Ways To Get Free Arts & Craft Supplies

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Taking the time to create an aesthetic piece of art or construct a crafty task is a serene yet thrilling way to express your emotions and creativity. However, the fulfilling experience of painting, sculpting, drawing, knitting, scrapbooking, etc., can cost us a pretty penny.


Key Takeaways

  • You can get free thread skeins from Flower Thread or alpaca yarn samples from the Pick of the Knitter.
  • Order free fabric swatches from Pottery Barn, Maker&Son, and Barn & Willow.
  • Get Free Flooring Supplies from Irwin Tiles.
  • You can get wax-free transfer paper from Saral Paper. However, Jonesville Paper Tubing also offers product samples at zero cost. In addition, Small Business Printing offers free paper swatches to prospective clients.
  • Enjoy being creative with “real touch” artificial flowers from Flowers-by-Design.
  • You can get free pen or marker samples from AnyPromo.com and Intur World Travel Agency.
  • May Arts happily provides free ribbon samples to curious customers.
  • Take your scrapbooking project to the next level with free printables from LovetoKnow.
  • If you’re experiencing “designer’s block,” consider getting inspiration and free patterns from Mood Fabrics, Purl Soho, LiveArtGalleryFabrics, and Yarn Inspirations. These inspiring designs will help pull you out of the rabbit hole.
  • Access hundreds of free stencils and patterns from Free Stencil Gallery or Craftsmanspace.
  • Enjoy unwinding while coloring free pictures from Crayola. There’s something for your kids and yourself.

Ways To Get Free Arts & Crafts Supplies

There’s nothing more frustrating than when your inner artist screams to come out and get its hands dirty, but your art supplies are exhausted.

Although scarce, we’ve researched and compiled a list of different places you can get free art supplies. So, whether you are interested in creating DIY projects, scrapbooking, painting, or more, our list is sure to awaken your inner artist again.

Please keep in mind that some “free” arts and crafts supplies might be at the cost of joining the company’s mailing list. In addition, you may have to cover shipping costs at some sites.

1. Flower Thread: Skein Threads

You can enjoy working on thread work projects with thread skeins from Flower Thread.


Flower Thread sells high-quality skein threads with excellent thickness and texture in colors that range from soft hues to vivid tints. Their thread colors even match the traditional tones that your great-great-grandmother used.

Ginnie Thompson Flower Thread give away two free thread samples to allow you to discover if their thread meets your needs. They also include a free conversion chart and a sheet of chartered designs.

To claim your free thread samples, conversion chart, and a sheet of chartered designs, send Flower Threads a self-addressed business-size stamped envelope with two regular stamps to:

P.O. Box 24, Dpt. W
Wedgefield, SC 29168

2. Pick Of The Knitter: Baby Alpaca Yarn

Pick of the Knitter understands the importance of having the right yarn when starting a project. As a result, the company wants to help its customers find the perfect fit by offering free samples of the baby alpaca yarn.

Take advantage of the offer by emailing Pick of the Knitter at [email protected] for free samples. If you have questions, call them at (919) 424-6552.


3. Pottery Barn: Fabric Swatches

Fabric swatches lend easily to various arts and crafts ideas like making handmade bows, adding them to note cards, or creating textile art.

Pottery Barn offers an endless selection of fabric on their website. You can fill out their sample request form to request free fabric swatches of your favorite materials.

4. Maker&Son: Fabric Swatches

Maker&Son has a wide selection of fabrics ranging from plush Velvet, Denim, Corduroy, and 100% Italian linen in festive colors.

You can select eight complimentary fabric samples, including free shipping. Then, take your arts and crafts interests to the next level using these high-end swatches to make placemats, napkins, quilts, etc.

5. Barn & Willow: Fabric Swatches

Barn & Willow offers up to 10 free 5”x5” fabric swatches without you needing to provide any credit card information.

