Buy Cheap, Sell High: Products You Can Possibly Make A Profit With

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Any person with a bit of business sense will tell you that making a profit is buying low and selling high. So the first step is to find items that you can buy at a discount and then resell for a profit. Secondly, making a well-informed decision about where to sell your products is critical, as it will impact your ability to reach your future audience. Last but not least, you’ll have to sell your products and ship them to customers.


The Best 15 Products You Can Buy Cheap And Sell High Are Below! Good Luck!

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Key Takeaways

  • There are a wide variety of niche markets you can exploit.
  • Each niche market has several sub-niche products to up-sell or add-on to a purchase.
  • You have numerous choices from new to slightly used products.
  • There are many online platforms to sell your products.
  • You can create a website to sell your products and build a brand.

What Factors Determine A Good Online Selling Product?

Successful salespeople understand how to find successful products by determining how much it will cost them to sell the item and then calculating profit margins based on these figures. It’s more challenging to sell in a saturated market, especially if you’re new to eCommerce. So, you want to go with a product with little competition, which means you’ll get a more significant piece of the pie.

The item must be small enough to put in a shoebox and weigh less than 4.4 pounds as a rule of thumb (2kg). These Sizes and Weights make it ideal for drop shipping from countries like China using ePacket as a delivery provider. The sweet spot for retail prices is between $15 and $200. If you sell products for less than $15, you may find it challenging to make ends meet.

1. Jewelry To Buy Low, Resell High

Everything from mass-produced jewelry to specialized branded jewelry is available for sale in this category. As far as unisex items go, jewelry is the best option. With a wide variety of jewelry to choose from—including watches and various other types of jewelry—there’s something for everyone.


Wholesalers like Fashion Jewelry For Everyone and Bedido Fashion Jewelry offer high-quality goods at reasonable prices.

It’s also easy to make money selling jewelry because it’s in high demand at all times. During holidays like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas, you may see an increase in sales. Jewelry gets embellished with various materials, such as gold or silver, rhinestones, or shell beads. It’s also possible to go with vintage jewelry.

Antique Bakelite jewelry and well-made costume jewelry by designers like Monet or Trifari are always sought after in today’s thrift shops. Etsy is an excellent place to make money selling costume jewelry. A product’s quality, demand, and design are all factors that influence its price. Of course, knowing you’re getting the real deal and not a fake would be a plus.

2. Kids’ Toys To Buy Low, Resell High

An online toy business with a resounding success story may be just around the corner. Children’s toys are in high demand as long as young children are around, especially during the holidays and birthdays. The toys will sell themselves if your marketing is colorful and full of images covering every angle.

Aquarius Entertainment Merchandising, Inc. is an excellent source of inspiration. Customers like And the Little Dog Laughed buy products specifically designed for children. In addition, bulk purchases are convenient and straightforward and can rake in big profits when you sell them all.

3. Kid’s Formal Wear To Buy Low, Resell High

Have you ever looked online for children’s formal wear? It is challenging to find a good suit or dress for a child. When e-commerce companies use Boulevard Apparel as their wholesale supplier, they can expect their warehouses to be overflowing with children’s formal wear.


There isn’t as much competition in this market as in other ones. In addition, the quality of children’s formal attire is generally excellent, so you can charge more without making your customers feel like they’re getting ripped off. As a result, retailers who offer infant and child clothing can benefit from large-scale purchases.

Finally, you won’t have to worry about children’s sizes. Parents will know what size best fits their child if the sizes get appropriate age labeling.

4. Books To Buy Low, Resell High

It’s possible to see a wide range of opportunities in a successful online bookstore. For example, you can sell physical books or digital books. Gardner’s Used Books & Comics is a great place to start if you’re looking for a wholesale book supplier. They offer trade-ins and will also buy used books.

Bulk book purchasing and selling is a straightforward process. Despite the widespread belief that second-hand books no longer serve a useful purpose, people continue to buy them.

