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As a frugal enthusiast, I love trawling through Reddit for freebies and sweepstakes – it’s like a treasure hunt without leaving my couch! Reddit’s a goldmine with millions of subreddits, and I’ve dug through this maze to find the best spots for scoring free stuff. Sure, you need to be sharp-eyed in this vast online jungle, but worry not; I’ve got your back with a curated list of top-notch subreddits for freebies and giveaways. Scroll down to uncover these gems and start your own cost-free haul!


The best subreddits for freebies and prizes:


Recently, I stumbled upon /r/AwesomeFreebies/ which is an up-and-coming forum, and I must say, it’s rapidly becoming my go-to subreddit, even surpassing /r/freebies in my list of favorites. The reason? It’s a treasure trove for finding Aisle rebates, and the quality of samples I’ve discovered lately has been nothing short of impressive. Whether you’re a seasoned freebie hunter or just starting out, this subreddit is a fantastic resource for snagging some truly great finds. So, if you’re keen on exploring and making the most of these opportunities, this is a place you’ll definitely want to check out.


/r/freebies/ stands as one of the pioneering subreddits in the freebie world. Its variety of free products and services is staggering. Just a quick look, and you’ll notice about five to six offers daily, ranging from the mundane like free donuts and milkshakes to the unique like LED flashlights and American flags.

What sets this subreddit apart is its interactive community. Every post can be voted on, with the vote count clearly visible. This, along with the insightful comments, is crucial for verifying offers before you jump in. Some items are for testing, others have expiration dates or limited availability, and the community is great at highlighting these details. Also, remember to check the geographical availability of offers – some are US-only, others are more region-specific. In short, /r/freebies/ is a treasure trove, but it pays to read the fine print!


/r/eFreebies is the digital hub for global freebies, offering everything from eBooks and audiobooks to free video games and app giveaways. Unlike physical freebie subreddits, its focus on digital items means most offers are available worldwide, with rare exceptions due to licensing. Keep an eye on the weekly updated lists for the latest in free digital entertainment and resources. And as always, use the votes and comments to gauge the current relevance and availability of each offer.



/r/giveaways is a unique corner of Reddit, focusing on contests and competitions, as they call it in the UK, rather than outright freebies. Here, you can find limited giveaways for high-value items like 3D printers, Macbook Pros, gaming PCs, and more, all requiring some form of entry but with no cost. The allure? A shot at snagging these premium items for free.

The main concern for users here is the legitimacy of these giveaways. With high-value items on the line, it’s natural to wonder if they’re genuine or just a ploy to harvest contact details. While there’s no foolproof way to verify each giveaway, a good practice is to check the poster’s credibility and use a dedicated email to avoid spam. Just be cautious about sharing personal details, and you might just land a fantastic free prize.


/r/FREE primarily shines in the realm of digital freebies and sometimes real items mostly offered by individuals rather than companies. This subreddit is a go-to for a wide array of lasting digital goods – from eBooks to software codes. While you might occasionally stumble upon physical samples, the focus here is on more enduring digital items rather than fleeting, short-term freebies. This unique angle makes it a treasure trove for those seeking substantial and lasting digital giveaways.


/r/sweepstakes serves as a centralized hub for online sweepstakes, offering an extensive range of products and services through various contests. A standout feature of this subreddit is its stringent moderation, ensuring the authenticity of each post. Regular updates of winners’ lists by posters add credibility to both the sweepstakes and the subreddit itself. This level of oversight means participants can trust the legitimacy of the sweepstakes they enter, which range from Japan candy boxes to $50 Amazon gift cards and even furniture. Each contest includes details about the number of winners and the announcement dates, making /r/sweepstakes a reliable source for those seeking legitimate sweepstakes opportunities.

DEAD: /r/coupons/

Note: Sadly this subreddit seems to be permanently private due the the moderator reddit strike as of 12/1/2023.

Since 2009, the /r/coupons subreddit has grown to over 90,000 members, a testament to its value in providing a wide range of discount coupons, occasionally including 100% off deals. While most coupons offer discounts ranging from 20% to 90% on various products, from wine to clothing, the subreddit isn’t just for companies promoting their products. It’s also a space where individuals share coupons they can’t use, like U.S.-only offers posted by someone in Canada. While not all coupons equate to free items, the deals here are often too compelling to pass up.


DEAD: /r/Contest/

Note: Sadly this subreddit seems to be permanently private due the the moderator reddit strike as of 12/1/2023.

/r/Contest is a unique subreddit where users share a wide array of online contests and giveaways, turning it into a treasure trove of opportunities for snagging free items. Here, you’ll find contests for nearly anything – from perfumes and photo prints to gaming consoles, computers, and even trips. Unlike other subreddits focused on personal giveaways, /r/Contest is all about sharing chances to win big. While entering these contests is necessary to win, it’s important to discern which are genuine and which might just be email harvesting schemes. Reddit’s voting system helps, as upvotes can indicate a contest’s legitimacy. Just be mindful that not all contests are accessible globally, so check the availability in your region.

DEAD: /r/KindleFreebies/

Note: Sadly this subreddit seems to be permanently private due the the moderator reddit strike as of 12/1/2023.

/r/KindleFreebies is a niche subreddit dedicated to free Kindle ebooks, averaging about four new posts daily. It’s a mix of top genre picks available for free temporarily and self-published authors offering their works to gain traction and reviews. The subreddit’s voting system acts as a quality barometer, with popular ebooks receiving upvotes. Contrary to assumptions, the quality here often surpasses expectations, featuring not just amateur novels but also works by established authors available for a limited period, making it a potential launchpad for the next bestseller.

Manually Searching Reddit

When I’m on the hunt for freebies and none of the subreddits I’ve mentioned quite hit the mark, I dive into a full-blown Reddit search. Trust me, Reddit is a behemoth, and you don’t need to stick to freebie-specific subreddits to strike gold. Often, people give away stuff on topic-related subreddits. For instance, a quick search for “free Star Wars merchandise” once led me to over twenty recent posts with free Star Wars goodies. It’s like uncovering hidden treasures in plain sight.

Now, Reddit’s search engine can be a bit clunky. So, when it fails me, I turn to Google. Typing “ [insert what you’re looking for]” sometimes works wonders, uncovering results Reddit’s own search misses.

I hope this round up of subreddits serves as your roadmap to the treasure trove of freebies Reddit has to offer. It’s a bittersweet note to end on, but due to the recent Reddit moderator strike, some of these goldmine subreddits are now closed. It’s a sad reality, but there’s still a world of freebies out there on Reddit, waiting to be discovered by savvy hunters like you and me and thankfully there are new subreddits appearing like /r/AwesomeFreebies. If you know any new ones drop me a note and I’ll add it!


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