How To Get Free Or Cheap Hats

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A good ol’ hat is excellent in the great outdoors to prevent sunburn on your face and head. However, getting a hat for free or at a steep discount is equally fantastic. We’ve all seen various ways to get free clothing and accessories, but hats don’t often appear on the list. Let’s fix that. As a result, the following are great examples of getting your hat free or on the cheap.


The Best 6 Ways To Get Your Hands On Free Or Cheap Hats Are Below.

Key Takeaways

  • Taking part in rewards programs such as refer-a-friend and shopping loyalty rewards are some of the fastest ways to get your hands on free apparel.
  • With rewards in mind, various apps, including Swagbucks, offer their users rewards for completing various everyday tasks online. In addition, you can exchange your rewards for PayPal cash or even gift cards to your favorite shopping sites.
  • Free headwear can be found at unique seasonal events held by retailers or even sports events, and following your favorite team or brand on social media is one of the best ways to stay up-to-date with their next big giveaway.
  • Freebie sites like Freecycle and social marketplaces like and Craigslist are often the go-to stores for anything “hand-me-down.” Often users can find all sorts of goodies, including a range of hats for free or next to nothing that their original owners would rather find a new home for.

6 Ways To Get Free Or Cheap Hats

One of our most fundamental necessities is clothing, which includes headwear, yet it is sometimes unreasonably pricey. Likewise, despite the growth of quick fashion and decreased pricing, purchasing a hat can still be expensive. Still, the internet can be of assistance if you’re short for cash yet need some headgear.

You may quickly beat the sun before it starts beating you by visiting websites where you can find free hats close to you. So, starting with refer-a-friend programs, here are some of the best ways to get your hands on some cheap or free hats.

1. Take Part in Refer-A-Friend Programs

Many stores offer referral programs that enable you to obtain free apparel, including headgear. The best thing is that you both gain from it when you recommend your friends via word of mouth or by posting your link online. These sites include:


Your key to getting free secondhand hats and other clothing items online is ThredUP. This internet store offers top-notch used apparel at drastically reduced prices. There are two ways to get free clothing on the website.

First off, thredUP offers a $10 referral bonus for each person you send their way. So if you refer six friends, you’ll receive $60 to spend on new clothing.

The second choice is to use the internet to sell your unused clothing. You receive a “Clean Out Bag” to mail your belongings. Choose between receiving payment by PayPal, a prepaid Discover gift card, or thredUP shopping credit. What better than to get rid of those unwanted items to get the hats you need!

Online consignment marketplace sells used apparel. With the company’s Share & Earn program, you receive $10 for each person you send to their website. However, you are only paid in credit, not cash.

Selling old apparel increases your credit. To become a Premier Seller, you must fill out an application and wait for approval from

2. Attend Campaigns And Events

Suppose you’ve seen hats from Pepsi, AT&T, Burger King, VISA, Apple, Verizon, Taco Bell, HBO, Facebook, and other private corporations. In that case, many of them were given out as a part of the marketing efforts for those businesses.


Although you may purchase these brands from both official and unauthorized retailers, you should always be on the lookout for free hat giveaways from your favorite retailers.

Furthermore, as a widespread practice for most of us, merchandise handouts for sporting events sometimes include jerseys, t-shirts, hats, and other items. The promotion’s terms and conditions change. The Cleveland Cavaliers, for instance, advertise their promotional activities for the next campaign where team-branded goods are typically distributed, including complimentary caps.

Check your preferred team’s official NBA area because they probably have their own freebies posted on their website. Better still, sign up for email lists for your favorite teams to be the first to learn about giveaways.

3. Browse Freebie Sites

Sites that offer giveaways of unwanted clothing items are very scarce. However, Freecycle remains standing tall with a great community. The primary use of Freecycle is as a marketplace for used furniture and other home goods. However, the free exchange website also has a sizable assortment of free old clothing.

