A List Of Legit Ways To Get Free Or Cheap Gas

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Gas prices have gone up over 50% in the past few years. Buying gas at the regular price has become much more difficult, especially if you are strapped for cash. We can save on groceries and clothes with specials and coupons, but it doesn’t seem that easy for gas. So that made me wonder about legit ways to get free or cheap gas.


The 7 most legit ways to get free or cheap gas are below!

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Key Takeaways

  • You can join the reward and loyalty programs of different gas providers to save money.
  • You can join online sites where you take surveys for points that you redeem for gas gift cards.
  • You can use the hypermiling method to save on gas.
  • You can check the tire pressure regularly to get more gas per mile.

A List Of Legit Ways To Get Free Or Cheap Gas

When it comes to most consumable goods we buy, like food, clothes, and cleaning products, we have found ways to save money or get some for free. With living costs increasing around the globe due to inflation, we need to find ways to save on gas.

We will look at how to get gas cheap or free using reward cards, gift cards, point systems, and saving gas by changing a few habits in our day-to-day lives. If you use a few of these different methods, you can save hundreds of dollars on gas every year.

We have made a list of helpful ways to get gas for cheap or for free. Some of these are loyalty points that you earn when shopping; some are gift cards that you can buy, and others are points that you earn online for doing a few easy tasks. Here is how to save on gas or it for free by using gift cards, reward points, and online sites.


1. The GasBuddy App

The GasBuddy app is one legit way to get gas for cheap or for free. GasBuddy is an award-winning app that has been downloaded over 90 million times, and its main aim is to provide people with better gas mileage.

This traveling navigation app has 27 different ways to help you save money on gas and even get gas for free.

How Does The GasBuddy App Work?

GasBuddy is an app that works through crowd-sourcing to provide information on gas prices and stations offering gas for cheaper. With the help of the users reporting prices and suggested edits, you can look up the cheapest prices at gas stations near you.

GasBuddy also helps you get the most bang for your buck with these extras:

  • You can win free gas in the GasBuddy Daily Draw
  • You can win GasBack on things you buy every day
  • You can find and report gas prices and changes in gas prices
  • You can review and rate gas stations
  • You can search for gas stations
  • You can create a list of your favorite stations
  • You can log your fuel purchases
  • You can receive vehicle recall information
  • You can complete challenges for points that you can redeem later to save on fuel
  • You can search Along route and much more

You can easily install the app from the Apple App Store and start saving immediately. For further information on how to join the GasBuddy community, follow this link:



2. Get Money Back From Fuel Reward Card And Gas Credit Card

Most major gas stations and some supermarket chains offer credit cards and reward programs that help you save on gas. Speedy Rewards is one example; they offer a $25 gift card or 50 gallons of gas when you reach 500 points. If you take the current gas price into account, that is about a 12% save.

Gas companies like BP and Shell say that you can save 5 cents per gallon of gas you buy if you use their reward programs. ExxonMobil claims a 3 cents saving on a gallon. When it comes to any reward program, it’s best to read the terms and conditions very carefully because companies often have specific rules, criteria, or steps you need to follow to get these savings.

Supermarket chains like Kroger or Safeway offer around 10 cents off your next trip to the gas station for every $100 you spend at their respective stores. Kroger works with Kroger Fuel Centers and Shell, while Safeway works with Safeway Stations, Texaco, and Chevron.

So remember, when you need to buy a few grocery items, look into what supermarket chains in your area offer gas savings in their respective reward programs.

3. Paying With Cash And Not Using A Credit Card

Most gas stations offer savings when you pay cash and not with a credit card. These savings vary from gas station to gas station and region to region. Depending on your area, you can save up to 20 cents per gallon if you pay cash, especially for premium gas. You could save up to $3 every time you entirely fill a 15-gallon tank with gas.

The only drawback to using cash is you need to keep an eye on your bank charges when you draw cash. It may benefit you to draw enough cash once a month for your fuel so you don’t rack up hefty $2-$3 bank fees every time you draw money at an ATM. If you pay these kinds of bank fees, you lose money, not saving it.


4. Purchasing Discounted Gas Gift Cards

Ever wonder what happens to all those gift cards we buy as presents when we forget to buy a present or don’t have enough time? Well, the one way you can save on gas is to buy unused gas gift cards.

You can buy unused gift cards on sites like Raise and Gift Card Granny. These sites let you buy and sell unused gas gift cards from places like Texaco, BP, Shell, Chevron, and other gas providers. Some of these sites are sold out of gas gift cards, but you can set up an alert to let you know as soon as they get more in so you can save as much on gas as possible.

You just need to ensure that you look at the specifics and actual discount you get from the card. Both of these online platforms sell gift cards at retail prices, and Gift Card Granny also sells reward cards.