Old and used books are available at second-hand bookstores on and eBay, to mention only a few places. There is a great deal of inventory management involved in book flipping because of the need for book sourcing. However, do not give up despite this sometimes tedious work. Textbooks and nonfiction books in hardcover format are the most valuable.

It’s also good to invest in barcode scanning software, which instantly scans all the book information collected from a barcode for quick and easy listing. Utilize the free Bookscouter barcode scanning tool to identify which books on your shelf are worth selling. ScoutIQ also allows book flippers to scan barcodes to determine the correct titles.

If you specialize in rare books, such as first editions, antiques, and autographed copies from famous authors, you can make a killing. Investing in rare-book pricing guides can provide you with information to make informed purchases. Check out this guide Bookman’s Price Index


As long as you watch garage sales, flea markets, internet marketplaces, and even estate or library sales, there is no cap on the inexpensive antique books you can find. Fortunately, few individuals make an effort to research the actual value of books they give away or sell to make space.

Whether you’re selling old books for $10 or rare volumes worth hundreds of dollars, the Internet is your finest marketing tool.

List your books for sale on Amazon, eBay, or any other book store like:

Abe Books, a buy-and-sell marketplace

International Rare Book Collectors Association

Swap books, a textbook, and used book buy-and-sell marketplace

Used Book Central, a buy-and-sell marketplace

5. Women’s Boutique Apparel To Buy Low, Resell High

Many ladies prefer shopping for the next best outfit than anything else online. Starting an online women’s boutique store can help you achieve your goals while helping a woman find that next makeover look. Adding scarves, caps, and other accessories can be an excellent up-sell opportunity.

There is a good chance that Apparel Candy and other wholesalers can help you grow into the next prominent online boutique. Finding the right clothing source is the key to making money.


6. Board Games To Buy Low, Resell High

Board games are special activities for many families, but they may be challenging to track down when no longer in production. That’s why this category is so popular on eBay and other marketplaces. Some people may be eager to revisit childhood favorites, replace lost parts, or try something new.

The most straightforward approach to opening an online store for board game players is to ensure that everyone has a pleasant time since no one enjoys playing a boring game. To get you started, Aquarius Entertainment Merchandising Inc. can point you in the direction of all the fantastic board games they sell. Buying cheap and reselling for a profit is as simple as ABC.

Customers will pay top dollar for board games due to their sentimental significance. As a result, start-up costs are low, but finding an appropriate board game in decent shape takes some work. In addition, shipping and customer feedback might be affected by the delicate components of some board games.

7. Sleepwear And Underwear To Buy Low, Resell High

There’s no better sleepwear than silk pajamas, but they’re also the costliest. For this reason, you can source your sleepwear and underwear from manufacturers like Golden Eagle Home Textile and provide them with high-quality sleepwear at a competitive price. As a result, sleepwear businesses have seen a dramatic shift in the past few decades.

Underwear, especially well-designed sleepwear with a well-established brand, has significant profit potential. Size and fit might be a pain, but it’s easy to store and ship directly to customers. A variety of sizes would be necessary to accommodate a wide range of body types.

Think of all the adorable pajamas and slippers you could sell in an eCommerce store dedicated to sleep. With the appropriate provider, it may be a profitable enterprise.

8. Pet Care Supplies To Buy Low, Resell High

Nearly every person owns a pet or knows someone who does and would like to buy something as a gift. If you start a drop-shipping business for pet products, you can expect to be successful right away if you do the right amount of marketing. To run a successful pet-tailored business, wholesalers like Pet Edge and Inspirer Pet can provide you with your required resources.

A great recurring income model allows you to expand and up-sell your clients. However, it is difficult to ship big things cost-effectively without significant shipping fees. Consider selling pet apparel and toys as a specialty to help your business grow. There is a substantial market for exotic pet supplies to cater specifically to exotic pets. Pet owners spend nearly as much money as parents do on their children.

You can even extend your range to include items like toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, and other care products in the shop. In addition, purchasing pet food and supplies in bulk from companies can save you money.

