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Amazon Prime membership is one of the most amazing perks you can get from the Goliath of e-commerce. The discounts, free delivery, and subscriptions to Prime Video and Prime Music make it unbelievable value for money at an affordable price. Yet Amazon Prime membership is not affordable for everyone. Let’s compare some ways you can get it at a discounted rate or even free.


You can get an Amazon Prime membership at a discounted price if you are a student or on Medicaid or an EBT cardholder. Amazon occasionally runs promotions that include discounted memberships as well. There are no legal ways to get it genuinely free forever, but many free trial options are available.

Amazon Prime membership comes with so much value that getting it for free forever is impossible to do in any way that doesn’t violate Amazon’s terms of use. But sizeable discounts are freely available, and there are many trial packages that can give you months’ worth of free membership, all completely legal. Let’s discuss how you can get free or discounted Amazon Prime in detail.

Amazon Prime Discounts For Medicaid And EBT

You would think that a giant like Amazon would offer discounts to all senior citizens. Unfortunately, it does not. There is no senior citizen discount available at the moment, though petitions are running to get Amazon to make Prime cheaper for everyone over 60 or 65. Hopefully, this will be fruitful.

At the moment, though, all senior citizens have to pay the total price of $15 per month for Amazon Prime membership unless they are on Medicaid or have a valid EBT card. If you fit these criteria, you are definitely eligible to get Amazon Prime at $7 per month, which is a massive saving.


Simply go to the Amazon Prime Discount page and sign up with your EBT card or Medicaid member information handy to apply for this discount. Once your application for a discount is confirmed, you will be an Amazon Prime member at a discounted price of $7 per month.

It’s worth mentioning that Amazon will extend this discount to anyone on any form of government assistance. If you can prove that you qualify for aid from the federal government or from your state, you will also be able to get this Amazon Prime discount. These government support programs include:

  • Women, infants, and young children
  • Temporary assistance granted to families in need
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance

If you are in any of those support programs, try to apply for your discounted Amazon Prime membership.

Amazon Prime Student Discounts

Amazon Prime offers an excellent deal for students. Though the Student membership does not include all the benefits of a full Amazon Prime membership, most of it is covered. The only things you don’t get included in your membership as a student are Kindle and the Prime Music e-book library.

But the benefits are still massive when you consider what you’re paying. First off, students get a six-month free trial. That’s half a year of Amazon Prime membership, absolutely free! Once the free trial ends, the student membership will only cost approximately $6 per month, which will carry on for four years or until you’ve graduated.

After your membership expires, you will automatically go over to a standard Amazon Prime membership of $15 per month unless you cancel it.


To qualify for the Amazon Prime student discount, you will have to provide the following:

  • A school email address
  • Either a copy of your transcripts or a letter of acceptance from the school you attend
  • A student card with an expiry date

Once you have prepared all of these items, you can simply open up your web browser and head on over to the Amazon Prime Student sign-up page. Once you’ve submitted all your information and received approval, your Amazon Prime membership will be good to go and completely free for six months!

Extending The Amazon Prime Free Trial

By default, Amazon gives you a 30-day free trial. However, if you log into your Amazon account before the thirty days have run out, you will see that you now have the option to extend your trial to sixty days. Some claim to have done this a second time and managed to extend it to ninety days, but apparently, this does not happen often and might have been a fluke or a system glitch.

Even though this is not necessarily a discount option or genuinely free, it can allow you to get enough free membership to help you out of a financially tough stretch.

Here is a crucial piece of advice, though. Some people use this feature and then “stack” memberships. What that means is that they will create an Amazon account, sign up for the free Prime trial, extend it, and once they’ve reached the extension limit, they will simply create another Amazon account and do it all over again.

This can be done since Amazon allows the same physical address and credit card to be used on multiple accounts, which is helpful for households. This is illegal, however, and against Amazon’s terms of service. Even if it could work, it should not be done, and it is a very inelegant solution to getting free Amazon Prime.

Get Amazon Prime Free With Mobile Plans

Some mobile phone operators offer great benefits with some of their plans. If you are considering changing your mobile operator, now might be a good time since many mobile operators offer free Amazon Prime membership as an additional perk when you sign up for their services.


Both Sprint and Metro by T-Mobile offer free Amazon Prime membership when you sign up for specific new contracts with them. Sprint’s Unlimited Premium plan will give it to you for free for the first 12 months of your contract, while Metro by T-Mobile offers free Amazon Prime for the entire duration of your contract with them.

You can pay for your mobile plan, as you usually would, and get an Amazon Prime membership with all of its benefits thrown in, free of charge!

Amazon Prime Rewards Signature Card

This might be the simplest way to get your Amazon Prime membership completely free if you frequently buy from Amazon and Whole Foods.

Amazon offers its own credit card, known as the Amazon Prime Rewards Signature Card. You immediately get a $50 Amazon gift card when you are approved. You can use this gift card to pay for your Amazon Prime membership, and the $50 will already cover you for a few months.

Additionally, you get 5% cash-back rewards on this card every time you use it to shop on Amazon or Whole Foods and 2% from many other vendors that you probably already buy from daily. These rewards add up, and every $250 that you spend between Amazon and Whole Foods will pay for another month’s Amazon Prime membership.

