How To Buy Amazon Unclaimed Packages In USA

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If you’ve ever wondered what happens to the unclaimed packages people have ordered through Amazon and want to know if you can buy them, you’ll be intrigued by the information I’ve gathered.


You can purchase unclaimed Amazon packages through many different websites, and storefronts found online. Some of the best or most highly rated websites that allow you to do this include, B-Stock, 888Lots, and QuickLots. Some also allow you to choose the lot size and condition of the products. However, many of these packages have been picked over multiple times by skilled sellers along the way and you are essentially buying the leftovers making this a risky idea to profit from.

Though you now know where to buy unclaimed Amazon packages in bulk, you might still be unsure how exactly the process works. Below will explain how the process works for some retailers that sell these lots. You must only buy bulk amounts of unclaimed packages from a company you trust, so if you are unsure, do some more research to help.

How And Where To Buy Unclaimed Amazon Packages

Since there are quite a couple of places that claim to sell Amazon unclaimed packages, it can be complicated to find ones that are truthful about it. Consider the following:

  • There are many different websites and places that sell unclaimed Amazon packages.
  • The unclaimed packages usually get sold in groups or lots, meaning that you can buy various things.
  • The sold lots will usually not tell you what is in the boxes, making this a “mystery box” concept.
  • Since the lots these packages get sold in do not tell you what you’re buying, you can make a loss or a profit from buying a lot like this.

Luckily I have spent some time researching to determine exactly what places are truthful about these packages. Below is a list of the websites and places that sell unclaimed Amazon packages according to their websites and the information I collected.


1. B-Stock

  • Allows you to choose the supplier: Yes
  • Sells lots via auctions: Yes
  • Has “Buy Now” option: No
  • Requires registration: Yes
  • Filter by the condition of the product: Yes

B-stock is one of the most reliable and well-known Amazon unclaimed packages retailers I have been able to find. This website allows you to register and start bidding on different lots from many suppliers such as Amazon, Walmart, and Home Depot. You can also choose the size of the lot you bid on, though the extent may be unclear, and you can only choose between a truckload and less than a truckload.

This website is easy to use and can help you get precisely what you want with multiple filters for the lots. You can enable a filter based on the supplying company, and you can also filter by the condition of the products, the categories of the lot, and the size of the shipment.

One of the aspects that make this company great to work with is the fact that the supplier of the lot is the one who handles the products. When you buy a lot from Amazon, it will be shipped directly by Amazon. However, the disadvantage of this is that shipping costs involved might change based on the supplier from whom you make the purchase.

To view more information on B-Stock, visit their website at

2. 888Lots

  • Allows you to choose the supplier: No
  • Sells lots via auctions: No
  • Has “Buy Now” option: Yes
  • Requires registration: Yes
  • Filter by the condition of the product: Yes

888Lots is another retail website that sells unclaimed Amazon packages though they do not specify the different suppliers they use. This website allows you to buy three sizes of lots: individual products, lots, and truckloads. The way this website works will enable you to buy what you want with relative control over how much you buy.

Another benefit of buying unclaimed Amazon packages through 888Lots is that all their lots get checked and manifested before resale. Manifests allow you to see what you’re purchasing when you buy a lot from this company. However, if the Amazon packaging is essential to you, this is not the place you should use.


The 888Lost website does not work with auctions, though you can still contact the seller and haggle a bit to pay less than the price of the lot. Additionally, you can find products you like and put them into a separate lot. This website ultimately allows you to have maximum control over the lots you buy, but you must register before purchasing.

To find out more about 888Lots, you can visit their website here.

3. QuickLots

  • Allows you to choose the supplier: Depends On The Size And Lot
  • Sells lots via auctions: Yes
  • Has “Buy Now” option: Yes
  • Requires registration: Yes
  • Filter by the condition of the product: No

Quicklots is one of the most well-known and trusted websites that sell unclaimed Amazon packages. QuickLots also allows you the option to choose between truckloads and pallets. However, one of the most popular ways to buy from this company is by purchasing a mystery box. Mystery Boxes come in four categories: Mystery, Mystery Plus, Jewelry, and Phone Cases.

The mystery boxes are among the most popular products this business sells since social media personalities often capitalize on these concepts. However, though this business is trendy, the website that sells you these lots doesn’t give you the best filtering information.

There are only a few means of filtering through the products on sale or auction, and buying any of the lots QuickLots has on offer is a guessing game where you could win or lose. The added hassle is that the product does not get bought with the applicable shipping, but the shipping gets calculated separately after the purchase is accepted.

Before purchasing this seller, there are many things to consider, so for more information, you can visit their website.

Other Ways To Buy Unclaimed Amazon Packages

Though websites enable you to buy unclaimed packages, like the ones mentioned above, there are also other ways of purchasing these packages and lots. Below I will discuss another way you might be able to get your hands on unclaimed Amazon packages.


