Sell Your Hair Online: How Much Can You Make?

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It seems that selling human hair extensions is very popular nowadays. It is a lucrative “business,” and there is definitely an audience for it. People purchase hair for various reasons, so if you want to help others by selling them your hair online, it will benefit both of you. How much can you make by selling your hair online?


You can make around $300-$390 if you get two sales per day by selling your hair online. Meaning in a year, you can make $109,500-$142,350. If you make more sales a day, you can earn a six-figure net profit yearly. Some days you will receive fewer orders or none, but don’t let it discourage you.

This is a complete guide to selling your hair online. You will know what to do before selling your hair, where you can sell it, the dos and don’ts of advertising your hair online, and much more. So, without further ado, let us begin!

How Much Can You Make Selling Your Hair Online?

The retail price for selling hair online can range between $150 to $195. It is so much more profitable than we thought. As I mentioned, it is a lucrative industry, and there is a ton of people who want to purchase healthy, virgin hair for many reasons, but we will get to that later on.

Data shows that in 2020 Hong Kong was the largest international trader of virgin human hair. The exported human hair was equivalent to 44.4 million U.S. dollars. Second, in line in India. India’s exported human hair added up to 14.3 million U.S. dollars.


The closely followed countries are Myanmar, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, and Indonesia.

What Are The Most Valuable Human Hair Colors?

While red is the most treasured hair color, the other human hair colors are just as precious. According to research, red is the most valuable hair color. Of course, you can set your own price, but you might even make a profit if you sell your fiery red locks at a higher price.

HairSellon’s hair price calculator determined that the most sought-after hair colors, from highest to lowest order, are red, blonde, white/grey, and auburn (these three colors are tied), chestnut, black, and brown.

Even though HairSellon’s hair price calculator determined the well-favored hair colors, black is the most requested. This is because black hair is the most common hair color internationally. Black human hair is always easily-accessible and less costly than the other colors.

Why Do People Purchase Hair?

People buy human hair because it is much stronger and has a natural feel. They often make cutting-edge wigs and hair extensions with human hair because people prefer real hair instead of synthetic hair.

Human hair also makes wigs and extensions look more realistic and last longer. They are easier to care for, while artificial, synthetic hair is challenging to maintain because of the texture. It will often look cheap and straw-like.


We automatically assume that the only people who would purchase human hair are those who undergo chemotherapy resulting in hair loss, but that is not the only reason. It could be that someone wants to change their hairstyle or add a little length to it or purchase human hair wigs to wear on and off.

The profitable million-dollar human hair industry is highly-regarded for creating braids, hair extensions, custom wigs, and hairpieces and items. Sometimes buyers purchase your hair to resell it so they can make a few dollars on the side. Maybe a famous TV-show personality is wearing a piece of your hair right now. Who knows?

Fun fact: Human hair is apparently very effective in cleaning up oil splashes, and it can benefit agriculture and home gardens by preventing weed growth. Tomatoes thrive when farmers encompass human hair.

What I Need To Know Before Selling My Hair Online

There are many things you need to know before selling your hair online. Here are some pointers you need to take into consideration:

  • Wash your hair two to three times a week with a sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfate-free shampoo keeps your hair healthy since sulfates tend to dry out your hair and make it brittle. So, it makes your hair prone to breaking.

Only wash your hair two to three times a week to avoid rinsing out the natural oils and drying out your hair. The natural oils leave the hair looking shiny, strong, and voluminous.

  • Leave your hair untreated. Untreated hair is known as virgin hair because it has not been chemically permed, chemically straightened, bleached, or dyed. Untreated hair sells for much more. Treated hair usually damages the hair, which the buyer is not too fond of.

However, you can still advertise treated hair but do not expect good money.

  • Buy a deep conditioning mask to use at least once a week to keep your hair shiny and in good health. Rub it in your hair and let it sit for about 10 minutes or as per the product’s instructions. You can purchase deep conditioners at your local store.
  • Avoid using heated hair tools to style your hair. If you use heat too much on your hair, it can damage the hair and cause breakage, thus resulting in your hair having less value.

Your hair must be left entirely natural until you make a sale. If you decide to sell your hair, stay away from hair dryers, curlers, straighteners, and other heated hair tools. Take extra precautions and wear a hat when you are outside. Your hair might get sun damaged.