This may be a bit of a round-about way of doing it, but it essentially comes down to the same thing. Get the card, carry on doing what you would typically do, and get cash-back rewards to pay for your Amazon Prime membership.

It’s worth noting that the Amazon Prime Rewards Signature Card is not the only credit card that offers cash-back rewards. You can always check with your bank if they have a credit card that offers something similar.

Amazon Household

Like most other services, including Google, Microsoft, and Apple, Amazon offers a kind of subscription-sharing service called Amazon Household. When you add someone like a spouse, partner, or roommate to your Amazon household, you can share certain memberships and purchases, including Kindle libraries and Audible audiobooks.

One of the services you can share is Amazon Prime. One of you can sign up for an Amazon Prime membership, both of you can use it, and the other can pay half of the price. This is a straightforward but efficient (and completely legal) way to get a 50% discount on your Amazon Prime membership.


Using Amazon Household is easy. When you’re logged into your Amazon account, you simply go to the Amazon Household page and choose to add an adult. Note that only two adults can share an Amazon Household. You can add teens and children as well, but this has little to no benefit when it comes to Amazon Prime membership.

Use Free Amazon Gift Cards

You can pay for your Amazon Prime membership with an Amazon gift card. This may not seem like such a big deal, but when you consider that there are multiple ways to get a free Amazon gift card, it suddenly becomes plausible.

Without going into too much detail, there are a few ways you can get free Amazon gift cards. This includes:

  • Amazon trade-ins. You can trade-in your old things for Amazon credit. Amazon then sells these as second-hand goods.
  • Swagbucks. You can complete questionnaires and surveys to earn Amazon credit through this website.
  • Amazon credit cards. We’ve already mentioned the Amazon Prime Signature Rewards Card and how you can get a $50 gift voucher upon approval and further rewards as you use the card.
  • Raise. Though this is not technically free, Raise is a marketplace where you can buy discounted Amazon gift cards.
  • Shopkick. This is an app that lets you complete specific tasks (that won’t cost you any money) when you’re in a store. In exchange for completing these tasks, you are rewarded with credit that you can then exchange for Amazon gift cards.
  • MyPoints. This is a platform that’s similar to Swagbucks in that you can complete surveys and earn rewards. You also get a $10 Amazon gift card simply for signing up.
  • InstaGC. Another platform that’s similar to Swagbucks and MyPoints. Complete surveys and earn Amazon credit. It’s simple.
  • SurveyMonkey. The name already says it all, but SurveyMonkey is perhaps one of the largest survey platforms. As with the others, you are rewarded with Amazon credit when you complete surveys.

All of these methods will earn you Amazon credit, and it doesn’t take much to build up enough to be able to pay for your Amazon Prime membership every month, getting your membership essentially for free. We have more ways to earn free gift cards here.

Amazon’s Customer Care Department

This one might be slightly more unpredictable, but if you ever have a valid complaint about an Amazon product or service (keyword here being “valid”), you can quite quickly get a free month (or even a few months) of Amazon Prime membership.

Amazon’s customer care department seems to be intent on resolving any issues with as little pain as possible, and it’s a fairly regular occurrence for customer service reps to hand out free Prime memberships to unhappy customers as a form of restitution for problems that occur. This is probably because it’s an easy way for Amazon to placate irritated customers and restore trust.

If a problem arises, like a package not arriving within the allotted time frame, give customer care a call. If the representative doesn’t offer you anything, don’t be afraid to ask for an Amazon Prime discount or a free month to make up for the inconvenience and discomfort you’ve suffered. They will probably be only too happy to give it to you.

It’s crucial not to abuse this, though. Don’t go searching for problems when there are none. Don’t be one of those customers. Amazon does this in good faith and intends to keep its customers happy. If too many people start abusing it, they might stop giving away free or discounted offers entirely.

Become An Amazon Associate

Amazon has an excellent referral rewards program called Amazon Associates. Suppose you have a website or a blog, or any kind of significant social media following. In that case, you can easily earn Amazon credit and other rewards simply by referring your followers and website readers to Amazon products and services.

These rewards are substantial. Some people make a living almost entirely from the Amazon Associates platform, so getting enough to give you free Amazon Prime membership should be easy.

Becoming an Amazon Associate is simple. Just go to the Amazon Associates website and sign up. Once you’re a member, you can generate referral links to products or services and share them on all platforms. Whenever someone clicks on your referral links and buys, you get paid. And as easy as that, you have your Amazon Prime membership fully paid for and more.

Biding Your Time

Amazon is not known for offering discounts on its own services often. However, when that happens, the discounts can be substantial.

It might be worthwhile just waiting around for a few months and seeing what offers they have. Go to the Amazon Prime web page regularly. Sign up for any Amazon newsletters. Even check magazines and coupons. If you keep your eyes open and wait long enough, the results may surprise you.


Amazon Prime is an excellent service with much to offer the consumer. The value is so great that it’s not uncommon for people to subscribe even if they live in countries with no free Amazon shipping. Not everyone can afford the $15 per month subscription, though. Hopefully, if you fall into that category, you now know how to get your Prime membership for much cheaper or even free.

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