How To Get Free Men’s Cologne Samples?

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There are endless variables that influence how cologne smells on each person, including the warmth of your skin, natural body oils, the soap you use, and the climate. So, with a vast world of men’s cologne to explore, we are left wondering which signature scent is the ideal match? Well, there are a few avenues to look into that offer free cologne samples, allowing you to test fragrances without committing to a wallet-emptying, full bottle.


Best sites to get men’s cologne samples for free are below read them all by scrolling down to see information about each one.

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Key Takeaways

  • You can find free cologne samples online at Pretty Thrifty, FragranceX, or However, there’s usually a catch of attached shipping costs – generally to the tune of over $10.
  • We recommend signing up for the mailing list of your favorite cologne brands. However, you’ll have to wait for the brand’s offers to try the new products for free. You can also head straight to the brand page and search “free samples.”
  • Request free cologne samples alongside your other orders from companies like Sephora or Ulta.
  • If you’re internet savvy feeling lucky, apply to become an official tester for cologne companies’ newly released fragrances in exchange for a video or review. Fortunately, various brands and sights do regular giveaways to anyone on their mailing list.

Where to Find Free Cologne Samples

Men’s cologne is an expensive affair that we’d prefer not to go wrong with – that’s where free cologne samples come into play.

While somewhat challenging, you can find free cologne samples online. The catch usually lies in the fact that the promise of free internet samples almost always has attached shipping costs – generally to the tune of over $10. However, here’s a helpful list of ways to get your hands on free men’s cologne samples.

Many companies love feedback on their products to improve or adjust as needed, so they often give out free beauty products in return for honest feedback and reviews. The best fragrance samples go within minutes, thankfully Yo! Free Samples covers all the latest free perfume samples.


Yo! Free Samples is dedicated to finding free samples. See the latest free perfume samples by searching their available product samples under the ‘beauty’ section. It is also recommended to sign up for the alerts so you don’t miss out on the urgent samples that expire within minutes as those are the best and most reliable samples.

  • Requires to sign up: No
  • Free shipping: Yes

Below are some recent fragrance offers here on Yo! Free Samples: is the go-to online page for cologne shopping. They offer thousands of renowned cologne brands at up to 80% less than retail prices. What’s more, all of their designer colognes are 100% authentic.

While generally sells cologne at a discount, you can join their newsletter for exceptional deals or send them a direct message requesting free cologne samples.

  • Requires to sign up: Yes
  • Free shipping: No is a site that offers unparalleled advice on beauty trends and which colognes and perfumes are best for specific occasions. However, they occasionally have free sample giveaways when promoting a particular product.

Sign up for’s newsletter to ensure you don’t miss a great offer on free men’s cologne samples.


  • Requires to sign up: Yes
  • Free shipping: No

Add Your Name To The Mailing List Of Men’s Cologne Brands

While the men’s cologne brand original company’s website might not easily send free samples, they may be willing to add free samples to your orders or when they believe you are a loyal customer.

Consider contacting your favorite perfume brand or renowned companies like Chanel, Armani, and Paco Rabanne

Search “free samples” on their official website or fill in their contact form and request free men’s cologne samples – remember that it never hurts to ask!

Alternatively, signing up for newsletters will ensure that you receive an alert when new fragrance samples are released. More so, signing up for their newsletter often gives you a discount on your first online purchase – where you can choose an extra free sample. 

  • Requires to sign up: Yes
  • Free shipping: No is a well-known platform that sends free samples and products by mail, for free. It does not require any shipping payment or credit card details. However, they do ask for feedback after trying the product.

How it works: You sign up and answer a series of straightforward questions about your household habits in the Membership Profiles and then pick several samples you are eager to try (men’s cologne in this case) and complete the short survey after trying the product.

  • Requires to sign up: Yes
  • Free shipping: Yes is an exclusive community that shares expertise, opinions, and reviews on various products and subjects.


You can sign up and be one of the first to try new products, including cologne, and you can receive special offers or prizes! However, this program is unfortunately only open to U.S. residents.

  • Requires to sign up: Yes
  • Free shipping: No

L’Oreal USA Product Testing Panel

L’Oreal USA product testing panel is a great way to receive free men’s cologne samples or skincare products.

Fragrance companies love receiving reviews about their products to know how to improve them to meet the desires of their clients. Therefore, they are willing to offer free samples to consumer testing panels for feedback.

  • Requires to sign up: Yes
  • Free shipping: Yes is another excellent source of free samples. However, the catch is that you can only receive free perfume or cologne samples when you order other products online.

You can choose up to three different cologne products to try with your purchase. Note that the range of free samples available depends on the season and release of new fragrances.

You can also subscribe to their Beauty Insider program to receive free birthday samples or points when you purchase products. 

  • Requires to sign up: Yes
  • Free shipping: No offers free, no strings attached cologne samples when purchasing another cologne. In addition, they sometimes provide up to three free perfume samples when there are new launches.

Alternatively, request an Ulta catalog to receive monthly samples of perfume and cologne testers.

  • Requires to sign up: Yes
  • Free shipping: No is an international community of people who voluntarily share opinions and experiences on various services or products (including cologne) for leading brands to help other individuals make more informed purchases.


The participation is free, and this platform often provides full-sized products.

  • Requires to sign up: Yes
  • Free shipping: Yes

Apply To Become An Official Cologne Tester

Fragrance companies generally conduct quality testing and surveys before launching a new fragrance. So, if you’re internet savvy knowledgeable about the fragrance industry, consider applying to become a cologne tester.

Alternatively, join a product testing community for free cologne samples in exchange for your opinions and feedback.

  • Requires to sign up: Yes
  • Free shipping: Yes

Here are several related questions that we thought might interest you.

How Much Cologne Do You Get In A Sample?

While men’s cologne samples come in a range of sizes, you’ll typically receive a vial sample ranging between 1.5 to 2ml.

Are Men’s Cologne Testers Real Or Watered Down?

Men’s cologne testers are not watered down. In fact, some tester products are of better quality and last longer than the actual perfume to encourage you to purchase a full-size bottle.

Do You Always Have To Pay Shipping For Free Online Samples?

While many suppliers offer the first few samples for free, you are primarily responsible for covering the shipping costs. Fortunately, there are a few lucky times when the cologne samples are mailed to you free of charge.

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