Local Swap Meets

One of the most efficient ways people can get unclaimed Amazon packages is through local swap meets and flea markets. Getting unclaimed Amazon packages seems to be the most reliable if you do some research on the matter.

If you have recently become interested in buying mystery boxes and unclaimed goods, the chances are that you have seen videos made on this topic. The truth is that even though the easiest way is to buy online, local spots that sell these kinds of lots, or just individual packages, are usually the most reliable and are the way that most “influencers” get their unclaimed Amazon packages.

For instance, one of the most recent and viral content creators has used a local swap meet to buy a bunch of unclaimed Amazon parcels for one dollar each. Some of these packages had great worth, while others had less valuable things, but either way, she could still make a profit since the boxes were only a dollar each.

With in-person shopping at swap meets and flea markets, there is also a higher likelihood of making money with the unclaimed goods you buy since the seller is less likely to try and determine the worth of the goods in the package.

The Risks Of Buying Unclaimed Amazon Packages

Though it might seem like a brilliant way to turn a profit, buying unclaimed packages can quickly hurt your financial pocket. As with buying most other things, there are always risks involved, and when buying a bunch of mystery items, you can quickly find yourself on the losing end. Below are some of the risks you need to consider before purchasing unclaimed Amazon packages.

1. Beware Of Scams

Since buying unclaimed packages and parcels has become a trendy thing and can be very profitable if done right, people are naturally trying to take advantage of the trend. Buying goods without a description, buying a mystery box, or buying from a company that you do not know and trust can ruin your financial standing if you are not careful.

Plenty of websites may look official and claim to sell these products, though they only ever pop up for a short time and are scams that take your money.

These scams can also vary in how they operate to make them seem more legitimate. One of the most commonly found ways to trick people through this kind of content is to sell fake packages. These packages can either sell as unclaimed goods or mystery boxes. Some of the popular ways this is used against you is the company being fake and not sending anything or the company sending you rubbish.

Another way these kinds of scams can harm you is by selling you unclaimed goods that are all fake or knock-off versions of the products you expect to receive. For example, a package is on sale online while claiming: “iPhone 12 guaranteed” when shipping you a different phone, a phone case, or just a knock-off or broken version of the product you expect.


2. What’s In The Box

A genuine concept for both unclaimed packages and mystery boxes is that you will likely not know what is in the box until you open it. This mystery and intrigue serve as a reason to buy one of these lots or avoid these lots.

If you are sufficiently lucky to purchase a package that allows you to make a profit, you might do it again. This strategy also has a similar effect to gambling since you can just as quickly buy something of no worth.

The critical thing to not forget is that you should never be unwise with your money and always remember that there is a high likelihood of buying something that will not be profitable. As I mentioned earlier, some places sell you groups of goods that are marked and manifested. If you are looking to buy these products for resale purposes, it is best to buy a box that has a manifest.

3. Broken Goods

Depending on where you buy from, there is also a significant chance of buying broken goods with very little value. Though this is technically a scam, there are usually rules and regulations to protect the seller from taking responsibility for selling damaged goods to ensure that you do not get a refund.

The possibility of receiving broken goods is a factor that you should always consider, even when buying from a respected seller. Goods can be damaged in transit after they are purchased, or the desire to make money on the products could cause a seller to withhold that information from the buyer.

For the reasons mentioned above, it is always best to use a seller willing to state the condition the products are in before you make the sale. Some of the most common Amazon products sold as unclaimed goods are returns or refurbished products. You must be wise and 100% sure that the products you buy are in working or good condition if you want to resell the items individually.

4. Guarantees And Returns

The lack of warranties and return policies is one of the easiest ways buyers can get ripped off or taken advantage of. Because these packages are unclaimed, returned, or broken, they do not have the same protection as packages bought through the usual channels. This fact can be harmful to both you and your business if you are looking to resell.

If you are buying unclaimed packages to use the contents yourself, there is no guarantee that the items in the box are in working order or can be helpful to you. Since there are usually no warrantees or policies to protect you from buying broken goods, this causes you to spend money on products that have no value to you or will cost you more to fix than the item’s original cost.

In addition to the possible waste of money, if you are looking to sell the products you buy, you might also be losing the money you could have spent on purchasing working stock. If you are selling the contents of unclaimed packages as individual items, you might need to have a return policy that could cost you more money in the long run.

The Bottom Line

Though buying unclaimed Amazon packages can be a profitable way to buy new things, there are also a lot of risks involved in the purchase. If you are a content creator looking to make a video, there might be fewer risks than for a business owner buying items to resell. Either way, it is essential to research both the content of the package and the seller before starting a bid or purchasing an unknown thing.

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