Best Cheap Rosé Wine Under $16

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Rosé wine is also made from red grapes, the same as red wine. The two wines don’t taste the same because the fermenting time of rosé is less than that of red wine. Though a rosé resembles the taste of light red wine, it offers crisper and brighter notes. But since it is such a spectacular wine, is it possible to get a fantastic rosé for under $16?


It Is Possible To Get These 10 Rosé Wines For Under $16 Are Below.

Key Takeaways

  • You can find exceptionally rated Rosé wines for approximately $16 or less.
  • To get rosé wines with this excellent rating for this price, you must usually buy them in bulk cases of 6 to 12 bottles.
  • You should ideally serve a rosé chilled. Place it in the fridge for approximately three hours at a temperature of 50 to 600F.
  • Rosé wines are becoming so popular in America that there has been a market growth of 50% since 2017.

The Best Cheap Rosé Wines For Under $16

A rosé wine is always an elegant wine to offer, regardless of the time of day. Having a few choice bottles of rosé at hand is always a sign of a good host. Here are some of the best, yet most affordable, rosé wines.

1. Republic Of Pink Rosé 2019

Approximate Price: $14.99

Vivino Rating: 4.0


The Republic Of Pink Rosé is a crisp and balanced rosé. It gives flavor tones of strawberry, melon, cherry, and grapefruit. All of these flavors come from the blend of Grenache, Mourvèdre, and Syrah, while the Cabernet Franc adds flavors of savory mineral tones. This rosé is dry, crisp, and complex; if you decant this wine and expose it to oxygen, the flavor will become even more complex.

Which Foods Can You Pair This Wine With?

Pairing the Republic Of Pink Rosé 2019 is easy. But first things first, pairing rosé with pink foods is always a safe path if you are unsure what to pair rosé with. Of course, you can pair rosé with a bruschetta platter. Now thinking pink, shellfish and salmon also come to mind. However, please do yourself a favor and steam those pink meats in this rosé rather than steaming them in water.

You can pair this wine with Indian, Mexican, or Thai cuisines. If it is spicy, then this is a good pairing rosé. Pairing it with dessert doesn’t have to be complex, but you can’t go wrong if you pair it with lava cake or cheesecake. Pairing it with a fruit salad and ice cream or even a refreshing fruity sorbet is also delicious.

2. Summer Water Rosé 2021

Approximate Price: $15.99

Vivino Rating: 4.0

The Summer Water Rosé 2021 is the perfect rosé to drink during those hot summer months. It is dry, light, and crisp, offering fruity watermelon, grapefruit, and strawberry notes. The acidity of this rosé adds an excellent profile to the wine, and this is because they pick the Grenache and Syrah grapes early in the season.


Which Foods Can You Pair This Wine With?

You can pair the Summer Water Rosé 2021 with light and easy dishes; they don’t have to be complex in any way. A light pasta, prawn, and garlic butter dish will pair well with this rosé. If you love spicy food, pair the wine with a chicken biryani dish. Another dish that complements this rosé is seafood paella.

Of course, you can go back to basics and make a platter of different cheeses; goat’s cheese works exceptionally well, especially with some added bruschetta.

3. Confetti! Sweet Pink N.V

Approximate Price: $10.99

Vivino Rating: 4.1

The Confetti! Sweet Pink N.V is a sweet rosé with fruity hints of peaches and strawberries, offering up tones of minerals as well. Anyone who enjoys a sweet rosé will indulge in every sip from start to finish. It is refreshing and vibrant with just a touch of fizz in it. This is the rosé that you should purchase if there is cause for celebration.

Which Foods Can You Pair This Wine With?

Open up your palate and think of simple pasta dishes. Think Margherita; make a pasta sauce with San Marzena tomatoes from the can (crushed, but the tomatoes should still have texture). Bring it to the boil, season it to taste, and add a teaspoon of olive oil while it simmers. Lastly, add fresh basil to the pasta sauce.