5. Using Swagbucks To Get Free Gas Cards

Swagbucks is a site you can join that rewards you with points for performing a few easy tasks. They have a huge selection of free gas cards for you to choose from, so you can then redeem your Swagbuck points for the free gas cards. To earn the points that get you the cards, you need to do to complete a few of these tasks:

  • Playing games
  • Browsing the internet
  • Shopping online
  • Taking surveys
  • Completing offers
  • Watching videos

Some of the places where you can redeem your Swagbucks points to get the free gas cards are:

  • Chevron
  • Sunoco
  • Exxon

For more information on signing up for Swagbucks, follow this link:


6. You Can Use Qmee Money For Gas

Qmee is a reward site that is like Swagbucks, but they pay you cash to do easy tasks like

  • Take surveys
  • Shop online
  • Browse the internet

The one big advantage of using Qmee is that they have no minimin on how much money you can cash out. So if you are in a tight spot for gas money, you can take a few surveys, browse the internet for a while, and cash out your Qmee money whenever you want. They can deposit the money directly to your PayPal account within a few minutes.


For more information on signing up for Qmee, follow this link:


7. Stop Using Gas To Get Gas

Look for home gas delivery services like Gas Ninjas or EzFill that will fuel your ride without wasting gas to get to the pump. Setup an appointment and use your gas grill to cook up some dinner while you wait. The gas that you use to get to the pump can really add up to hundreds of dollars per year depending on how far the pump is near you. That being said, the fees to delivery may offset the savings depending on the service. The fees are really what you need to pay attention to here to see if you are really saving.

For more information try EzFill or Gas Ninjas, there seems to be many more local options so try searching near you.

Many people have questions about saving gas, and we wanted to answer some of them. Here are some questions about legit ways to get gas for cheap or free.

Why Do Gas Stations Charge You Less For Gas When You Pay Cash?

If you ever wanted to know why gas stations charge less when you pay with cash instead of a credit card? Credit card companies charge a fee to cover the cost of each transaction they have to process.

It means the gas station needs to charge you extra to cover the fee, so they don’t end up losing each transaction fee. It’s not that much, 10 or 20 cents per transaction, but it adds up in the long run.

What Day Of The Week Is Cheapest To Buy Gas?

According to the general information on GasBuddy, the best time to fill up on gas is on a Monday and Tuesday. As the week goes on, the gas price goes up until they are at their highest for that week on Friday and Saturday. The prices then drop again on Monday and Tuesday. So I guess in this case, the early bird gets the cheapest gas.

How Do I Save On Gas While I’m Driving?

Besides the hypermiling that we discussed earlier in the post, one of the best ways to save on gas while you are driving is to choose the best route. Before you go anywhere, take a look at Google Maps and take the most direct route with fewer stop signs and traffic lights.

Planning out your route will help you save on gas because you won’t get stuck in many stop and start situations, and you can do this more efficiently by using apps that have updates regularly on traffic in your area.

How Can I Save Gas When The Tank Is Almost Empty?

It can be very stressful when you aren’t near a gas station and your tank is almost empty. You can save on fuel until you get to a gas station by doing these things:

  • Drive slowly; you don’t burn the little gas you have left in the tank too quickly by driving slowly.
  • Don’t drive roads that are high traffic; using an app to help you avoid congested roads will help you save fuel because you won’t need to idle away the little fuel you have left.
  • Don’t accelerate or brake too sharply; this allows your car to keep some momentum, and that way, your car will use less fuel to get going again, and you should make it to a gas station before you run out of gas.

How Can Checking The Tire Pressure Help Save On Gas?

Most people don’t know that regularly checking your tire pressure can help save on gas. Buying a tire pressure gauge will cost around $20, and you can check your tire pressure at home.

Topping up on air when you need it instead of waiting for the tire pressure indicator light to turn before you top up can help you save over 3% on fuel per year. It helps you save money in the future on tire replacement.

How Can I Use Hypermiling In My Daily Routine?

Hypermiling is doing things a bit differently when driving to get more mileage out of the gas you put into your car. Below are a couple of ways to implement hypermiling to save on gas:

  • Ease up on the accelerator when pulling away from a traffic light or stop sign.
  • Don’t drive too fast. It’s not easy, but driving at a moderate speed saves fuel.
  • Moderate braking will help save energy. That way, you won’t waste gas.
  • Clean out your trunk and remove all heavy items you don’t need from your car; a lighter vehicle will use less gas.
  • Coasting when you are at a decent speed or when going downhill will save you fuel. Modern cars have been designed so that you don’t even need to put your car in neutral. You can just coast and save.
  • If your car has a start and stop function, as annoying as it may be to some, leave it enabled as leaving your car idling at stop signs and traffic lights wastes a lot of gas.

For more ways to save on hypermiling, you can watch this video:

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