9. Activewear To Buy Low, Resell High

Exercise has become an essential part of many people’s everyday lives, and it’s becoming more commonplace. It would be wonderful if sportswear could be made available to health-conscious people. Your fitness-apparel company will be a force to be reckoned with if you acquire a wholesaler like S&S Activewear. Finding a sub-niche is a breeze because you’re already focusing on a specific group of people.

Athleisure is here to stay and will only grow in the future, so now is the time if you haven’t jumped on board yet. If you only have time for one type of clothing, women’s leggings are excellent. It is also possible to make money by selling sports bras and apparel. Celebrities like the Kardashians and Bella Hadid have made wearing a sports bra outside of the gym fashionable, so it’s no longer only for the gym.

It is possible to turn a profit selling sportswear with the proper provider in most cases. A well-executed marketing strategy and partnering with a well-known brand has a high earning potential. However, sizing and fitting may be a challenge. You’ll need a few extras because different body shapes need varied sizing. Because sportswear has become increasingly fashionable in recent years, the rivalry is fierce.

10. Vaporizers And E-Cigarettes To Buy Low, Resell High

People are switching from old-fashioned cigarettes to electronic ones due to the rapid growth of this sector. Check out the e-cig market and see what you can sell to take advantage of the flood of new clients. Start with E-cigarette Direct. Once you’ve decided on a product or product category to focus on, familiarize yourself with marketplace guidelines.

As an example, can e-cigarettes be sold on Amazon? According to Amazon regulation, no electronic cigarette or related product, including batteries and e-liquid juice, can be listed or sold on Amazon. As soon as you familiarize yourself with these conditions, you will be better positioned to know where you can sell. In addition, the sale of e-cigarettes is now regulated in several nations.

Considering how popular e-cigarettes have become, it may surprise that so few people run an online store selling them. However, it’s not only considered a healthier alternative to smoking, but it is also a significant source of cash for the industry. As a result, the recurring business has excellent potential.

11. Custom Made Watches To Buy Low, Resell High

No matter if you’re looking for bamboo hardwood watches or ultra-minimalist timepieces. With fashionable items like these, you may make a lot of money. Because these watches are so inexpensive, you may buy them and then resell them for large profits. Wooden timepieces are trendy, affordable, and unique. Do you know anyone who owns a wooden watch?

To specialize in wooden watches will be a good idea because there are not many people who have one, making it very specific. Wholesaler Shenzhen Ounier Watch Co Ltd. is a great partner to work with if you want to increase your sales. Small and easy to ship, well-designed wood watches sell reasonably. Fit and size are not an issue like other products you wear.

12. Men’s Grooming Products To Buy Low, Resell High

In recent years, men’s grooming and skincare have become increasingly fashionable, as men started to realize they have to look after their skin. As a result, cosmetics companies have turned their attention to the male market and began producing products exclusively for the skincare requirements of males.

In addition, you can look at wholesalers like Volcanic Earth to purchase all your products. As a result, men’s grooming products are in high demand year-round, not only on special occasions like Father’s Day or Christmas.

13. Beauty Products To Buy Low, Resell High

To assist people in indulging themselves, you can open a beauty e-commerce business. You’ll be operating a beauty empire thanks to wholesalers like Volcanic Earth and Whole Sale Makeup in no time. Exploring this area of expertise could be intimidating. There is a wide range of products for self-care, including cosmetics, skincare, vitamins, and herbal remedies.

Try selling cosmetics or focusing on a particular market, like organic hair care. The ease with which beauty products can be packaged and shipped makes it possible to benefit from these products. Although there are numerous sub-niches, customers might be up-sold.

14. Shoes And Socks To Buy Low, Resell High

Shoe collectors and enthusiasts have no restrictions on the number of shoes they can own. Selling anything from running shoes to mountaineering boots might bring in a tidy profit. Selling socks as an add-on can boost your earnings even further. Instead, you could create an online store selling shoe-related pun socks.