  • Grow your hair out until it reaches an even length. I suggest growing it out by at least 10 inches. The more inches you grow on your hair, the more money you will make.
  • Do not layer your hair. Some buyers want hair that is the same length throughout. It is no problem to trim your split ends because it can actually help your hair grow faster and longer.
  • Do not cut the hair you want to sell until you have a buyer. Buyers wish for hair that contains its natural oils. So, cutting it too soon can dry out the hair and make it lose its shine.
  • Keep your body healthy to promote vibrant and strong hair. How can you keep your hair looking good before selling it? Here is how:
  1. Stay hydrated and drink enough water to avoid dry and dull hair.
  2. Eat enough protein. Fruits, vegetables, and complex carbs are important. Try including eggs, salmon, spinach, and whole wheat cereal in your diet.
  3. Do not smoke. The stench of cigarette smoke can remain on your hair and linger. It will make your hair dull.

What Details To Include When Selling My Hair Online

There are some things you have to know before selling your hair online. It is important to take clear photos of your hair and as much as possible. Try to take close-up pictures to show a potential buyer the texture of your hair and its color, and pictures further away from your hair to show its length.

If you advertise your hair online, do it properly to attract customers. Include all the required information and make sure the advertisement is thorough. Here is a list of things that you must include:

  • Give a description of the texture of your hair and the natural state of your hair, for example, curly, straight, thick, thin, etc.
  • Put down the length of the hair you want to sell after cutting it.
  • Mention if you have used heated styling tools, bleached your hair, or used hair dye previously.
  • Give details about how many times you wash your hair per week, which shampoo you use on your hair, and if you keep your hair conditioned.
  • Provide details regarding your diet. What do you eat? Do you drink plenty of water? Do you take vitamins? These are all the questions a buyer wants answers to because a healthy diet means healthy hair.
  • If you smoke, you need to mention it in your advertisement. The smell of smoke can linger in your hair which is not ideal for buyers.

Ensure that you keep your hair in a healthy state and that you use high-quality products to condition it. Sulfate shampoo is a must if you want a serious buyer. Only cut your hair when the buyer has paid you.

You never know if someone is playing tricks, and you surely do not want to cut off a chunk of hair you never received money for.

12 Best Places To Sell Your Hair Online To Earn Cash

Sometimes cutting your hair can feel like the worst decision ever, but if you are not too attached to your locks or need some quick cash, you must know the best marketplaces to sell your hair online. Let us look at a few platforms to get you started. Each of them works differently, so evaluate every one of them before making a decision.

1. HairSellon

HairSellon is a large marketplace for selling and buying hair online (wigs, extensions, hairpieces, etc.) The great thing about HairSellon is that their site has a hair price calculator that tells you what your hair is worth.

HairSellon looks at your hair’s thickness, length, texture, and color before determining an estimated price. They provide you with a listing price. However, you are still in control of the cost of your hair.

I suggest sticking to the recommended HairSellon price. Potential buyers can negotiate the price personally on the site.

2. World Of Wigs

On World Of Wigs, wigmakers can buy your hair directly from the platform. They price your hair by weight. They usually price the hair $3 to $5 per oz. of hair. Before they purchase your hair, you must send it to the World Of Wigs, so they can assess it and ensure it is healthy and untreated. If they approve, you will receive your payment.


3. Online Hair Affair

Online Hair Affair charges a fee for listing a hair-sale advertisement. On this platform, you can advertise your hair to international customers. You can also sell your grey hair on Online Hair Affair, which is surprising because not many hair marketplaces have that option.

The platform asks $12 to run ads for one month, $15 to run ads for six months, and $20 to run ads for one year. It is not pricey, and your advertisement will be live until someone purchases your hair or time runs out.

4. BuyAndSellHair

Hair sellers seem impressed! BuyAndSellHair is a pretty easy-to-use site. Sellers say that their hair sells fast on this site because it automatically pairs up hair sellers and potential hair buyers in a nearby area on the website. Listings are priced from $200 and more, but the standard prices are $400 to $500. So, if you want to sell your quickly and at a profitable price, list it on BuyAndSellHair.

5. Banbury Postiche

Banbury Postiche is located in the United Kingdom and offers its services nationwide and globally. Banbury Postiche has been making wigs since the 1920s. They pay sellers between £3 to £7 per 25 grams of hair. However, they pay sellers more if their hair is longer, shinier, and healthier. To sell your hair to Banbury Postiche, it must be at least 14 inches long.

6. is the largest international hair marketing platform. It is free to advertise your listing until a buyer has purchased your hair. Many potential buyers on this site are desperate to buy healthy and pristine locks.

Keep the price fair. Remember, less is more, so if you frequently sell your hair online, you will make more profit in the long run.

7. Bloomsbury At The London Hair Clinic

Bloomsbury at the London Hair Clinic creates wigs for people who suffer from hair loss, such as people who have alopecia or lose hair due to chemotherapy. The minimum requirement for selling your hair is that your hair must be at least 18 inches long, tied in a ponytail, and must be untreated, virgin hair.

