Is Temu Like Wish? Temu Vs. Wish

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Have you heard about the new online shopping app taking the US by storm and topping the most downloaded mobile app charts? Temu is the latest website/mobile app sensation offering deep discounts and copious coupons to American shoppers. The platform specializes in selling ultra-low-priced goods mostly made in China, attracting bargain hunters looking to save a few bucks. But how does Temu compare to Wish, another popular online shopping app? Let’s find out.


Origin of ProductsMostly ChinaMostly China
Product QualityMediumLow
Shipping Speed6-11 days20+ days
Range of ProductsWideNarrow (Quirky Items)

The Similarities

  • Both Temu and Wish are online marketplaces where consumers can browse and purchase products at ultra low discounted prices from millions of sellers. Both stores are simply marketplaces for other sellers and do not sell their own wares
  • The two platforms offer similar user experiences, including an easy-to-use mobile app and a wide range of products.
  • Temu and Wish both encourage consumers to refer friends and family, offering incentives and coupons for doing so.
  • Both offer commodity products mostly from China that you can buy for less than on Amazon, but you’ll have to wait longer for shipping.
  • Wish and Temu both offer a refund policy

The Differences

  • Both have products that are mostly made in China, however Temu seems to have a higher quality selection, similar to the higher quality Chinese products you can find on Amazon for example
  • Temu offers a wider range of products than Wish, including electronics and home goods, but Wish has a large selection too but it focuses more on unique and quirky items. Temu is more like Amazon in that you can have many of your needs met, while Wish is more of a way to discover quirky gifts.
  • Temu arguably ships faster but Wish has been improving on shipping speed too. Temu also has a $5 credit if your product arrives late at the time of this writing.
  • Temu is becoming more popular than Wish in terms of app downloads and interest from searchers on Google
  • Temu’s refund window is longer at 90 days vs Wish being at 30 days


So, is Temu like Wish? The two platforms have similarities, including their focus on offering super low priced products and offer products mostly from China, but there are also some key differences. Temu ships faster, has higher quality products, better terms for consumers and has a larger product selection than Wish being the most notable differences.

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