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If you’re constantly losing bookmarks and grabbing strange things to keep your place (paper scraps, receipts, slices of pizza), you’ll be happy to know there are tons of resources for free printable bookmarks. Not only does a bookmark look a lot better than a torn piece of cardboard, but many of them make great, fun projects for the kids. If you have an avid reader in your life, printable, decorated bookmarks make a cute, thoughtful gift.


Key Takeaways

  • Printables come either in pre-colored or with line art to color-in.
  • Free printables usually don’t have copyrighted material for legal reasons, but you can find some designs related to a franchise.
  • Unless otherwise stated, you cannot print the bookmarks to resell.
  • For the best results, we recommend printing a bookmark on thin card stock rather than standard paper.
  • Laminate finished bookmarks to make them more durable.
  • You can personalize bookmarks by punching a hole and threading it with ribbon, tassels, or rickrack.

Free Printable Bookmarks

Free printable bookmarks are a fun craft project for yourself, your kids, or for a classroom. The designs available range from simple and easy for younger age groups to complex coloring designs for those who love the calming fashion of coloring-in but like to have something to use afterward. We’ll also link to designs that are already colored and ready to go and make bright, fun additions to slip into a book gift.

If you’re looking for something more personalized, we’ll direct you to sites where you can create your own printable bookmark designs. There are also ways for you to share your creations, and we’ll answer some questions about how to design and distribute your free printables.

1. Botanical Paperworks Feather Bookmark

With literary quotes by three famous authors, these gorgeous feather bookmarks make a wonderful gift to add to a book. The feathers are simple and pretty and come ready to make in three soft shades. They are provided by Botanical Paperworks, who make seed paper that you can plant – a great idea is to print these bookmarks on their seed paper – an excellent bookmark to slip into a gift book on gardening!

All you need is to download the PDF, print the page in color, and cut out the feather shape. The quotes are easy to match with various genre books and are chosen to inspire. These bookmarks are for personal use only and should not be sold.


2. Almost Makes Perfect Watercolor Bookmark

These watercolor fade bookmarks are a sophisticated, subtle design, suitable for someone who likes beautiful things and appreciates an exquisite artistic look for their bookmarks. I printed these up for my mother, who loves reading romantic women’s fiction, and they went down a treat.

Almost Makes Perfect offers this ready-to-print and use design for free, and the bookmarks come in soft shades of ochre, coral, and turquoise. Simply right-click, save the PDF from her download link, and print the page to cut out the three bookmark options.

3. Alice and Lois Modern Black and White Bookmarks

Alice and Lois is a fantastic craft and lifestyle site packed with fabulous projects and great ideas for making things. They also have recipes, style ideas, and these sisters have a gorgeous little online shop with handmade collections for the home.

They offer a free one-page printable of fun, quirky black-and-white bookmarks, with instructions for printing and adding a rickrack ribbon to personalize these modern bookmarks. I love these designs for a cute addition to a teen gift book set or for any friend who loves a modern, trendy aesthetic.

4. All Things Thrifty Five Stylish Bookmarks

Another wonderful lifestyle and craft site, All Things Thrifty, has many good ideas for interiors, foods, and crafting. Their goal is to help their readers have the skills to confidently tackle craft and DIY projects with tutorials that are easy to understand and follow.

Their charming collection of five printable bookmarks is one of those projects – easy to download, print, and cut out. Once they’re printed, they’re ready to be used. The designs range from bold to soft, using pinks and blacks. Swap them out, or use them across your reading pile!


5. Blooming Homestead Printable Chalk and Floral Bookmarks

I adore these free printable bookmarks with their floral designs and chalkboard aesthetic. Whether you prefer ‘KEEP CALM AND READ ON’ or a floral design without words, these choices are lovely. Remember that printing the black designs might be heavy on your ink.

Simply click and save these four bookmark designs, and print them up. Blooming Homestead has many other crafts, printables, recipes, and organization advice, so a great site to have a look through for more fun ideas.

6. Sharon Rowan Photodesign Fox Bookmarks

I love these stunning woodland fox bookmarks. They’re beautifully designed and have an appeal that bridges the ages – we think they’re lovely if you print some up for your animal-loving youngster or give them as gifts to anyone mad about foxes.

Photographer and designer Sharon Rowan is an avid reader and designed these charming fox bookmarks with a dark wooded background and cute, simple foxes. As expected of a designer, this free printable bookmark design also comes with an optional back design if you want double-sided bookmarks. We’ll explain how to print double-sided bookmarks in our Related Questions.

7. It’s Always Autumn Origami Woodland Bookmarks

Here’s a project that takes a little more crafting than print-and-cut, so if you want to keep little hands busy, these are excellent. It’s Always Autumn offers these cute woodland designs that you can print out and fold into little woodland animal faces. These bookmarks are a little different as they slip over the corner of the page you want to bookmark.

These seven woodland origami bookmark templates are an absolute treasure if you want something unique and cute. Each woodland animal face design is printed on a single sheet, and the simple instructions for folding are written on-site and have pictures. Use plain paper, not cardstock, and have a glue stick handy. A paper cutter makes this project even more effortless.