You’ll be able to provide shoes for children, teens, adults, and the elderly with some support from wholesalers. It’s universally appealing and has a wide range of sub-niches. Branded shoes that are in good condition can sell for a sizable profit. Flipping shoes may interest those who follow shoe trends and fashion news. You acquire shoes at a reasonable price and instantly resell them for more money.

Scarcity is artificially created by manufacturers purposely limiting production. The high demand and limited availability fuel the resale market for high-end products like Air Jordans. Sneaker reselling may be a successful business, but you’ll need some upfront cash to get started. Reselling shoes is a great way to get into a brand’s previously established fan following.

To benefit from reselling shoes, you don’t need to be an expert in the field. Gently used, non-limited-edition name-brand shoes have a thriving secondary market. In addition, you will look on eBay for discontinued models that you like to resell. Shipping shoes is a breeze because of their compact size and lightweight features. Yard sales and thrift stores are great places to find them for cheap, and you can clean them and resell them.

When purchasing a pair of shoes, you may expect to pay anywhere from $5-15 for each pair, but they can sell for $50-300. Socks are a great technique to up-sell your customers. It’s hard to forget the joy of receiving socks as a youngster. While you publicly detested them, you were privately delighted that someone had the foresight to get you a couple of pairs.

For footwear, socks are a must, but they don’t have to be dull. There are many novelty Ideas you can incorporate into this niche. Selling socks at a premium price is a great opportunity to profit. Socks are easy to sell because you don’t have to worry about sizing or fitting. Here are 100 wholesalers that sell socks

15. Halloween Costumes & Masks To Buy Low, Resell High

Even though it is a seasonal business, this product category is always profitable. Buying in bulk in advance allows you to raise your prices on Halloween products as the holiday approaches. Regardless of the time of year or event, these costumes sell year-round. Everything about Halloween is about the costumes.

However, with a wholesale source, you’ll be able to get the most extreme clothing, masks, costumes, and props. Also, Halloween decorations and other party items sell at this time of year. Due to Halloween being an annual event, stock and promotion planning is a breeze. It is possible to resell Halloween costumes that have not been worn.

Let’s look at a few related questions you might have

What is a B2B service?

Business-to-business (B2B), often known as B2B, is a transaction between a manufacturer and a wholesaler or between a wholesaler and a retailer. Business-to-business refers to commerce between businesses rather than between businesses and individual customers.

Where can I find low-cost wholesale products?

All the links above give you a starting point for specific products to source, but you need to find a good B2B. A B2B marketplace is an ideal way to find low-cost wholesale products. These websites serve as a conduit between shops and suppliers, making it simple to find products that you need.

The following are some of the best websites for buying low-cost wholesale products online:







Where Can You Sell Your Items?

Now that you’ve gathered your product ideas and merchandise, it’s time to put your product up for sale. This list includes a few well-known online marketplaces:

Craigslist – This online classified ad network, which dates back to the early days of the Internet, is still a significant source of local sales. Despite the lack of integrated payment processing, most postings are free of charge.

eBay – More than 160 million people utilize this well-established sector. Using this method allows you to get a lot of exposure for your products, but it does come at a cost.

Facebook Marketplace – With no fees and no integrated payment processing, it is ideal for selling locally.

OfferUp – This is a free app for selling goods and services to people in your area. Various service fees apply, but none apply to in-person transactions. Shipped goods payments are processed using Stripe.

Mercari – You may list and sell new and old products from your phone for free with this app. All purchases are made online and mailed. A payment guarantee and shipment insurance safeguard sellers. Free listings come with a 10 percent commission on sales.

Poshmark – This is a free app for selling high-end fashion and home goods from well-known companies such as Coach, Michael Kors, and Louis Vuitton. A consignment shop on the Internet. Under $15, transactions gt charged a fee of $2.95, while sales of $15 or more are subject to a 20 percent commission cost.

VarageSale – This “virtual garage sale” comprises communities where members may purchase and sell goods locally at no cost to the buyer or seller.

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