If you think your hair is healthy enough to sell and meet their demands, you can send them your hair, and they will further assist you.

8. JustSellMyHair

JustSellMyHair is, like most sites on this list, a platform to sell hair to buyers who want to make wigs, get hair extensions, or suffer from hair loss. JustSellMyHair categorizes hair according to hair color and length. This makes it simple for potential buyers to find what they are searching for. You can list your hair advertisement at no cost.

You can sell hair of any length. There is no minimum hair length you must advertise. Some people have even sold hair of five inches or less. You can make around $150 on this marketplace if your hair is a good length, 12 inches or more. You could make much more money if you correctly cared for your hair.

The site has a hair calculator, so you can use it if you are unsure how much you can advertise your hair or what it is worth.

To get a sale, take high-quality images, fill out all the necessary information about the state of your hair, choose a suitable hair category, and enter your contact details. It typically takes up to two days for the site to approve your listing before it goes live.

I recommend using PayPal to accept payments from customers because it is secure. So, make sure you list the best payment method in your advertisement.

9. Hairwork

Marlys Fladeland owns Hairwork. This hair selling platform is quite interesting. Not only does it sell human hair, but horsehair too! People can purchase hair to make jewelry or add to their artwork. Many even sell their arts and crafts that, includes hair, on this site.

The owner was astonished when they saw hair sell for as high as $4,000. I suggest jumping on this train immediately!

10. Locanto

Locanto is just like many online classified sites. You can list anything on Locanto. Your advertisement will be seen by people across the United States, Mexico, and Canada, which is excellent because it means you will have a bigger audience.

To sell your hair on Locanto, you have to list it in the correct category, for example, Fashion & Beauty, add a description and images of your hair, and go live. Easy peasy! Your listing will stay up for up to sixty days unless you have found a buyer, but you can always relist your advertisement.

11. Facebook Marketplace

We are all familiar with Facebook Marketplace. I think most of us have made a few purchases here. You can sell any items and find interested buyers almost immediately after posting the listing. Nothing is stopping you from trying to sell your hair on Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook has a lot of business pages, and there may be a salon or person looking to buy hair for wigs or extensions (artwork too). To reach a wider audience, share your listing on your Facebook profile, buy and sell groups, and Facebook page.

You can alter the settings so only buyers near your location can see the listing, meaning that you can meet the buyer in person without arranging shipping. There is no listing fee or transaction fee unless you want to boost your listing to reach more potential buyers.

12. Craigslist

Craigslist is also a well-known online advertising platform. You can sell anything, including your hair. There are no requirements you have to meet to sell your hair, so you can take a chance and try to sell your treated hair on Craigslist.

You can arrange a meet-up with a potential buyer, so they can examine your hair before they purchase it. Craigslist does not charge a fee for listings.

How Long Does It Take To Sell Your Hair Online?

As I mentioned previously, it all comes down to what your hair looks and feels like. If you promote regularly, you can find a buyer quicker. Maybe within a few days of listing your advertisement or sending your hair for evaluation by salons or wigmakers.

Buyers will not be too keen on purchasing hair that looks grassy, dull, and unhealthy. Your hair must look voluminous, conditioned, soft, and well looked after.

How To Cut And Package Your Hair?

The best way to find out how to cut, package, and ship your hair to the buyer are by asking them. They may want the hair packaged in a specific container, so keep to their recommendations and specifications. I suggest getting insurance on your package and delivery confirmation in case your parcel gets lost during transit.

Book an appointment at a hair salon for a haircut. It is best to let a professional cut your hair to avoid making mistakes if you do it yourself. Braid the hair you want to ship to the buyer and tie both ends with hair ties so it does not get tangled in the package.

How Long Will It Take For Your Hair To Grow Back?

Research shows that it takes approximately one year for your hair to grow back six inches after a haircut, or for your hair to grow back half an inch, it will take about a month.

If you cut off a large amount of hair to sell, you have to wait a while before you can sell more unless you cut your hair in such a way that you can sell pieces of it to more interested people.

Final Thoughts

Are you considering selling your hair after discovering how much you can earn? If you need quick cash or a few dollars to pay off your student loans, I suggest selling your hair on one or even two of the hair marketplaces I listed. The good thing about cutting your hair is that it grows back. Maybe not as speedy as you would like it to grow, but you still win in the end.

You can find a buyer that would pay up to $4,000 just for a large piece of your hair, assuming that your hair is in top-tier shape. You are in charge of the price except if you are waiting for offers from a salon or hair company. The average retail price for selling hair is $150 to $195. Imagine what you can make in a year!

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