You can use the free fabric swatches for kid crafts, textile art, or note cards.

6. Irwin Tiles: Free Flooring Samples

Irwin Tiles offers potential clients free tile and wood flooring samples to help you view the floor product in your home before making a purchase.


Take advantage of Irwin Tiles’ offer by requesting three samples.

7. Saral Paper: Wax Free Transfer Paper

Saral Paper manufactures wax-free transfer or graphite paper made with an acid-free coating, allowing crisp, clean tracing. In addition. The paper is available in five colors: White, Blue, Graphite, Yellow, and Red.

You can easily transfer patterns, templates, or free-hand designs to any surface, including wood, paper, fabric, canvas, metal, ceramic, stained glass, etc.

Try Saral’s wax-free graphite paper for free on your upcoming craft project by sending Saral Paper a self-addressed, stamped business-size (#10) envelope including a free sample request to:

Saral Paper Corp.
Free Sample Dept.
436D Central Avenue
Bohemia, NY 11716
Phone 631-563-1100
Fax 212-223-8111

8. Jonesville Paper Tube Corporation: Free Paper Tubing

Jonesville Paper Tube Corporation is a leading paper tube manufacturer specializing in creating paper tubes for industrial purposes, shipping containers, diploma holders, or specialty tubes.

The company understands that everyone isn’t familiar with paper tubes. Therefore, they happily send a free idea kit filled with samples. They can even customize the kit to include specific paper types, closures, or colors per request.

There are countless creative and functional ideas that you can make with paper tubes. My favorite is crafting homemade kaleidoscopes, DIY bunnies, and organizers and using them to grow seedlings.

Contact them here to submit your sample request.


9. Small Business Printing: Free Paper Swatches

Small Business Printing offers high-quality print products with twice the resolution of standard printing. In addition, the products are printed using the best equipment, paper, inks, and coatings that the printing industry offers.

You can get various pre-printed 4.25” x 6” paper swatches from Small Business Printing. The samples include:

  • Several pre-printed swatch samples
  • A sample guide
  • Other helpful information to get started

10. Flowers-by-Design: Free Artificial Flowers

Flowers-by-Design features 31 varieties of “real touch” artificial flowers that you can use while creating a beautiful DIY project.

You can request two free flower samples from the 31 varieties. Fill out the request form on the website to select your desired flower samples. Note: You’ll have to pay for the shipping.

11. AnyPromo.com

AnyPromo.com is a one-stop shop featuring a wide range of promotional products, including pens, markers, shirts, hats, mugs, bags, and more.

You can get free pens, color markers, 4-color pens, gel highlighters, and more at zero cost. However, you need to create an account or sign in before accessing these sample offers for free.

12. Intur World Travel Agency: Free Ballpoint Pen

Intur World Travel Agency strives to offer the best tools to help plan a trip.

The agency offers a free compact ballpoint pen (gold or silver) to help individuals always out on the go – be it for business or leisure. Nevertheless, you can use the pen for writing, drawing, and other artsy craft projects.

To receive your free pen sample, fill out the Intur World Travel Agency request form.

13. May Arts: Free Ribbon Samples

May Arts have a wide range of ribbons that are perfect for scrapbooking, arts and crafts, sewing, confectionary, floral arrangements, and more.

May Arts understands that samples benefit customers when deciding the material, color, and width best suited for your project. As a result, the company happily sends customers free pieces of their ribbons.

You can request up to 12 six-inch long ribbon samples per month. Request samples by completing and submitting the samples request form.

14. LoveToKnow: Free Scrapbooking Printables

LovetoKnow understands that scrapbooking can quickly become an expensive hobby with all the craft supplies needed to design and create each page. As a result, they offer free printables, stickers, papers, backgrounds, and more, to help cut down on your expenses on your next layout.

