How To Eat Blazin’ Buffalo Wild Wings For Cheap (Or Free)

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Buffalo Wild Wings are known for their Blazin’ challenge. But they also have a wide variety of other wings and delicious menu items. Of course, there’s nothing better than getting a few discounts and being able to eat for cheap or free at Buffalo Wild Wings. Our list of ways to eat for cheap or free can help save you money and access the best deals at Buffalo Wild Wings.


Key Takeaways

  • There are lots of ways to eat for cheap or free at Buffalo Wild Wings.
  • Buy a gift card through Raise and save when eating at Buffalo Wild Wings.
  • Join the Blazin’ rewards to earn points and use them to get discounted meals.
  • Try the wild wings challenge to get awarded ten wings and points for free if you complete the challenge.
  • Take advantage of the Tuesday and Thursday specials.
  • Get free wings on your birthday.
  • Receive a $5 gift card when you purchase a $25 gift card during the holidays.
  • Get 50% off of your meal if you are a Buffalo Wild Wings employee.
  • Save money when you buy the party-sized plate of wings.
  • Use coupons and rewards points to get discounts on meals.
  • Receive a 10% discount if you’re in the military.
  • Take part in the Buffalo Wild Wings trivia to earn rewards points.
  • Check out Midday meal offers at a Buffalo Wild Wings near you.

The Best Ways To Eat Buffalo Wild Wings For Cheap Or Free

Buffalo Wild Wings are one of the best restaurants specializing in wings. However, eating out can get expensive, and there are always ways to save at your favorite restaurants. With the Blazin rewards app, the buffalo wings challenge, and the Buffalo Wild Wings weekly specials, you can eat out and eat for free.

1. Buffalo Wild Wings Challenge

The Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin’ challenge is one of the most popular food challenges offered in most Buffalo Wild Wings locations. However, this challenge is not for everyone, and the Buffalo Reaper wings are spicy.

If you can eat ten reaper wings in under 5 minutes, you’ll receive 1000 Blazin points in rewards valued at $100, a free ice cream, and your picture on their hall of fame.

You can use your Blazin’ rewards points for a meal at Buffalo Wild Wings.


2. Bar Trivia

Are you good at trivia? If you download the rewards app and join the Buffalo Wild Wings online bar trivia, you can earn 10 points for playing the game. In addition, if you win the Trivia, you’ll receive free menu items like their famous wings.

On a Wednesday, Buffalo Wild Wings has a live trivia night where you can also win rewards points, wings, and other prizes.

3. Thursday Special

On Thursday, Buffalo Wild Wings offers a buy one get one free special on boneless wings. With their Thursday special, you can get 60 wings for less than $50. This deal, however, does not apply to their party platters of wings. So bring friends and family and order more wings to share; this is a great deal for sharing wings.

4. Blazin’ Rewards App

The Blazin’ rewards app lets you earn 100 rewards points for every $10 spent at Buffalo Wild Wings. Once you’ve earned enough rewards points, you can start to redeem them for items off the menu. The Blazin’ rewards app can be downloaded onto your phone, and to earn points, scan the code on your receipt through your rewards app.

You can also earn Blazin’ rewards by participating in the bar trivia, completing the blazin’ wing challenge, and completing their survey when you sign up for their rewards program.

5. Coupons

Once you join the Buffalo Wild Wings rewards program and earn points, you’ll also receive coupons. These coupons are not stackable, but you can get coupons that give you a 25% discount on menu items or 50% off an entire meal. This is a significant saving when used with your points to purchase a meal.


6. Earn Rewards Points

If you’re considering joining the Blazin’ rewards program, there’s a great way to earn 50 points. When signing up for the app, you’ll need to complete your profile, and you’ll also get the opportunity to complete a short survey for 50 points. Once you have your 50 points, you can earn more points by eating at Buffalo Wild Wings.

7. Tuesday Deal

Do you love bone in wings? If you do, you should visit Buffalo Wild Wings on a Tuesday. On Tuesday, they have a buy one get one at 50% off on their bone-in wings. This is a great way to save when you’re on a budget and eating with your whole family. It also saves you from making dinner one night a week.

8. Promotional Offers

Buffalo wild wings have regular promotional offers, which vary depending on your location. Some of these offers may include 20 traditional and 20 bonus wings and fries for only $39.99 or a $3 deal on Tall and Wide Herd beer. You can check out Buffalo Wild Wing’s promotional offers on their website.

9. Birthday Wings

If you’re a Blazin’ rewards member, you’ll receive an email on your birthday; this email is like a coupon offering free snack-sized wings when you dine at Buffalo Wild Wings. You’ll usually receive six free wings, but this depends on your location. There’s nothing better than getting free wings on your birthday, and even if you don’t use this discount on your birthday, it will still be valid for a limited period.

