Best Yeti Cooler Knockoff Brands To Save Money

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You may wish you had a premium cooler to keep your drinks cold, but getting a Yeti is beyond your financial means. While there’s nothing quite like a Yeti for social cachet, several knockoff brands work to keep things cold while saving you money. Find out which are the best and where to get them.


The 12 best Yeti cooler knockoff brands to save money are below, scroll down to read them all!

Key Takeaways

  • Some Yeti competitors, such as Pelican, Orca, and Bison, offer comparable or even better quality than Yeti but cost as much or fractionally more.
  • The best Yeti dupes are also made by the rotomolding process, which results in seamless construction. Seamless construction means no minute lines of weakness along which cold air can escape.
  • Some excellent Yeti alternatives, most notably RTIC, are made with injection molding, which is a cheaper process, resulting in a less expensive product. However, if these injection molded coolers are well-made, the ice retention capacity comes close to that of a Yeti.
  • In contrast to Yeti, which makes some of its products in the US and a facility in the Philippines, some Yeti knockoffs are made entirely in low-cost manufacturing countries such as China, reducing prices.
  • However, some Yeti competitors, such as Kong, are made wholly in the US, so if you want to support local jobs and industry while saving money, these are good options to buy.
  • Some Yeti knockoffs offer comparable ice retention to Yeti. However, many offer lower performance in exchange for a lower price tag. Yeti products are arguably over-engineered for their intended purpose, and you can get away with lower ice retention capabilities.
  • Although Yeti does not generally run sales, and discounted prices at certain retailers only amount to around 5 percent off, many Yeti competitors often have special deals on prices so that you can get a decent cooler for even less.

What Are The Best Substitutes For A Yeti?

You may wish you had a Yeti, but they cost too much. Finding room in the budget for a cooler can be challenging, with everything else you must spend money on.

However, it is possible to get a cheaper knockoff that will work nearly as well or just as well in the case of some of the more premium coolers. Even the more expensive and effective Yeti knockoff brands are often considerably cheaper than Yeti.

Since Yeti has revolutionized the coolers market and made them an aspirational item, numerous competitors have offered alternatives to their brand, and many of them are surprisingly good.


Let’s look at the Yeti knockoff brands that will help you to save money. We have concentrated on those whose performance is close to a Yeti’s and excluded generic thin-walled coolers.

1. RTIC Coolers

Like Yeti, 2 brothers from Texas founded RTIC. They explicitly position themselves as offering the same capabilities as Yeti at a considerably lower price. Their Ultra-Light coolers also come in significantly lighter weight (around 30 percent lighter than a comparable Yeti).

In contrast to Yeti, they use injection molding rather than rotomolding. Although the plastic isn’t relatively as even or heavy-duty, it is still seamless. As a result, RTIC boasts 10-day ice retention, which comes very close to Yeti. It also has a removable wire basket, an anti-bear locking system, rubber latches, a vortex draining system, and non-slip feet.

It comes in bright color options and exciting combos, which help your cooler stand out – handy for identifying it in a sea of coolers. The RTIC Ultra-Light holds 52 quarts, more than its most similar Yeti rival, the Tundra 45, which contains 45 quarts. Yet the RTIC is around 30 percent cheaper.

Get one for about $180 from the RTIC store or $210 from Amazon. In contrast, the Yeti Tundra 45 is around $325 from the Yeti store. Note: Prices as of 8/1/2022 at 3:11 PM EST – more info.

2. Canyon Coolers

Like Yeti, Canyon makes its coolers by rotomolding. As a result, they are also highly durable, offer excellent ice retention, and are expensive. However, you can get a 35-quart model for around 10 percent less than a Yeti Tundra 35.


They offer distinctive EZ Cam latches, which are easier to operate than Yeti’s rubber latches. These coolers are bear-proof.

A unique point of these coolers is their straight-sided design, which gives them more usable space than the tapering design of the Yeti. Unfortunately, these coolers are heavier than the comparable Yeti models. They are still expensive, so if you are looking for a bargain, these are not the coolers to select.

Get a Canyon 35-quart from their store for approximately $250 or from Amazon for around $250. In contrast, a Yeti Tundra 35 is $275 from the Yeti store. Note: Prices as of 8/1/2022 at 3:11 PM EST – more info.

3. Kong Coolers

Elkhart Plastics, a long-established American manufacturer, has recently entered the cooler market with Kong Coolers. These coolers are 100 percent US-made, which helps keep manufacturing jobs in the country. They are made from rotomolded polyethylene, the same plastic Yeti uses.

