How To Get Free PSN & PlayStation Codes

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If you’re into gaming, then you probably have a PlayStation. Unfortunately, purchasing your PlayStation wasn’t cheap, so finding a freebie to help with the cost of purchasing games for your PlayStation may be what you’re looking for. There are many ways to get PSN codes, but some caution is needed as many sites are created by scammers, and although alluring, these sites should be avoided.


The Top 12 ways to get free PSN and PlayStation codes are below!

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Key Takeaways

  • Sony rewards is a great way to get free PlayStation codes.
  • Complete surveys, watch videos, and complete tasks on earning sites to get free PSN codes.
  • Sites like GamerHash and Mistplay offer rewards for playing games or mining Bitcoin.
  • Exchanging gift cards and game codes on exchange sites for free PlayStation codes.
  • PlayStation Plus trial gives you access to free games for the trial period.
  • Approach PSN code generator sites with caution and sites which claim to give away free PSN codes.

How To Get Free PlayStation Codes

Let’s be honest; the cost of gaming can start to cost you a small fortune. And sometimes we’re just looking for an excellent bargain. There are a few ways to get free PSN codes. Unfortunately, some of these methods can be created by scammers and should be avoided.

PSN codes are the virtual currency used to purchase games. This code generally consists of 12 digits, and usually, the value of the codes is from $20 to $100. You can quickly redeem PSN codes via the PlayStation store and use them towards the purchase of your choice.

PlayStation is rated one of the most popular gaming platforms, and finding ways to get a few PSN codes for free can help save you money and even help you save up to purchase a few games on your wish list.


1. Sony Rewards Program

With Sony Rewards, there are some fantastic offers worth looking into. Sony rewards are for people who love entertainment, and their rewards program is not limited to PlayStation. Through the rewards program, you can earn rewards and redeem points.

Currently, they have a $50 PlayStation store credit reward after your first purchase and with opening your PlayStation card. This offer also allows you to earn 5x the points on PlayStation products.

As you spend with Sony Rewards, you earn as well. For every $1 spent at the PlayStation Store, you get 1 point. Points can be accumulated and then redeemed for future purchases. You can earn points on Sony rewards by playing games and streaming movies.

2. Idle Empire

Idle Empire is an earning site that specifically offers PSN codes, among other rewards. Other rewards include iTunes gift cards, PayPal, Paysafe gift car, and Amazon gift cards. To join Idle Empire, you will need to create an account. Once signed up, you can start earning points through paid surveys, games, watching videos, or testing software.

Once you have accumulated points, you can use these for PSN codes. The PSN reward is generally delivered within 24 hours. Once you have your PSN code, you can add it to your PlayStation store and use it to purchase a game.

3. Mining Bitcoin On Gamerhash

Using the power of your computer to mine cryptocurrency, you could earn PSN codes through Gamerhash. This platform uses a currency called GamerCoin. You can also earn GamerCoin by playing games on the platform.


With the GamerCoin you have earned, you can order products from their GamerHash store and access competitions. In addition, their store offers games and gift cards, including PSN gift cards.

4. Ibotta

Ibotta is a great site to earn rewards. Unlike other sites, they have a $10 bonus for signing up. To earn rewards, you need to upload photos of receipts of purchases you’ve made when shopping online or in-store.

You can earn more if you get a few of your friends or family members to sign up. In addition, Ibotta supports various retailers, and the cashback received can help get you PSN codes.

5. PSN Plus Membership Trial

The PSN Plus membership can be expensive, and most people avoid investing in memberships but prefer to purchase games as they need them. The PlayStation Plus membership trial offers users access to all the premium features, including free monthly games. This is a great way to test a few games, but the downloaded games will also be removed once the trial ends.

You will need to include your credit card details when signing up for the trial. If you want to cancel the trial, this should be done before the trial is up, or you will be billed for the PlayStation Plus subscription every month.

You can sign up for the PlayStation Plus trial by signing into your PlayStation console, navigating to the PlayStation Store, and searching for “PS Plus: 14 Day Trial”. Once you see it in the search results, a button will prompt you to sign up.

6. Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is a popular receipt savings app that rewards you for uploading images of your purchases. There is no sign-up or joining fee to join, and you can earn rewards and get cash back. The best thing about Fetch Rewards is that they accept receipts from any store or restaurant, so you aren’t limited to specific stores to earn rewards.


Fetch Rewards works with a points system. Once enough points are earned, you can purchase gift cards and other rewards. Fetch Rewards also has an app on the Apple app store and Google Play store making it even easier to upload images of your receipts. Additionally, the points earned can purchase gift cards for PSN codes.

7. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a popular survey site that rewards you for your time spent on surveys, watching videos, and sharing your opinion. If you’ve got some free time to use on Swagbucks, it’s easy to earn rewards. For tasks completed, you will earn Swagbucks. The Swagbucks can be transferred into cash on PayPal, which can then be used to purchase PlayStation games.

Joining Swagbucks is free and easy. You can also sign up for Swagbucks with your Google or Facebook account. Swagbucks also offers cash back for shopping at certain retailers and dining at participating restaurants.

8. Mistplay

If you love gaming, then you’ve probably heard of Mistplay. This loyalty program for online gamers is advertised as the number one loyalty program for mobile gamers. Earn rewards by playing games and collecting units that can be redeemed for rewards or prizes. Their app is available on Windows phones, Android, and iPhones.

Most Mistplay rewards are digital and are redeemed for free games on other platforms or gift cards that can be used on the PlayStation store.


PointsPrizes is a platform that allows users to earn money and various other rewards. By completing surveys and playing games, you can earn rewards. However, you may need to put more time into this platform as 3000 PointsPrize only equals $20.

This is also the minimum required before you can redeem your reward. In addition, the points can be exchanged for gift cards, Bitcoin, and PayPal, which can be used to purchase games.

10. Exchange Sites

Exchange sites are great for swapping out unwanted items in exchange for things you like. CardCash and Raise are two sites where you can trade game codes and gift cards. If you have a gift card you received but are not interested in using, you could list it on one of these sites and get your gift card converted to cash to get PSN codes.

If you sign up to Raise, they offer you a $10 credit just for signing up. This credit can be used towards purchasing your PSN codes. However, Raise does have restrictions on the minimum spend before redeeming this reward.


11. Surveytime

They provide surveys to people who live worldwide and have no withdrawal threshold. This site pays $1 for every survey completed. In addition, you can redeem a PayPal gift card and use it to purchase PlayStation games on your PSN account. Survey time offers gift cards for PayPal, Amazon, and Target.

12. InstaGC

InstaGC is another rewards site where you can earn points for things you already do online, like shopping online and searching the web. Once you earn rewards, you can shop the InstaGC gift cards store for PlayStation gift cards. InstaGC has many benefits, including receiving your gift voucher immediately once you redeem it. InstaGC gift cards can be used online or in-store, and you can even send gift cards to a friend.

Most methods of getting free PSN codes require completing tasks or using an exchange site. However, if you have free time and love getting freebies, this is the best way to get free PSN codes. You may also find a few sites that run contests or sign-up bonuses offering PSN credit.

The PlayStation Plus membership is also an excellent way to test offers and explore a few free games. Signing up to more than one rewards site can help you earn across different platforms. Most of these platforms allow you to get PayPal cash, which could also be a great way to save your earnings for PSN codes.

Are PlayStation Code Generator Sites Safe?

When browsing the web for free PSN codes, there are generally a few sites that claim to offer freely generated PlayStation codes. This may seem like a reasonable offer, but it may be a scam. In addition, these sites often ask for personal information before claiming your free code.

These sites cannot generate PSN codes but rather have malicious intent and are just looking to get hold of your account details. This poses a significant risk for your account and increases your account’s likelihood of being compromised.

Many of these sites seem very authentic with trust badges and customer reviews, and some even have the word PlayStation displayed on the site to get you to trust the authenticity of the site. These sites should be avoided to protect yourself from scammers.

Are PlayStation Codes Reliable?

If you receive a PlayStation code through a website, it may or may not be reliable. If using any code generator sites, the code will not be reliable. If getting a PSN code through a reward site or exchanging it on an exchange site, these are more likely to be legitimate PlayStation codes.

Where Can You Buy PSN Codes?

PlayStation codes can be purchased at most major retailers or online gaming stores, including Walmart, GameStop, the PlayStation website, Best Buy, and Amazon. These gift cards start at $25 and go up to around $100.

Can You Stack Free PSN Codes?

Currently, Sony has prohibited the stacking of PlayStation codes purchased on the PlayStation Store on a third-party site. However, many users have reported that after purchasing their PlayStation codes, the codes did not work. This is mainly due to the stacking of PlayStation subscriptions; this happens when PlayStation offers discounted codes during sales and promotional events.

What Are PSN Treat Codes?

Sony recently started a competition with treat codes, which could be used to win a PS5. These treat codes were hidden on websites, sports games, and other places. In total, there were 14 PlayStation consoles to be won.

When these treat codes were found, they were listed with the hashtag treat codes, so participants could see which codes had already been found. Unfortunately, the PSN treat codes competition is no longer running, but there may be another one if another console is released.

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