Best Retirement Gifts For Dad

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It’s really happening, your dad’s retirement! After many years of hard work, your dad can finally take some time to relax, pursue his hobbies and enjoy new adventures. It’s a time when you would want to spoil your dad and let him know just how special he is. Spoiling him with a beautiful retirement gift will be ideal for showing how much you care!


Here are the 17 best retirement gifts for a Dad below!

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Key Takeaways

  • Choose gifts that your dad can use after retirement.
  • Pool money with your siblings and buy your dad one expensive and meaningful gift.
  • Give your dad gifts that will keep him active and healthy after his retirement, such as items for new hobbies and sports.
  • Gift your dad your time and spend holidays and outings with him.

What Is A Proper Gift For A Dad’s Retirement?

Dads work hard for their families throughout their working careers. So, when it’s time to retire, this is when they can make up for the lost time. Give your dad gifts that he can enjoy after retirement.

Your dad will have much more time for leisurely things so buy him gifts for his hobbies and for new interests that he would like to pursue. Sentimental and meaningful gifts are most important to give now that he has retired.

Never underestimate the importance of spending time together, which is the greatest gift. Dads love attention, and no matter what you give him, he will love the thought behind the gift.


1. Bucket List Journal

Gifting your dad a bucket list journal to list all the things he would still like to do, reminds him that new adventures are just waiting to be discovered. Keeping healthy and active is most important in this stage of his life.

Place a few brochures about holiday destinations, demonstration classes for new hobbies, and other exciting things to do between the pages. These will give your dad some idea of the many places he can visit and things to do now that his time is his own.

2. Crystal Whiskey Glasses

A beautiful set of whiskey glasses and a bottle of his favorite whiskey is an ideal gift for relaxing and savoring his retirement. He can enjoy sipping the whiskey from exquisite glasses while contemplating his new adventures.

The second glass is for a mom who can dream along with him of all the new places they will visit together as a retired couple.

3. Arrange A Family Trip

Arrange a memorable and meaningful trip for your dad and your siblings and their families. Retirement is the best time to enjoy family outings and holidays, so your dad will be most impressed with this special gift.

Arrange to visit a place that has sentimental connections with your family over the years, or you can explore new horizons and make new memories. Whichever destination you choose, savor the moments you can spend together as a family.


4. An Exclusive Wristwatch

Treat your dad to an expensive wristwatch from a well-known brand on his retirement. You can engrave a special message and record the date on the back of the watch. Choose a style that you know your dad will absolutely love.

Time is a reminder that it waits for no one, so let it remind your dad of all that awaits in this new phase of his life’s journey.

5. Leather Luggage Set

Now that your dad has retired, some sort of traveling will be on his bucket list. So, spoiling him with a beautiful set of leather travel bags is a good idea for a gift. Choose a set with different sized bags he can use for different travel experiences.

Select a set where the larger suitcases have spinner wheels for easy transportation. The smaller bags usually have shoulder and hand straps. There is a wide variety of beautiful travel luggage, so you can select the set best suited to your dad.

6. Scrapbook Of Memories

A beautiful creative project for you and your siblings is to create a scrapbook of photographs of memories of your dad throughout his working years. Include special handwritten notes from all his children and your mom with every photographic memory you paste into the book.

Your dad will love this book of memories, especially when it is lovingly put together by his children. Be sure to leave some pages to add for new future memories still to be spent with the family and of his latest adventures.

7. An E-Reader

For the dad who loves to read, you can give him an E-reader to download electronic books, magazines, and newspapers. He can keep abreast with news articles worldwide, read up on his hobbies and interests in magazines and enjoy novels and other reads.


The E-reader can accompany him on his travels or holiday weekends away. Or he can sit and enjoy reading in the garden or in his favorite armchair. You can add an annual subscription to a magazine to this fantastic gift.

8. A Digital Camera

If your dad is someone who loves taking photographs, then gift him a new and modern camera. Now that he has retired, he can pursue his hobby in style and record all his travels and adventures. Choose a camera that will be easy to operate and light to carry.

Select a camera pouch for the camera so that he can sling it over his shoulder, making it easy to take with him wherever he goes. He will have many hours of enjoyment recording pictures for a scrapbook, photo album, or digital photo frame.

9. Fishing Rod Carrier

A fishing rod carrier is an ideal gift for the dad who loves to fish. Choose a carrier that can hold 3 to 5 rods on the outside and reels, tackle, and equipment on the inside. Be sure to select a carrier with an adjustable and padded shoulder strap.