10. Check In At B-Dubs

When you use your rewards app and check into a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant, you’ll be rewarded 10 points. You don’t have to go into the restaurant to qualify; even If you stand outside, you can still check in and earn extra points. So if you have a Buffalo Wild Wings near you, you can easily earn 10 points right now.

11. Party-Sized Wings

If you order the party-sized wings, you’ll save. The party-sized plate of wings works out cheaper than ordering the regular-sized plate of wings. If you’re not looking at ordering the party-sized wings, then you can still order the 50 wings plate and save. The party-sized plate of wings is perfect if you’re a big group of people dining out or a large family.

12. Holiday Bonus

Are you looking to save some extra money during the holidays? Buffalo Wild Wings offers bonus gift cards during the holidays when you purchase a Buffalo Wild Wings gift card. For every $25 gift card you buy, you’ll receive a gift card for $5. This can be re-gifted or kept to be used on your next meal at Buffalo Wild Wings.


13. Employee Benefits

If you love Buffalo Wild Wings, you may want to consider getting a job there. As an employee, you’ll get 50% off of meals during working hours; if you become a manager, you get one free meal per day. You can eat for free if you add a few coupons and use the weekly promotional offers.

This option may not apply to everyone, but it’s an excellent way to save, especially if you’re a fan of Buffalo Wild Wings.

14. Midday Meal

Buffalo Wild Wings has a lunch promotion from Monday to Friday between 11 am and 2 pm. This lunch promotion consists of 1 entrée and one side dish at a discounted rate. This lunch offer is only for dine-in customers and may not be applicable at your nearest Buffalo Wild Wings. Using their store locator to find if your closest Buffalo Wild Wings offers this promotion is best.

15. Raise

Raise sells gift cards for retailers and restaurants at a discounted rate. For example, you can purchase a Buffalo Wild Wings gift card and save up to 6.20% and 7.50% when you buy it through Raise. In addition, you can use your Raise gift card and a coupon or rewards points to get an even bigger discount on your meal at Buffalo Wild Wings.

16. Military Discount

Buffalo Wild Wings offers a 10% discount on your meal when you show the waiter your military ID. So not only will you save on a meal, but you can keep coming back and using your military ID on any day of the week for any menu items. This is a great way to save when you don’t have time to make a packed lunch but want to stop off at Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch.

This discount, combined with the midday lunch special or the Tuesday or Thursday wing specials, can significantly impact your bill.

When eating at Buffalo Wild Wings, there are a couple of ways to save money. Whether using the rewards points to get free wings or using coupons to get a discounted offer on a few menu items, there’s always a way to save at Buffalo Wild Wings. Weekly promotions can save you from having to make dinner, and you can get up to 50% off on chicken wings.

Now that you know how to eat for cheap or free at Buffalo Wild Wings, you may have a few other questions about dining at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Are There Other Deals At Buffalo Wild Wings?

The best way to look for deals at Buffalo Wild Wings is through their website. The promotions page has all the latest specials and promotions. Sometimes, deals will also be advertised on the rewards app and in the restaurant.


Buffalo Wild Wings has been known to run happy hour drink specials during the week from 3-6 pm, and you can get cocktails for only $3-$6. If you are ordering for a group of people, take advantage of the wing bundles. When you order a wing bundle, you get 20 boneless wings and 20 bone-in wings and fries for just $39.99. If you’re ordering this for a group, you could split the bill and save money.

Do Blazin’ Rewards Points Expire?

Blazin’ rewards points do expire. Therefore, when earning rewards, it’s essential to keep an eye on when you start earning points. Usually, points are valid for one year and should be redeemed in that period. If the points are not redeemed in one year, the points will be erased, and you’ll need to start earning points from the beginning again.

To check your rewards points, you can sign into your rewards account and check your points balance, and there should also be a date stating when your points expire. When using your points, the most value-for-money item you can get with your points is their ice cream.

The loaded ice cream usually costs 350 points giving you a 2.86% cashback. While this doesn’t seem like much, once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can save on meals at Buffalo Wild Wings.

What’s The Best Way To Get Freebies At Buffalo Wild Wings?

The best way to get freebies from Buffalo Wild Wings is by signing up for their rewards program. By signing up for Blazin’ rewards and completing your profile, you get 50 points. Then, every time you want at Buffalo Wild Wings, you earn points that can be used to get a discount on your meal or to get free menu items.

The rewards clubs also offer you coupons and free wings on your birthday. Although the points expire, they last for a year so that you can keep earning points throughout the year, and when it is close to your points expiring, you can use them to get a free meal.

You could also complete the Blazin’ Wings Challenge to earn 1000 points and get complimentary wings.

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