Save On Women’s Shoes By Buying The Kids’ Version: Women’s To Kids’ Shoe Size Conversion Chart

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Ladies! Did you know that you can save cash on shoes without compromising on the style or quality by opting for the cheaper version in the kiddies section?


We’re excited to share our shopping hack to help you pay way less for the kids’ version of your favorite kicks converting the sizes has never been easier!

The best 17 places to save on women’s shoes by buying the kids’ version are below

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Key Takeaways

  • Dive into the foray of kids’ sneakers that offer cheaper versions and similar styles from popular brands, including Nike, Adidas, Converse, Keds, and Vans.
  • Save by getting your sandals from the kids instead of the adult department from brands including Chaco, Ugg, and Steve Madden.
  • Kids boots are ideal for petite women with shorter legs. So ditch women’s boots this winter and try the kids’ version from Merrell Moab, Hunter boots, and Ugg.
  • You can even find women’s formal heels in a cheaper youth version from Steve Madden.
  • Use the straightforward converter to find the correct size shoe from the kids’ section. You’ll generally have to choose two sizes lower from the kids’ section for the same size.

Save On Women’s Shoes By Buying The Kids’ Version

Ladies, you can start returning to the kids’ shoe aisle for their famous adult counterparts; that costs a lot less!

If you wear a women’s US size 8.5 or smaller, you can shop in most stores in the kids’ shoe department.


Youth or kid’s shoes are generally less expensive than the adult sizes. You can also find similar, even identical, styles. In addition, you’ll notice that the kids’ section often includes additional colors and fun prints.

Read on for the shoe brands that are a “must” to go visit for the cheaper kid’s counterpart.

Note: Prices were accurate as of 6/27/2022 and may have changed since this writing for all items below.

1. Adidas Grand Court Sneakers

Adidas sneakers sell a 70’s style reborn shoe known as Adidas Grand Court Sneakers.

These sneakers are clean, classic, and comfy. They pair well with track pants, jeans, or any favorite outfit. The Grand Court Sneakers are available in women’s and kids’ sizes. However, grab two sizes smaller when you shop in the kiddies’ section.

2. Adidas Swift Run X Shoes

Adidas Swift Run X Shoes are another renowned Adidas brand. These running-inspired sneakers will ensure you’re ready to take on your busy day with comfort and style.


The sneakers have airy, lightweight cushioning that will keep you going for hours on end! In addition, these comfy kicks are available for a considerable discount price at the Youth section.

3. Adidas Stan Smith Tennis Shoes

Adidas has sold its famous Stan Smith brand for over 50 years! These staples are the very definition of effortless and cool.

The junior Stan Smith sneakers offer the same clean, crisp look like the originals. However, they are made with high-performance recycled materials, and they’ll save you a pretty penny!

4. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Classic

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Classic low-top shoes are an original design that features various colors.

Consider getting these everyday iconic sneakers in the kids’ aisle for a discount.

5. Converse Chuck Taylor High-Top All Star Sneakers

Converse has been making Chuck Taylor All Star Sneakers for over a century.

Both women’s and kids’ Chuck Taylors are authentic and stylish! You might even find a trendier pattern when shopping in the youth section.


6. Chacos

Chacos sells a wide range of sandals with quintessential patterned straps in sizes of all sorts.

The Chaco Big Kids sells similar patterns and designs for roughly half the price. SO, consider taking a look at their Chillos and Ecotread varieties.

7. Crocs Classic Clogs

Crocs have always been a go-to for those who favor comfort in footwear. However, people don’t have to dress up as much since the pandemic, making these clunky slip-on shoes a mainstream trend.

The classic clogs come in various colors and sizes for men, women, and kids. Consider scratching around in the kids’ area to save money.

8. Hunter Boots

Hunter boots are trendy, and for a good reason! The boots often exceed consumers’ expectations thanks to their high-quality material, practical design, and durability.

Hunter boots have Original Kids’ Rain Boots that are almost an exact duplicate but at a fraction of the cost. In addition, the boot’s leg is slightly shorter, making it ideal for petite women.

9. Keds Champion Original Sneakers

Keds has a gorgeous range of sneakers, including classic designs, collabs, washables, and slip-on shoes.

You can get their classic Champion version cheaper if you shop at the kids’ section.

10. Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Boots

Merrell includes a Moab collection with waterproof boots ideal for hiking in mountains, forests, and deserts.