While they are not much cheaper than Yeti, and the different sizes make it difficult to compare, you will still save money on a Kong. And you will get superior ice retention and superb engineering, from the sturdy plastic handles to the metal and rugged plastic latches. You are also likely to lose the drain plug.

If secured with a padlock, these coolers are bear-proof, and in contrast to Yeti’s 5-year warranty, Kong offers a limited lifetime warranty.

Get a Kong 25-Quart, similar in size to the Yeti Tundra 35 (slightly less than 35 quarts) from Kong for approximately $260. In contrast, the Yeti Tundra 35 is $275 from the Yeti store. Note: Prices as of 8/1/2022 at 3:11 PM EST – more info.


4. Cordova Coolers

Begun in 2017 by 3 all-American adventurers, Cordova is made in Idaho and was initially more expensive than Yeti. However, they’re now around 30 percent cheaper while offering the best ice retention of all coolers and superb build quality.

Their coolers are rotomolded, and the sidewalls are noticeably rigid and durable, while Cordova has opted for die-cut aluminum handles instead of rope ones. They feature integrated bottle openers – a nice touch. The anti-skid Gorilla Grip feet are recessed, making them less prone to breaking off. The quad-locking gasket offers a superior seal to that of Yeti coolers.

So confident are Cordova of their coolers’ quality that they offer a full lifetime warranty, much better than what Yeti offers.

The Cordova Basecamp Class 28 is most comparable in size to the Yeti Tundra 35. Get one from the Cordova store for approximately $170 or from Amazon for around $200. In contrast, a Yeti Tundra 35 is $275 from the Yeti store. Note: Prices as of 8/1/2022 at 3:11 PM EST – more info.

5. Arctic Zone Coolers

Arctic Zone is better known for soft-sided coolers. However, they also make the Titan Deep Freeze Ice Chest, an ultra-durable rotomolded cooler with corrosion-resistant latches and a freezer-grade rubber gasket. The 55-quart model will hold ice for up to 8 days, which is nearly as good as a comparable Yeti.

Arctic Zone’s hard coolers are bear-proof and have a Microban antimicrobial layer inside and out that prevents bacterial stains and odors from becoming a problem.

Get the 55-quart model from Arctic Zone for approximately $275 or from Amazon for around $275. In contrast, the Yeti Tundra 65 is $375 from the Yeti store. Note: Prices as of 8/1/2022 at 3:11 PM EST – more info.

6. Blue Coolers

Blue Coolers offers rotomolded coolers with more insulation than Yeti, which means that their durability and ice retention are excellent (10-day ice retention). However, they cost about 30 percent less than Yeti coolers.

They offer similar features to Yeti coolers, from the freezer-grade gasket and rubber T-latches to nylon rope handles and a large side drain spout. They also have non-skid feet, lock plates on the lid, and durable integrated hinges.


They offer limited options for color (blue, gray, and white) and only 3 non-wheeled sizes (30-quart, 55-quart, and 100-quart). The 30-quart fits inside the 55-quart and is sold this way in their value bundle, which gives you 2 coolers for an exceptionally low price. Unfortunately, their coolers are manufactured in China, so that you won’t be supporting local industry.

Get the 30-quart Blue Cooler for approximately $200 from their store or around $180 from Amazon. In contrast, the Yeti Tundra 35 is $275 from the Yeti store. Note: Prices as of 8/1/2022 at 3:11 PM EST – more info.

7. Lifetime Coolers

For a really cheap knockoff of the Yeti cooler, look to Lifetime. Lifetime Products stock-in-trade is making affordable versions of outdoor furniture and equipment, from kayaks to kid’s play equipment.

Their coolers are among the cheapest Yeti competitors that are still rotomolded. They offer their coolers at prices that work out around 25 percent to 35 percent of the comparable Yeti model. They are not as durable, but their features are similar, the ice retention is decent (around 5 days in warm weather and 8 in colder conditions), the coolers are bear-proof, and they also offer a limited 5-year warranty.

Their most popular size is the 55-quart. You can get this for around $160 from Lifetime store or approximately $135 from Amazon. In contrast, the Yeti 65 is $375 from the Yeti store. Note: Prices as of 8/1/2022 at 3:11 PM EST – more info.

