How To Find The Cheapest Place to Buy Beer

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Although beer is one of the most popular drinks in the world, buying beer can be costly, especially if you are looking for premium options. Fortunately, there are various ways you can find cheap beer!


Where Are The Best Places To Find Cheap Beer?

The ten cheapest places to find cheap beer (including but not limited to websites, apps, and retail outlets):


Beginning with websites/alcohol search engines, allows users to search for the lowest beer prices worldwide (approximately 206 countries at the time of writing.)

While is an excellent method of finding affordable drinking spots and stores when arriving in a new country and city, it also allows users to look for a specific beer of their choice.

Therefore, is an excellent method of finding favorite beers from home while abroad (such as Budweiser) or introducing travelers to local favorites at the best prices.


Over and above using as a search engine for cheap beer, it has a host of interesting information, including but not limited to:

  • Reviews,
  • Pictures,
  • Recommendations,
  • Beer price statistics and comparisons.

2. DrinkOwl

Available as a free app on Android and Apple devices, DrinkOwl lists over 53 000 drink specials at any given time in approximately 75 cities across North America (USA and Canada.)

Essential a digital version of “coupon hunting,” DrinkOwl uses your GPS location to find the nearest drinks specials subject to your particular filters, thus allowing you to find the best beer specials from bars, restaurants, stores, etc. near you with ease! 

3. Amazon

As the world’s most prominent online retail website, it’s no surprise that is a favorite site of choice for bargain hunters, including those looking for cheap beer specials.

Along with having the most expansive reach of warehouses in America and the most sophisticated logistics operations (allowing for reliable and affordable deliveries), Amazon’s partnerships with large companies allow them to source excellent prices from leading breweries from across the world!

Furthermore, Amazon often has sales around the holiday season and during certain days of the year (like Black Friday.) Therefore, it is recommended that bargain hunters set their online Amazon settings to notify them when there are specials/discounts for their favorite brews!  


4. Amazon Fresh

Not to be confused with its larger e-commerce owner Amazon, Amazon Fresh, a subsidiary of the Amazon corporation that promises same-day delivery for a host of fresh produces, groceries, and alcohol.

Unlike Whole Foods, which is also owned by Amazon and caters to high-income household grocery delivery, Amazon Fresh focuses on affordable delivery options, including but not limited to cheap beer prices and alcohol specials!

5. Binny’s Beverage Depot

Originating in Illinois in 1948, Binny’s Beverage Depot expanded to over 45 retail/storage locations across the Midwestern USA.

While their reach may be restricted outside the Midwest, Binny’s Beverage Depot has free curbside pickup and same-day delivery for over 30 000 products!

Whereby beer specials and bulk beer prices are regular occurrences at all their locations! (Including the Binny’s Pick Six deal which allows you to customize your own six-pack of beer with all your favorite brands!)

6. Costco

As one of the commercial leaders in the wholesale and warehouse retail space, Costco allows customers to purchase beer in bulk, thus significantly reducing the bottle-to-bottle price of beer and offering customers bulk beer at approximately cost price!

Although not ideal for casual drinkers, Costco is a must-shop location for beer fans and those looking to host significant events requiring large quantities of alcohol at cost price (weddings, birthdays, etc.)


7. Trader Joe’s

With price points directed at middle-class consumers, Trader Joe’s has an affordable range of beers to satisfy the palates and budgets of most customers!

Opened in 1967 with approximately 530 storefronts nationwide, Trader Joe’s is renowned for its customer service and convenience, meaning you are likely to find excellent beer prices at your nearest Trader Joe’s with ease! 

8. Walmart

While Trader Joe’s is one of the biggest retailers in the country, Walmart is the largest hypermarket franchise in the world and the world’s largest company by revenue!

Due to Walmart’s enormous foothold in the retail space and its international partnerships with significant breweries from across the globe, Walmart is an excellent store for beer enthusiasts looking for domestic and international beers at affordable prices!

9. Total Wine & More

As the name suggests, Total Wine & More prides itself on being a premium online liquor and delivery store with approximately 8000 wines, 3500 spirits, and 2500 beers.

Due to their established foothold in the alcohol market, Total Wine & More can offer regular beer specials delivered directly to your address across the USA. An example of Total Wine & More’s reputation includes being the recipient of numerous awards:

  • Market Watch’s Retailer of the Year award (2006)
  • Beverage Dynamic’s Retailer of the Year award (2008)
  • Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s Retailer of the Year award (2004 and 2014)

Total Wine also has a great rewards program and they are supported by cashback sites which make it a useful option to save even more.

10. Wegmans

Although Wegmans is usually associated with high-income consumers looking for artisanal groceries, they remain one of the best stores for beer enthusiasts looking for a wide range of craft beer at affordable prices.

Due to the popularity and growth of craft beers and the logistical challenges small breweries have in moving their products at affordable prices, Wegmans remains a favorite location to acquire niche beers at comparable prices to the breweries themselves!


11. BevMo!

With free two-hour deliveries for any order over $150, as well as a free mobile app for iPhone and Android devices, BevMo! is the perfect solution/website for beer enthusiasts that need drinks delivered at short notice at excellent prices!