Merrell’s kids’ boots cost nearly half the price of their adult counterparts.

11. Nike Air Force 1 Sneakers

Nike has been producing superior sneakers for years! Since its initial release in 1082, Nike Air Force 1 has become one of the top-selling athletic footwear among all brands in the US.

Follow the trend and invest in one of the most recognized shoe designs worldwide. But, be clever and get yours at the kids’ section for a discount.

12. Nike Air Jordan 1 Low SE

Nike sells exquisite lifestyle sneakers made with premium materials. We fell in love with the Nike Air Jordan 1 Low SE for women and got even more excited when we came across the youth version at a funkier pattern and lower price.

13. Steve Madden Ankle-Strap Sandal

Steve Madden sells walkable kids’ version heels. The brand also conveniently compares women’s and kids’ sizes side by side on their sizing chart. So, you’ll easily be able to find the corresponding sizes.

14. Steve Madden Travel Tan Sandal

Steve Madden sells its travel sandal in women’s and kids’ sizes. The shoe is a versatile tan color with cute rhinestones.

Get your everyday sandals from the kids’ section to save a whopping 35 dollars.

15. Ugg Sports Yeah Slides

Ugg sells the perfect summer sandal made from comfy, water-resistant foam.

You can purchase the kids’ version of these sleek sandals for a discounted price.

16. Ugg Classic Short II Boots

Ugg has cozy yet stylish boots made with authentic sheep fur. These versatile boots are perfect for dressing up with a pair of jeans or dressing down with your winter jammies.

You can save up to $20 by opting for the same kids’ version.

17. Vans Asher Classic Checkerboard Slip-On Shoes

Vans Asher is amongst the most popular shoes. This is because they are durable, stylish, and slip-resistant.

Get your comfy classic checkerboard slip-on shoes from the kids’ section to save some cash.

How To Convert Women’s To Kids’ Shoe Size

Never allow the confusion of converting women to kids’ sizes to get in the way of finding epic shoes at a bargain.

Converting your women’s shoe size to a kids’ or youth size is quick and easy. Once you figure out how to unlock a world of new options you’ll be bagging a whole of new kicks at a lower price.

Here’s a how-to guide on converting women’s shoes to youth shoe sizes.

The Straightforward Women’s Size To Youth Shoes Conversion

Take your US shoe size minus 2 to find your youth size. For example, if you usually wear a US women’s size 7, a big kids’ size 5 will most likely fit pretty well.

If your feet run on the upper or lower edge of your exact size, you may want to minus 1.5 for a more accurate size. For example, if a size 7 is sometimes too small or, a 7.5 is too large, minus 1.5 instead of 2 to get your exact size.

The Kids’ and Women’s Shoe Sizing Chart offers a more detailed range for women-to-youth equivalents.

For example, if you fluctuate between a woman’s size 7 and a woman’s size 7.5, the youth or big kids’ size 5.5 will likely be a suitable fit.

Women’s And Kids’ Shoe Sizing Chart

Here’s a detailed Women’s and Kids’ Shoe Sizing Chart:

US Women’s SizeEuro Women’s SizeYouth Size Equivalent

Here are the frequently asked questions regarding buying the kids’ version of women’s shoes.

Are Women’s And Youth Shoes The Same?

Many of the women’s and youth shoe sizes overlap. If you wear a size smaller than 8.5, you’ll be able to find your size in the youth section. Many brands manufacture similar designs for women and youth, if not precisely the same.

However, youth shoe sizes run between 1.5 and 2 sizes smaller than women’s standard sizing. So, subtract 1.5 or 2 sizes from your standard size to buy the kid’s version.

Are Youth Shoes Cheaper Than Women’s Shoes?

Kids or youth shoes are remarkably cheaper than their adult counterparts, and they come in similar sizes and designs. Many brands upcharge their women for youth shoes between 10-50 dollars.

The shoes are the same size, color, and design. However, they range in different prices on the market.

Are Their Youth Options Available For Women With Large Feet?

You’ll be excited to learn that petite women aren’t the only lucky ones. If you wear a women’s US size of 8.5 (the average women’s shoe size in the US) or smaller, you can shop in the kids’ shoe department at most stores.

Can You Buy The Kids’ Version Of Men’s Shoes?

The standard US sizing scale for men’s and youth shoes does not overlap. You may find a slight overlap between the smaller men’s shoes (size 6 or 7) and larger youth sizes (size 6 or 7). However, this will be limited to specific brands.

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