Quick Links category helpfully takes users to places where they can review their payment history, cancel their account, update their payment method or password, update their email or request television series and movies.

If the Help Center does not have the answers you need, you can contact Netflix by calling 1-844-505-2993. Alternatively, you can have a digital exchange with a representative by clicking on the “Start Live Chat” button on the main Help Center screen.

Does Netflix have Add-ons?

With some streaming services, there are options for adding HBO Max, Starz, Showtime, Disney Plus or other subscriptions as part of a package deal. This is not really the case with Netflix. They are more of a standalone service. This isn’t all that much of an inconvenience as other streaming services are simple and easy to obtain.


Nonetheless, Netflix does do something that other streaming services do not. Namely, they allow you to add a DVD service to your subscription.

From the Account screen, click on “Add DVD plan” under “Plan Details.” This link takes you to a screen from which you can select the DVD plan that’s right for your family.

You may recall that Netflix started out as a DVD rental service. A subscription would get you three DVDs at a time, and there was no deadline for returning them.

Netflix has continued this service to expand their already impressive library even more. The Basic plan gives you one disc at a time and unlimited discs per month. Shipping and returns are free, and there are no deadlines for returning the discs. At $9.99 per month, this is relatively inexpensive.

Other options include the Standard Plan at $14.99 per month and the Premium Plan at $19.99 per month. These will get you either two or three discs at a time.

Basically, if you’re looking for a particular series or movie and cannot find it on the streaming service, chances are good that you’ll find it on the DVD service. However, if you have any other streaming services, it may make sense to check there to see if the content you want is already included elsewhere.

Gaming on Netflix

Netflix caters to a relatively geeky audience, so it should come as no surprise that you can game here too. On your Android or iOS device, you can play up to five games on Netflix without cost or ads. These can be accessed via the app or by downloading the games from the Google Play store or the App Store.

Is Netflix Worth It?

Netflix may be one of the more expensive streaming services out there, but it also is one of the most robust. It operates well on virtually any platform you can imagine, and it features an outstanding library of original and other programming.

For many, Netflix is the go-to streaming service, but it is not perfect. It has lost some of its most popular network programming in recent years as other streaming services are introduced. Subscription prices recently increased, leaving some long-time members shaking their heads.

Still, it’s wonderful to have access to a streaming service that has such depth of content. It’s also worth noting that Netflix never has commercials, and its really easy to navigate. The rating system works exceptionally well, helping viewers to find similar or related content with ease. With a friendly user interface and great programming, Netflix will remain a top choice for many years.

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