12. Instacart

Similar to other popular delivery apps like Uber Eats or Doordash, Instacart allows customers to use an online browser or mobile app to employ the services of a personal shopper that can travel to a variety of stores, whereafter they can deliver/drop off your groceries.

The option of a personal shopper means there is an added “human element” to the shopping/delivery process, meaning improved communication between the customer and their personal shopper.

Consequently, this is an excellent method of looking for cheap beer, beer specials, and alternative beer options on the go from various retail outlets (all without having to leave the comfort of your own home!)

13. Untapped

Like many apps following the rise of social media, Untapped looks to combine price searching for beer along with communication features to allow venues to communicate their specials with customers, including the use of location markers to help patrons find new venues and beers to explore!

Further to the above, Untapped allows peer-to-peer communication between users, meaning that recommendations around different beers, venues, and specials can be shared among users (including updated menus and price lists for easy comparisons.)

Finally, Untapped gives businesses the ability to:

  • Share their beer menus with users,
  • Maximize visibly and advertising,
  • Develop QR codes for contactless menus,
  • Access analytics to improve business decisions and data capturing,
  • Easy access and advertising on popular social media sites via links to pages on the Untapped app/website.

14. Drizly

As the largest online store for alcohol in North America, it’s no surprise that Drizly has an incredible range of alcohol/beers at affordable prices (all of which can be delivered across the United States of America and Canada.)

At present, Drizly’s logistical and warehouse network includes thousands of retailers across 1400 cities in the United States of America and Canada, allowing for outstanding customer service entrusted by over 100 million users!

15. Aldi

Founded in Germany in 1946, Aldi has expanded its famous customer service and affordable grocery stores to over 10 000 locations in 20 different countries (including the United States of America.)

Due to its international supply lines and logistical network (as well as its German roots/heritage), Aldi is a must-visit location for customers looking for international beers at an affordable price.

Further to the above, Aldi stocks a host of international beers that are exclusive to Aldi stores, a particular favorite being the delicious (but affordable) Wernesgrüner Pilsner!

16. Market Basket

Opened in 1917, Market Basket is an affordable grocery store franchise for those beer lovers within the jurisdictions of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, and Rhode Island.

Although Market Basket has a relatively small footprint compared to other retailers (at approximately 90 stores,) its smaller size allows for excellent customer service, quality control, and selection of affordable domestic/international beers (including support for local craft breweries.)

17. WinCo

WinCo proudly advertises itself as a “no frills,” employee-owned supermarket chain with approximately 136 locations in Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, and Washington.

While the company has a relatively small footprint, it retains its “small store” aesthetic and looks to capitalize on its privately owned business model by providing a host of employee benefits and excellent customer service/bargain prices to its customers.

Along with affordable beer prices, WinCo also offers a host of online digital coupons for customers to use in-store quickly and efficiently!

18. Food4Less

As the final entry on our list, Food4Less follows the example of our previous two entries (WinCo and Market Basket) by foregoing an extensive franchise business model in favor of more localized stores in fewer states (Illinois, Indiana, Nevada, and California.)

In contrast to many other retail/grocery stores originating in California, Food4Less provides customers with affordable alcohol/beer options and a host of online coupons that can be used in-store to further reduce the price of your favorite brew!

Now that you know where to find cheap beer, you may have a few questions that you need to be cleared up.

Here are a few questions that are related to how to find cheap beer:

What Are The Top 10 Cheap Beers?

Now that we know the best ways and methods of finding cheap beer, let’s explore ten of the best cheap beer brands on the market:

  1. Hamm’s
  2. Coors Banquet
  3. Yuengling Light Larger
  4. Tecate
  5. Narragansett
  6. Guinness Draught
  7. Alaskan Amber
  8. Stella Artois
  9. Rolling Rock
  10. Labatt Blue Light

Is Cheap Beer Less Nutritious Than Expensive Beer?

Although more expensive beers may have more exotic ingredients and unique brewing methods, generally speaking, there are minimal nutritional differences between cheap and expensive beers.

Furthermore, despite the inclusion of artificial ingredients in some cheaper beers like colorants and flavorings, there is no substantial evidence to prove these cheaper beers cause worse hangovers/health complications versus expensive beers.

In conclusion, while beer is a beloved drink across the world, all beer/alcoholic beverages should be drunk in moderation!

Is Imported Beer More Expensive Than Local Beer?

Yes, imported beer is often more expensive than locally brewed beers. However, there are certain distributors/breweries with international logistical hubs that make their beer prices comparable to locally brewed beers.

Furthermore, commercial beers like Heineken or Stella Artois are usually cheaper than locally brewed craft and artisanal beers.

Do “Cash Back” Tools And Apps Work For Beer?

Yes, there are various online and retail stores like Instacart and Drizly that support the use of “cash back” tools and apps with beer purchases.

Cashback Monitor is an excellent website to find which stores support which tools and apps, as well as which offer the best deals on beer purchases.

Ten examples of reliable “cash back” tools and apps for beer purchases include:

  • Top Cashback
  • Rakuten
  • MaxRebates
  • GoCashBack
  • Rebate Fanatic
  • Flux
  • Dollar Dig
  • Mr. Rebates
  • Fat Coupon
  • RebatesMe

We also have a fantastic beer rebates section here with the latest rebates you can send directly to the beer companies to get checks in the mail or digital rewards like Venmo or PayPal rebates.

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