Dishing out the pasta with the Margherita sauce, add some Parmigiano-Reggiano on top of the sauce as the final step, then serve with the Confetti! Rosé. Simple, light, yet mind-blowing.


4. Mirabeau Pure Province Rosé 2019

Approximate Price: $14.97

Vivino Rating: 4.1

The Mirabeau Pure Province Rosé 2019 is a wine that has aromas of fresh red berries while adding a citrus flavor to the palate. This rosé offers you an experience of a dry and light florally-fruity tone while adding a nice acidity to the wine without being too strong. This wine can even be enjoyed without pairing it with food.

Which Foods Can You Pair This Wine With?

Though this wine is delicious on its own, it can also enhance the flavor of a meal. Pairing this wine with pork and pork sausages is an option. Thinking of this, pairing a nice fresh salad along with a portion of pork is the perfect addition to this wine. Also, if you’ve never tried a watermelon salad before, maybe this is the time to change that.

The ultimate compliment to this rosé is a watermelon, melon, and feta cheese salad. It is extremely easy to put together, and adding a vinaigrette is simple; just drizzle over some olive oil with fresh lemon juice. This salad will work beautifully with this rosé.

5. Raeburn Rosé 2021

Approximate Price: $14.95

Vivino Rating: 4.2

The Raeburn Rosé 2021 has its origins in the Russian River Valley. The wine is dry, offering balanced acidity while finishing exceptionally well. There are notes of strawberry, raspberry, peach, and pear, and the minerality in this wine adds the final characteristics to the palate.

Which Foods Can You Pair This Wine With?

Pairing the Raeburn Rosé 2019 with a platter of fresh fruit, goats’ cheese, and bruschetta on a hot summer day might be just what you need to have a delicious light meal. Afterward, you can finish your meal with a light and refreshing fruity sorbet, perfectly compatible with the Raeburn Rosé.


If you want to add a few more calories to your meal, you can pair the wine with a seafood dish of salmon or shellfish. Pairing it with spicy food is also an option. And when it’s time for dessert, you can pair it with a chocolate cake or chocolate-covered strawberries.

6. Western Cellars Zinfandel Rosé 2020

Approximate Price: $14.99

Vivino Rating: 4.2

The Western Cellars Zinfandel Rosé 2020 is a sweet rosé with softer acidity. It is smooth with a full body. The palate tones of this wine are sweet red fruits offering a creamy, silky texture. This wine finishes nicely; it is a definite must-have if you enjoy semi-sweet rosé wines.

Which Foods Can You Pair This Wine With?

Adding spice to your life is a must with this wine. Pair it with butter chicken or a slow-braised lamb- or beef curry stew. Pairing it with spicy Indian, Thai, or Mexican cuisines perfectly complement this rosé.

Finally, to finish the pairing, you can enjoy it with simply super fresh fruit and ice cream. If you want to have something a bit more elegant, you can also pair it with fresh strawberry sorbet.

7. Oliver Cherry Moscato N.V

Approximate Price: $12.99

Vivino Rating: 4.2

This Oliver Cherry Moscato N.V offers a medium sweet rosé with a light- to medium silky body. This wine finishes with a brief hint of strawberries and fresh lime, adding fruit tannins to the palette. It is the perfect wine to just sip, especially after a long stressful day at work, to rewind and spend a relaxed evening with your loved ones.

Which Foods Can You Pair This Wine With?

Though it is a wine that you can simply enjoy on its own, you can, of course, pair it with some of your favorite freshly made salads. Pairing it with bacon and other cold meats is another excellent way to go. Adding some bacon to a fresh salad or even a potato salad will also work exceptionally well.

And, of course, a final addition to any rosé is to enjoy it with fruit. You cannot make a mistake at the table if you pair this wine with fresh fruit that complements the final notes of the wine.