8. Our Handcrafted Life Star Wars Bookmarks

These themed bookmarks make great little gifts for a Star Wars-themed party, so if you want a little fun free to print Star Wars-inspired bookmarks, then head to Our Hand Crafted Life.


These five adorable designs come on a single sheet and are ready to cut and use as soon as you’ve printed them. Choose from your favorite characters with a cute little reading-related phrase.

9. Sisters What Harry Potter Bookmarks

If your young readers love magic and all things Hogwarts, these Harry Potter-inspired free printable bookmarks will hit the spot. These six modern designs are simple, black and white, featuring symbols and quotes. These are a good option if you prefer not to print in color.

Sisters What also has a second set of free printable Harry Potter bookmarks on their site. Don’t restrict yourself to printing these on white cardstock; look for colored cardstock to suit.

10. Lisa Storms Color-In Popsicle Bookmark

Do you love summer and love reading? Then you’ll adore these easy popsicle bookmarks from Lisa Storms.

Print these on white cardstock, and color them before cutting out. If you prefer less work, print the templates onto colored cardstock. Either way, these fun popsicle bookmark designs mean Summer Reading is Cool!

11. Sunny Day Family Farm Animal Bookmarks

Farm animals are always a hit with small children, and these free printable farm animal bookmarks from Sunny Day Family are wonderful for coloring-in.

If you’re looking for free printable farm animal bookmarks with adorable designs that will appeal to kids, definitely have a look at these. Add these free printables to your cart and head to the checkout.

12. Amy Latta Creations Coloring-In Bookmarks

These four bookmark designs are perfect for coloring in with a felt tip or pencil crayons, and the floral designs are a little more intricate, allowing you to have fun with details and colors.

Amy Latta Creations created these designs for free to celebrate National Crafting Month, so download, print, and enjoy!


13. Pama Dash Designs Summer Printable Bookmarks

I’m a massive fan of these fun summer printable bookmarks. They are unusual in shape, playing with images like a long, cold drink, sunglasses, and flip-flops to create exciting bookmarks.

These Pama Dash designs are best printed on white stock and colored in to create your fun individual summer bookmarks for your favorite beach read.

14. Pop and Soda Gem Bookmark

Another interesting take on bookmark shapes is this vibrant, punchy gem design from Pop and Soda.

The website is in French, but the printable link is here, and the instructions are basic: print and cut out. Then cat along the bottom two lines of the design as shown. This technique creates a paper-clip-like bookmark that slides over the top of the page. Use a paper-cutting knife rather than a pair of scissors, and use heavier card stock for durability.

15. Genuine Mud Pie Tea Cup Bookmarks

If you love to while away the afternoon making unique crafts, love tea, and love reading, then we have a perfect craft project for you. This bookmark design from Genuine Mud Pie uses a free printable cup template as the base and uses thread, glue, and a small piece of the folded card to create a teacup bookmark with a tea bag.

Print out the teacup and mug templates here, and follow the instructions to create your charming teacup bookmarks. I love that these are so versatile, and you can decorate them to be unique. They also make an excellent handmade, thoughtful gift for the reader (and the coffee drinker) in your life.

16. Canva Free Bookmark Template Design

If you prefer to make unique bookmark templates, one excellent and accessible resource for free design guides is Canva. You can upgrade to pro for more options, but their free templates are a great way to start and offer loads of places for scope when designing your free printable bookmarks.

A professionally designed template will cost you, but you can study these to get ideas for building your designs. Click free on the left-hand side to find the template options you can use as bases for your own.

How Do I Make My Own Bookmarks?

If you like making personalized bookmark designs, we’ve suggested Canva above as an excellent place to start. With Canva, you’ll have professional-looking bookmarks ready to print in no time. You can also design bookmarks in Word and other standard computer programs such as Adobe (however, you will need to have an Adobe plan to use their templates)

When printing bookmarks for coloring-in, it’s a good idea to use cardstock rather than paper (unless you are making origami folded bookmarks) as these are more durable. Make sure your designs are a decent size for using as a bookmark. You’ll notice most designs only fit 3-5 bookmarks on a standard page.

Once your bookmark is printed, colored, and cut, you can laminate it to prevent further damage and make it last longer. If you prefer to add extra decoration, you can punch a hole at the bottom of your bookmark with a punch and thread a ribbon or tassel through.

Is There A Bookmark Template In Word?

While there are no free bookmark templates from Microsoft, if you are already a Microsoft subscriber, you can download the premium bookmark template from their website.

Websites such as Template have some blank and basic template packages to download. While the designs vary, many are listed for use with Illustrator, MS Word, Pages, Photoshop, and Publisher. Look for free template downloads that will work with your software.

Is There A Bookmark Template In Adobe?

If you already have an Adobe plan, it’s worth looking through their bookmark templates to find great ideas and professionally designed bookmarks you can print.

Using these templates requires signing up for a monthly fee-paying plan. Since people who use Photoshop are already on a plan, I added it as a possible reference in case you didn’t know about their editable bookmark templates.

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