How Long Does TEMU Take To Ship?

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Temu is an online marketplace that’s bursting with a variety of products, all of which are sold at incredible discounts. The reason why Temu is able to offer such incredible deals is that it actually offers a virtual market on which a huge number of small- to mid-size retailers can offer their products.


With so many retailers gathering in one place, it’s possible to find an astonishing variety of items on a single website. However, this also means that you cannot always expect uniform shipping times. Still, vendors on Temu do their utmost to conform to the standards that are set by the website.

What are these standards? How long will you have to wait for the great new products that you placed in your shopping cart? Is it possible to get faster shipping if you want your stuff right away?

Keep reading to learn the answers to all of these and other questions.

Temu’s Shipping Policies

People shop on Temu for many reasons. For some, it’s the incredible number and diversity of products that are being offered. Others appreciate the incredible bargain prices. Still others are drawn by the shipping policy.


That’s because the vast majority of packages are shipped for free for most orders. Just select “Standard Shipping” at checkout to save money on shipping.

Most people appreciate not having to pay for shipping. Still, it’s worth knowing that it can take between seven and 15 days for your package to arrive. That’s kind of a long wait, so if you need your stuff right away, you might want to shop elsewhere.

Alternatively, you could opt for “Express Shipping” at checkout. If your order costs $99 or more, then you can get express shipping for free. People placing orders with a total dollar amount of less than $99 will be asked to pay $12.90 for express shipping.

How fast is express shipping? Well, that depends. If you select the Express Shipping option, then Temu will provide you with a shipping estimate on the order confirmation page.

In some cases, Express Shipping will save you considerable time, but do not expect to receive your package the next day or even within a couple of days. Most shipments take a bit longer, especially since many items are being sent from overseas.

Temu will only display an estimated delivery time after you have paid for and confirmed your order. This can make it difficult to determine whether or not paying for Express Shipping was really worth it.


Shipping Time and Cost on

For each order that you place on Temu, you will receive an estimated delivery time and an estimated cost for shipping. This information will appear on the order confirmation page. In addition, you should receive an email that outlines your order’s processing time.

Be aware that it may take the warehouse between one and three business days to process your order. Once your item has actually shipped, you will receive an email informing you.

As your package progresses, you’ll receive shipment notification messages that will give you updated delivery times for each package. Each package also will have tracking information that is made available to you. If you want to view delivery estimates for all of your orders in one convenient place, just visit your order history on Temu.

In the vast majority of cases, your packages will be delivered at some point within the estimated delivery window. However, numerous factors may affect the arrival of your package including adverse weather conditions, flight disruptions and other things that are beyond Temu’s control. The tracking information will give you the most up-to-date info about where your package is and when it likely will arrive.

Temu truly does strive to deliver packages on time. Accordingly, they offer a five-dollar credit for packages that do not arrive within the promised time window.

Check Your Shipping Address

Be very careful when you enter your shipping address at the Temu website. Even a small mistake can misdirect your package and cause a considerable delay. Temu does allow you to ship to a P.O. box, but note that certain items must be delivered to a physical address. These may include items that are perishable, oversized, particularly valuable or that have age-based restrictions. Occasionally, items will be shipped by private carriers that may have different requirements for the use of physical addresses or for signatures upon receipt.

It further is possible that some vendors will indicate that they cannot ship to P.O. boxes, so be on the lookout for this. Moreover, Temu does not deliver to security-restricted addresses, such as those on military bases.


Looking for more information? See their return policy guide as well.

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