8. A To Z Wineworks Rosé 2021

Approximate Price: $15.99

Vivino Rating: 4.4

The A To Z Wineworks Rosé 2021 opens to aromas of red fruit. It is fresh and full of juicy, fruity, mouthwatering notes on your palate, with added hints of strawberries, cream, and floral rose. This rosé is initially a bit creamy with low acidity but follows through with its dryness in the end.

Which Foods Can You Pair This Wine With?

Serve this wine with any style of fresh ingredients. Pair it with a picnic basket and an outing to the park, ocean, your favorite hiking trail, or at the cabin for a nice relaxing day out in the open. Bacon always works exceptionally well with this Rosé, as do almost all other cold meat platters.

The final addition to your lunch can be a refreshing watermelon, feta, and mint salad, and even watermelon, strawberry sorbet, or strawberry ice cream.

9. Maison Marcel Rosé 2020

Approximate Price: $14.98

Vivino Rating: 4.0

The Maison Marcel Rosé 2020 opens to a nose full of fruit and floral notes. This rosé is not overly sweet, leaving notes of cherry, peach, grapefruit, and intense notes of tropical fruit on the palate. If this wine is served chilled, as with any other rosé, it will not disappoint.

Which Foods Can You Pair This Wine With?

If you want something light for lunch or dinner, this is the wine that you should pair it with. It is so refreshing with its tropical notes that anything other than a light meal will overdo it. Think in terms of a clean and crisp chicken salad with a yogurt and herb dressing (parsley, dill, or French chives) and pineapples.

Grilled pork or chicken are also options, along with fresh watermelon and feta salad. A fresh and crisp green salad with any sweet shellfish, prawns, crab, or lobster is also the perfect light meal to pair with the Maison Marcel Rosé.

10. Château De Campuget Costières-De-Nimes Rosé (Tradition De Campuget) 2019

Approximate Price: $11.99

Vivino Rating: 4.1

The Château De Campuget Costières-De-Nimes Rosé (Tradition De Campuget) 2019 (the name is a mouthful, but so is the wine) opens to a beautiful light, pink color. This rosé has the aromas of red fruits; it is crisp and refreshing with apple and strawberry notes. It is dry while still remaining true to a Campuget wine by reflecting fresh acidity.

Which Foods Can You Pair This Wine With?

This rosé will be the perfect addition to your table if you are dishing up pork or poultry, whether as a barbeque or a meal you prepared in the kitchen. Of course, we should not leave out one of the more exquisite pairing options out there: anything from the ocean, including salmon or tuna (steamed or grilled), or even a shellfish pasta or paella.

End your meal with fresh and clean fruit, strawberries, berries, peaches, apples, or pears. These are all tones that you can taste from this rosé so that they will complement the rosé perfectly. A strawberry sorbet could be the addition you might be craving, or even a strawberry cheesecake. These are all a complementing ending to a satisfying glass of wine.

At What Temperature Should You Serve Rosé?

Always serve rosé chilled; the appropriate temperature for a rosé should be between 50 and 600F. Also, please do not add ice cubes to your wine to quickly adjust the rosé to the ideal temperature; ice cubes dilute your wine and change its flavor profile.

Is It Necessary To Decant A Rosé?

It is not necessary to decant a rosé, but if you want to pour the wine out of a decanter or vase for aesthetic reasons, that can also be done. Decanting wine is a process where you expose the wine to oxygen, which changes the wine’s taste profile to be more complex.

What Are Dissimilarities Between Dry Or Sweet Rosé?

Rosé wines are often dry, but there are also sweet rosé wines. The climate and the method of the winemakers bring in the differences between a dry and sweet rosé. Dry rosé wines also have lower sugar levels and are higher in tannins, giving them their dry profile.

Can I Use Rosé To Prepare Food?

There are many ways to use rosé to change the flavor profile of the dishes that you are preparing. If for whatever reason, you are pondering if you should add rosé to your food, then the answer will almost always be “most definitely.” Use it to marinate meats or steam fish, shellfish, or vegetables. Also, use it to slow-braise dishes; just change the cooking liquid to half-and-half.


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