Meijer Return Policy Guide

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Meijer Retail is the father of the grocery supermarket chain in the U.S. and was founded almost a century ago. They added general merchandise to their shopping list as they became one of the largest available retailers in the country. Meijer supplies groceries, electronics, and other non-electronic merchandise.


The Meijer general superstore will accept item returns for refunds and exchanges within 90 days and certain product exceptions within 30-days of purchase. In addition, the refund will be in the original purchase method. However, without a receipt, they may issue a Return Card for the refund value.

There is very little product that Meijer does not market and sell. However, with the modern bulk and fast-moving consumer products, there is always a chance for returning products, and therefore, customers should acquaint themselves with the retailer’s return policies. Especially when you need to return groceries or other perishable goods; therefore, let’s look at the Meijer return policy a little closer.

A Guide To The Meijer Return Policy

The Meijer retail store return policy is, in essence, easy to understand, and they attempt a quick and positive customer return experience. Should your return meet their policy guidelines, visit a Meijer store and return the item within 90-days of purchase. You may Locate A Meijer Store here.

However, certain products are exceptions to the rule and require a 30-day return period. Also, an original purchase receipt will be a return requirement. In addition, some situations may require proof of identification. Remember, all returns will be in the original purchase transaction type.


Which Two Meijer Reward Types Will Be Refunded?

When making an earned rewards purchase return, only mPerks Personalize Rewards and Meijer Credit Card Rewards will be eligible for a return and refund.

Can I Return Opened Items To Meijer?

Yes, you may, but under certain conditions. They will accept your opened return item when it is put back in the item’s original packaging. In addition, ensure to include all manuals, parts, and accessories in the box before returning.

Can I Return An Item To Meijer Without The Packaging?

Returning products without their original packaging may be a problem. Their policy clearly states that all returned items must be in their original packaging, including all accessories and manuals that came with them.

Can I Get A Copy Of My Meijer Receipt If I Have Lost It?

For all purchases at a Meijer store, pharmacy, or gas station, visit the service counter at that purchase location and ask for a re-issue of your transaction receipt. However, this request must be within 21 days of the purchase date. The exact receipt reprint requirement applies for a credit card, debit card, EBT card, or personal check payments.

Can I Return An Item To Meijer Without A Receipt?

The return will be subject to the lowest sale or promotional pricing if you return an item without a receipt. Also, returns without a receipt will require valid proof of identification, and they may record it. Your return refund will be the same type as for the purchase. They may issue you an in-store credit for the refund value if you do not have a receipt.

In addition, they will attempt to reprint your original purchase receipt when returning a product and do not have a receipt within the 90-day return period. Also, Meijer should have a transaction record if you rendered your mPerks account number at the time. Need more info? You can contact Meijer Customer Service here.


Can I Return Items Bought At A Meijer Special Offering?

Yes, suppose you must return an item purchased as part of a Meijer special event, bundled offer, or promotion. In that case, they may allocate any discounts on the original purchase when calculating the refund value of the return.

Returning An Item To Meijer That Produced A Catalina Coupon

When you want to return an eligible item where the original purchase produced a Catalina coupon, you do not need to provide the coupon with the product. However, returning the article without the coupon will deduct the coupon amount value from the refund value.

Returning Groceries To A Meijer Store

Although Meijer guarantees their food items for freshness, you may return any consumable items with or without a receipt for a full refund. However, there is an exception for WIC-approved food items. Therefore, for state-approved WIC items, they will only exchange them for an even or an identical item.

Returning General Merchandise Items To A Meijer Store

General merchandise returns fall in the default Meijer return policy, and they will accept returns for refunds and exchanges within the 90-days of purchase. After that, the manufacturer warranty will apply.

However, there are exempted items from this return policy, and you must return them within 30 days. After that, the manufacturer warranty will apply. The following items are examples of these:

  • Electronics without data storage capabilities
  • Photos
  • Books and magazines
  • Gas-powered equipment

Returning Data Storage And Electronic Items To Meijer

The following examples of data storage capable items must be unopened and unused when you return them. In addition, the same return policy rules will apply to tents and airbeds. If the product has a defect and is open, they will only exchange it for an identical item.

  • MP3 players, DVDs, CDs
  • Tablets
  • Computers
  • Cell phones
  • Memory cards
  • Computer and Video game systems

Returning Flammable Items To A Meijer Store

Flammable items are powered by flammable liquids or gas and are therefore subject to additional restrictions and fees up to $25. It is always better to get specific information from the retailer. Contact Meijer here.


Which Items Are Not Eligible To Return To A Meijer Store?

Meijer will accept most items for a full refund or exchange. However, with the vast range of products and merchandise they stock, there will be exception items that are not eligible for return. Also, there will be no credit for Pharmacy Rewards returns. You may call them on 1-877-E-MEIJER (1-877-363-4537)

In addition, Meijer will refund the item if you have a receipt showing that the purchase was not a WIC transaction. Refunds for food items, such as produce and infant formula, which may be a WIC transaction, are not permitted. In addition to these mentioned items, the following are examples of other excluded items.

  • Alcoholic beverages and tobacco or other nicotine-based products
  • Electronic cigarettes
  • Ammunition
  • Prepaid wireless phones,
  • Gift cards and trading cards, and collectibles
  • Open packages of blood glucose monitors

Can The Meijer Return Policy Be Abused?

Although the documented Meijer Return Policy Guide does not mention any specifics about abusing their return process, most large retailers have the technology to assist them in curbing product return fraud and abuse. Typically, all return data is kept on a system and may alert on frequent returns, and software algorithms may highlight possible fraud.

Can You Initiate A Meijer Returns Policy viaYes / No
Return to StoreYes
Ship to MeijerNo
Returns allowed by mailNo
Will Meijer accept returns after 90 days?No

The Meijer Return Policy Summary

The Meijer return policy and processes are simple and effective. First, return the eligible product to the store for a refund or exchange. However, there are exceptions to the returnable items, and the default 90-day return period is 30-days for specific products. In addition, you may only exchange particular products with a similar or exact product.

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