Your dad will love using this compact rod carrier on his fishing trips. All you need to add to this gift is a wide brim hat for protection against the sun!

10. Model Building Kits

This gift is for dads who love to assemble model airplanes, trains, or cars. There is such a large variety of these model kits to choose from. Your dad can spend many hours of enjoyment assembling the intricate parts to create beautiful models.

Wooden 3D puzzle pieces are also another hobby for the dad who loves to build models. When completed, these puzzles are beautiful pieces of working art.

You can choose puzzles like a clock with precise quartz movement and an adjustable calendar. These clocks are battery operated and give accurate time. Beautiful hand-assembled pieces are an ideal gift for a retired dad.

11. Hardback Books About Travelling In The US

Travel books are a gift for the dad who wants to visit and see new places throughout the US. You will find many books online or in stores that give you detailed information on all types of destinations.


Many of these travel books are filled with beautiful pictures and interesting facts about small towns that are treasures to be explored by the retired traveler. Your dad will be able to plan his trips and holidays from the pages of these outstanding reads.

12. Golf Cart Bag

A new golf cart bag will be a welcome gift for the dad who loves playing golf. Choose an appealing design and color that would fit all your dad’s golfing equipment. Look for the lightweight golf bag with plenty of zippered pockets and a mesh pocket for golf balls.

You can add a box of golf balls and a three-pack golf towel set to give your dad a new look for his golfing games now that he has retired.

13. Course Enrolment For New Hobbies

Enroll your dad in a course on a new hobby he is interested in. He might want to learn more about his family ancestry and do a genealogy course. Or he could learn how to grow a bonsai tree or attend a photography seminar.

This will be a wonderful gift to the start of his retirement when he is exploring new adventures and hobbies. He will love that you care about this new chapter in his life.

14. A Hand-Crafted Walking Stick

A lovely and functional gift to give your dad is a hand-crafted walking stick. A beautiful walking stick to use on daily walks around the neighborhood or on walking trails is a great idea to encourage him to stay active.

There are many uniquely hand-crafted walking sticks in the stores or online. Look for a walking stick with a well-crafted handle for an easy hand fit and a rubber tip for a soft surface feel.

15. A Valet Tray And Built-In Charger

A valet tray with a portable charging tray for his mobile is an ideal gift for the dad who is in tune with the latest technology.

The tray will fit nicely on his nightstand, and there are compartments to hold his wallet, watch, reading glasses, AirPods and keys. A perfect gift for dads who like things orderly and tidy.

16. Massage Recliner Chair

Every dad deserves a recliner chair now that he has retired and can take a break whenever he chooses. He can enjoy a relaxing back massage and put his feet up to watch his favorite movie or sport on TV.

The recliner can be his special seat to relax with a cup of coffee in the mornings or lay back and enjoy an indulgent daytime nap.

17. Novelty And Fun Items

There are plenty of novelty items with funny retirement quotes that you can give your dad as a fun gift. Items like a T-shirt, mug, keyring, cap, and socks with printed retirement slogans are all fun gifts to give him.

Browse the online stores or the mall for peculiar and exciting items that fall into this category. You cannot let your dad’s retirement pass without some funny quote about retirement!

In this article, we have discussed what gifts to give your dad when he retires, but if you are still not quite sure, below are some frequently asked questions.

What Do I Give My Dad, Who Already Has Everything?

I’m sure this is a dilemma that some children have. During his working career, a dad will have accumulated several things, so he does not need anything now that he has retired.

Think adventure and excitement and plan a trip in an air balloon for him and your mom. Or a weekend away to a romantic destination for just the two of them. Tickets to a game or show that he would like to attend are gifts that he can enjoy.

The best gift to give this dad would be to give him the gift of your time. Make special dates with your dad to play a game of golf or go fishing with him. Or just have a weekly chat date over a cup of coffee or a cold beer.

What Can I Gift A Retired Single Dad?

For single dads, you can send him on tour for seniors where he can meet people with similar interests. Tours to learn about Gin making and tasting, vintage car shows, or any other tours that he may like to attend.

Or you can send him on a getaway holiday tour for seniors. This is a beautiful way for your dad to wind down from his busy working career and start a new and more relaxed chapter in his life.

Is A Gift Card An Appropriate Gift For A Dad?

Giving a gift card to a dad who is quite fussy about the brand or specific type of item for his hobby or leisure activities is quite okay. He will appreciate that you know him so well and will enjoy selecting an article he really wants.

The idea that the gift came from you is all that matters. It would be ideal if you could go with your dad to choose the gift to make the experience more meaningful.

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