8. Otterbox Coolers

Otterbox makes coolers comparable to the Yeti using rotomolded polypropylene. They are bear-resistant, provided you buy an extra locking kit, and while the hinges are not as durable as a Yeti’s, they offer 5-day ice retention at a lower price than Yeti coolers.

They offer attached bottle openers and dry storage trays. However, unfortunately, they suffer from poor handle design. These coolers come in color schemes that resemble some of the limited-edition Yetis. They come standard with many extras such as cutting boards and cup holders and feature anti-slip feet.

Although they only have a 1-year warranty, they should last you many years. The Otterbox Venture 45 (45-quart capacity) is around $300 from Otterbox. In contrast, the Yeti Tundra 45 is $325 from the Yeti store. Note: Prices as of 8/1/2022 at 3:11 PM EST – more info.

9. Ozark Trail Coolers

Ozark Trail seems to be a Walmart brand of coolers and is sold mainly through this store. Manufacturing is presumably outsourced to a low-cost manufacturing country, as they offer premium features at a budget price.

Their High-Performance hard coolers come in 26-quart, 52-quart, and 73-quart sizes and feature rotomolded construction with pretty thick walls that result in excellent ice retention (around 7 days for the medium size). The interior is coated with bacterial-resistant Microban, and the exterior with a UV-resistant coating.

They feature T-Rex latches, freezer-grade gaskets, drink holders, a wire basket, an oversized threaded drain plug attached to a chain, anti-skid feet, and a stainless-steel locking plate that doubles as a bottle opener. These coolers are bear-proof. The smallest size features an overhead handle, while the medium and large coolers have side handles.

You can get the 52-quart for around $130 from Walmart, whereas the Yeti Tundra 65 is $375 from the Yeti store. Note: Prices as of 8/1/2022 at 3:11 PM EST – more info.

10. Igloo Coolers

Igloo Coolers are a classic brand that offers decent ice retention (3 to 5 days, depending on model and conditions) at a lower price than Yeti. They are injection molded instead of rotomolded, which is why they are more affordable. However, they are less durable.

They offer various cooler lines, from the Ecocooler, which features recycled materials, to the premium BMX line. The BMX coolers have so-called Cool Rise technology, which means that the base is molded to elevate the cooler off the hot ground. They feature T-latches, tie-down loops, a UV-resistant coating, and comfort grip handles.

Get a 52-quart model for about $150 from their store or around $150 from Amazon. In contrast, the Yeti Tundra 65 is $375 from the Yeti store. Note: Prices as of 8/1/2022 at 3:11 PM EST – more info.

11. Dometic Coolers

While Dometic primarily offers expensive electric coolers, they also carry the Patrol line of traditional ice chests. These are rotomolded polyethylene and provide excellent ice retention.

These coolers feature a freezer-quality gasket, drainage spout, and easy-open rubber latches. However, they are heavier than the equivalent Yetis and are not bear-proof.

Get the Dometic Patrol 35 for around $230 from Dometic or about $230 from Amazon. The equivalent Yeti Tundra 35 is $275 from the Yeti store. Note: Prices as of 8/1/2022 at 3:11 PM EST – more info.

12. Coleman Coolers

If you’re like most campers, you probably grew up with Coleman products, and for good reason. They offer good quality at reasonable prices. However, their coolers don’t generally match up to Yetis.

The Coleman Xtreme 5 is one of their premium coolers, bringing it closer to Yeti. They are made of injection molded plastic, making them cheaper than Yeti, though not as durable. However, ice retention is excellent, and this cooler will hold ice for up to 5 days.

It has a 70-quart capacity and 4 cup holders molded into the lid. You can sit on this cooler if you are under 250 pounds. However, it has no latches or way of locking it, so it is not bear-proof. It is also pretty heavy.

You can get the Coleman Xtreme 5 from Coleman for around $65 or from Amazon for approximately $60. In contrast, the Yeti Tundra 65 is $375 from the Yeti store. Note: Prices as of 8/1/2022 at 3:11 PM EST – more info.

What Is The Best Knockoff Yeti Cooler?

The most well-known Yeti knockoff is RTIC, and they make excellent coolers at a lower price. However, we recommend Ozark Trail coolers from Walmart for value for money.

How To Spot A Yeti Knockoff?

The best way to spot a Yeti knockoff is by lacking Yeti branding. Many Yeti dupes have a similar design and, from a distance, look like Yetis.

How Can I Get Yeti Coolers On Sale?

To get a genuine Yeti at a lower price, wait for their Black Friday sales, which traditionally run from Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday.


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