Finding goods close to you is one of the advantages of using Freecycle. To utilize the website, you must input a specific location, such as Brooklyn, New York. As a result, the postings remain somewhat close to where you are.

You must be a listed user of the website to search posts, but signing up only takes a few seconds. After logging in, you may search for articles using keywords like “hats,” for instance.

Additionally, you have to use the option to exclude wanted listings and just show “offer postings.” When you open an offer post, you should get some information about the item and be able to react to the post to set up a pickup.


4. Join Store Loyalty Programs

You may sign up for a loyalty program at several apparel retailers. You accumulate points that may be exchanged for cash. Utilize this money in the future to get your hands on some fabulous free hats of all styles. In addition, many loyalty programs provide even additional perks, such as free delivery and exclusive discounts.

There are programs at certain stores and loyalty cards at others. Credit or debit cards may be included with these loyalty cards. Some examples include:

Since most clothing stores sell hats of all types, take a moment to see which clothing stores you already earn loyalty points from since you may already be eligible to get a free hat or three. Whether not, inquire if your preferred clothes company, retailer, or department store has a loyalty program.

5. Get Various Caps With Rewards And Cash Back Apps

Rewards apps are the next best thing when it comes to freebies. Although not entirely free since there are a few “chores” to do – many consider it free because they take part in everyday things they tend to do and earn rewards by doing so. An app that gives you just that is Swagbucks.

With an app and website called Swagbucks, you may earn points for online activities, including video watching, survey taking, mobile gameplay, and more.

I frequently play on my phone when riding the subway or in an uber. I don’t see the harm in doing this if it means I can get some headgear and other stuff. Points may be redeemed for cash directly into your PayPal account or for gift cards. There are many gift cards to pick from, and you’re not only limited to hats – which is fantastic.

If you’re like me and like stacking rewards apps for maximum rewards, you can also take advantage of similar apps to Swagbucks, which include:

6. Browse Social Marketpalces

Search the Facebook marketplace or groups for your neighborhood yard sales for free or inexpensive used hats or clothing. Because most users are too busy to hold a yard sale, some people sell or have collector giveaways that will astound you. When you locate anything you like, schedule a time to meet the seller and take possession of the item.

In addition, Craigslist is a sizable online classified marketplace, and vendors advertise various items for sale on the website, including houses, gadgets, vehicles, and RVs. For example, go to the “free” link under the “for sale” section to find free hats.


Many free hats may be available– from construction caps to baseball caps. Keep in mind, since it’s free, it often goes fast. Best to respond fast if you are interested. Or you could come upon big boxes and sizable bags packed with free clothing. This is especially helpful if you require caps for kids in all sizes.

Are There Any Sites That Sell $1 Hats?

Various sites online occasionally have specials all year round. Of course, Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday are two of the Obvious Choices. However, two sites that stand out all year round are and At e4hats, you would be buying $1 hats limited to quantity and type per promotion.

On the other hand, Aliexpress usually has sellers offering all sorts of caps for around $1; however, you would have to pay shipping fees.

What Are Other Rewards Points That Are Often Forgotten?

Although credit card benefits may be evident to some, they are occasionally disregarded by the typical user. When you make purchases at specific merchants, some credit cards provide rewards points; the number of points you receive depends on the card you use. Some cards provide 1% cash back across the board, while others offer 5% cash back in department shops.

New cardholders can also receive sizable sign-up bonuses when they spend more than a specific amount. These reward points can be traded for gift cards to shops or a statement credit on your account to pay back previous clothing purchases. Your options have been increased if you’re searching for a hat and have some CC awards sitting around.

Are Hand-Me-Down And Thrift Hats Worth It?

Hats that are passed down frequently have startling high quality! We all need headwear from time to time. Whether we use newspaper to hide from the side or a generous donation from a kind stranger, it will all be used the same way. And since most of us receive hand-me-downs for our children, it has benefits.

Still, as with anything secondhand, it does not always come in top shape. It is therefore preferable to thoroughly wash it before using it.

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