You can have fun personalizing and embellishing Love to Know’s free, ready-made scrapbooking layouts. The layouts include:

  • Events and Achievements
  • Trips and Travel
  • Holiday Papers
  • Over 100 different patterned papers
  • Printable Embellishments (frames, cutouts, stickers, fonts, etc.)

15. Mood Fabrics: Free Sewing Patterns

Mood Fabrics is the number-one destination to shop for fashionable fabric. The company might not offer free sewing supplies, but they have a wide selection of free clothing patterns available for download.

Enjoy playing with free sewing patterns for cosplay, dresses, activewear, all-gender, lingerie, and more.

16. Purl Soho: Free Patterns And Tutorials

Purl Soho features a wide collection of modern sewing projects, including bags, quilts, napkins, pouches, wraps, skirts, shorts, tops, kids’ clothes, necklaces, hats, aprons, stockings, slippers, garlands, ornaments, and hundreds more.

Purl Soho does not only offer free patterns; they include full tutorials with color photos and printable pattern pieces.

You can also access free patterns and tutorials for embroidery, crochet, weaving, and more.

17. LiveArtGalleryFabrics

LiveArtGalleryFabrics inspires all quilt lovers, from first-timers to seasoned quilters, with unique quilt patterns. The designs are freely available for downloading in PFD format, including instructions and illustrations to ensure you are successful.

Browse through the beautiful designs and start downloading your favorite one today.

18. Yarn Inspirations: Free Knit Patterns

Yarn Inspirations offers unique knitting, crochet, crafting, and sewing patterns at zero cost.

If you are up for a new knitting, crocheting, or sewing project, we suggest checking out the free patterns available on Yarn Inspirations. The designs are separated into functional categories to simplify browsing.

Search for free patterns by:

  • Pattern Category
  • Product Type
  • Skill Level
  • Brand
  • Product Line
  • Fiber
  • Made For

Free Stencil Gallery is the Internet’s top site for free printable stencils. In addition, no registration, memberships, or credit card details are required.

You can use these hundreds of free stencils for kids’ crafts, cross stitching, pumpkin carving, glass etching, wall murals, t-shirts, spray paint graffiti art, tattoos, and more. There is something available for every project.

20. Craftsmanspace: Free Projects And Stencils

Craftsmanspace offers a wide range of unique projects, stencils, 3D models, books, and 2D patterns. In addition, they include several unique stencil designs, including flowers, animals, Celtic designs, and calligraphic flourishes that you don’t want to miss.

The stencils are available in several file formats, allowing you to download and use them as CAD or vector files.

21. Crayola: Free Coloring Pages

There is little as calming and therapeutic as coloring. Crayola offers a range of free coloring pages for kids and adults.

Sign up, browse through their category list of creative images, and unwind while coloring.

Here are three frequently-asked questions regarding where to get free arts and crafts supplies.

Can You Get Free Stickers For Arts And Crafts?

Hundreds of companies are willing to send free stickers via mail as advertising efforts. You can request free stickers by emailing “sticker request” as your topic (remember to include your home address).

Some companies offering free stickers include Coco-Cola, Vineyard Vines, Honey Bee Gardens, All Downhill, Generate Kindness, Sticker Soup, and more.

Can Influencers Or Testers Get Free Arts And Crafts Supplies?

If you’re a talented artist or hobbyist, consider using your social media platform to access free arts and crafts supplies. Many companies freely offer products and samples to artists with a high social media engagement in exchange for exposure.

Publicize your artwork, DIY projects, or crafts through blogging, Instagram, vlogs, Facebook, or YouTube. You can also join Influencers’ marketing websites like Tomoson to access various free Arts & Crafts supplies in return for social engagement.

Can You Get Free Arts And Crafts Supplies On Craigslist?

Although Craigslist is mainly known for its cheap, thrifty products, it also has a section featuring free items.

Head over to the “for sale” section on Craigslist. Then, select the “free” category and search for specific art and craft supplies. You can pick the items up at locations close by or mail them to your doorstep.

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