How To Get Free Razors

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Everyone likes free things, and one thing many of us would like is for the expense of shaving to not be as exorbitant as it can be, especially if we have to shave each day. If it is possible to get free razors from time to time, it would be an absolute blessing and one which we would highly appreciate. But where to start? This is the question, “How does one manage to get razors for free?”


The best Places where you can get free razors are below. Read them all by scrolling down.

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Key Takeaways

  • The big-name brands are usually the ones who will offer free razors, especially for their loyal customers.
  • The type and quality of the razors you get may not always be up to the same standard as those you need to purchase.
  • The free giveaways and promotions that companies and websites run are usually only for a limited time, so you should check in regularly to see if free razors are up for grabs.

Places That You Can Get Free Razors From

You will find that big brands tend to treat their loyal customers and subscribers from time to time; however, there are other places one can also look to find the free razors you so desperately desire. It will likely still mean that you will have to buy razors, but hopefully, after reading through this article, you will be aware of places you can look at to find free grooming gear.

1. Gillette

Gillette offers a subscription program, and they deliver your chosen kit monthly. And thankfully, you will know what you are getting each month. If you opt to join in as a subscriber, you will receive a free starter kit (there are limited options), but you will have to pay for the shipping cost and potentially tax as well. To get started, follow this link.

Along with the subscription plan, there are times when Gillette runs special promotions where you can get their products either at a reduced fee or entirely free. With this, though, you need to stay aware of when these take place as it will be on a first-come, first-serve basis, and their products are in high demand, so be sure not to miss out.


2. PinchMe

PinchMe is well worth signing up to, for various reasons, as they do send people razors from time to time; however, you will also get sent sample boxes of other things such as shampoo samples and even items such as drinks and snacks. All they require of you is to sign up here, select the categories you are interested in and then wait for your free sample box to be sent to you.

3. Philips

Philips is another excellent and reputable brand, which now and then offers giveaways of free razors and refills. The promotions are also sporadic, so you will not be able to get razors all the time, but you can sign up to be a product tester here, where the company will contact their loyal customers and have them test samples which are sent with no expense to you most of the time.

If you enjoy their products, another option is to subscribe to get Philips products, and your first kit, like with Gillette, will be on the house. If you are interested in the giveaway of their OneBlade razor, then you can see this page for more details.

4. Rocky Mountain Barber

The Rocky Mountain Barber is a company that believes that its loyal customers deserve top-quality products and to be rewarded with free razor blade giveaways and product samples. The great thing about them is that they will send you these with every order you place; therefore, to find out more, visit them here.

6. Bic

As you have seen with the other big-name brands, the availability of free razors is not constant. Still, if you enjoy their products, you should sign up for their newsletter to gain rebates and coupons and see what promotions they are currently running to ensure that you do not miss out.

7. P&G Good Everyday

P&G or Proctor & Gamble is the parent company of various brands, one of which actually includes Gillette. They have a website that allows you to obtain coupons, great deals, and even free samples of their various products. These include razor blades and other products you may use regularly. To find out more about their offers, visit their site.


8. Badass Beard Care

With this company, you will find top-of-the-line products. Still, although their free beard wash samples are typically available year-round, their razors are only on offer during special promotional periods. Unfortunately, this is a rare occurrence, and it is a good idea to keep your eyes on their page so you can seize the opportunity when there are free razors available.

9. The Beard Club

With this option, the offers available are typically not free; however, if you sign up with them, you will receive products ranging from razors to creams and beard oils. You will choose your kit and then go to the checkout. Be sure to check in on their website often, as they do run special promos where there are incredible discounts and deals for you to enjoy.

10. Yo! Free Samples

This website is a must-visit as they specialize in the giving away of free samples; what is excellent about them compared with other such sites, you will not have to fill out annoying surveys to receive your samples. All that is required of you here is to head to their site and select “Beauty Samples” where you can search for the right offer for your needs.

Below are some recent razor offers here on Yo! Free Samples:

Below you shall find some questions about which you may be wondering.

Is It Cheaper To Buy An Electric Razor?

Although, in the short term, you will need to fork out more to purchase an electric razor, if you buy a decent quality one (cordless or not) over time, the device will pay for itself. The problem with razors that require blades or disposable razors will be an ongoing long-term expense.

How Does One Get The Closest Possible Shave?

Never dry shave as this will yield a higher potential for irritation and even cuts. Also, it is best to shave after a shower once your skin has softened slightly. Do not use too hot water while you shave as this could cause your skin to soften too much, and this too will potentially result in cuts.


When shaving, be sure to use shaving cream and shave with the grain of your hair growth.

Also, it is essential to change your razor regularly; unless you have one where the blade can be sharpened. If you happen to shave with a blunt razor, you will not get a close shave, and you risk the chance of getting cut.

Is It True That Gillette Sends You A Razor On Your 18th Birthday?

There is such a thing as the Gillette 18th Birthday Sampling, and it is a campaign used to promote their products to youth to entice them to continue using their products. However, not everyone will receive a razor as the recipients are chosen based on consumer data and sources that notify them that an 18-year-old male lives in any specific home.

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