How To Get Free Weed Samples

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Cannabis users know that sometimes we are low on supplies and rely on free weed samples to help us through the next session. The legalization of weed is great but what is not great is the increasing prices that come with it.


Occasionally, you will have someone bless you with some weed, but this does not happen often. Therefore, you will need to put in some effort to ensure you get that free weed samples. The cannabis community is a sharing community; therefore, getting free weed samples should not be difficult.

Key Takeaways

  • Going to a dispensary is the most common way that people get medical cannabis.
  • Cannabis Compensation Programs are set in place for people who are struggling financially but still needs to be medicated.
  • Be spontaneous by entering one or more weed competitions and giveaways.
  • If you have cannabis growing experience, then aim to become a brand ambassador.
  • Research cannabis to get free weed samples.
  • There are many cannabis expos for you to get free weed samples from.
  • Get in touch with cannabis newsletters and magazines.

How To Get Free Weed Samples

We live in a time when it is much more difficult to maintain our daily lifestyles. Sometimes you require quick methods to get medicated. Therefore, there are ways in which you can get quick access to free weed samples. Some methods might require more time and effort to get those samples.

Below is a list of things you can do to get free weed samples:

1. Visit A Weed Dispensary

Going to a weed dispensary is the most common way weed users get free weed samples. Weed dispensaries usually give away free weed samples to first-time visitors. These businesses usually give away free ready-made joints or free smoking accessories. Check out competitions and giveaways these weed dispensaries may have.


There are ways that you can still receive free weed samples even though it is not your first time visiting the dispensary. Make sure to get yourself a loyalty card to receive free weed samples after several visits to the dispensary. Some dispensaries offer free weed samples for referrals, so refer your friends and family to the dispensary.

There are many weed dispensaries across the United States, and each dispensary comes with its own business idea to attract customers. Click Here to see the number of cannabis dispensaries recorded in 2020. One of the main ways that these dispensaries attract customers is by giving away free weed samples.

Below are some of the most common weed dispensaries in the United States:

  • Farma (Portland, OR)
  • Barbary Coast (San Francisco, CA)
  • Good Chemistry (Aurora, CO)
  • New England Treatment Access (Brookline, MA)
  • Dispensary 33 (Chicago, IL)
  • Citiva (Brooklyn, NY)

2. Join A Cannabis Compassion Program

There are several cannabis compassion programs set in place for people that are struggling financially. Many states around the United States have noticed this struggle; therefore, cannabis compassion programs were developed. These programs help people get free weed samples but only if you sign up as a member of the program.

These cannabis compassion programs ease your medical condition while lessening your financial burden. It is said to believe that free medical cannabis somewhat makes up for hardships caused by chronic illnesses. Below is a table of cannabis compassion programs that are found across the United States:

Dispensary 33 Cannabis Compassion Program
Help financially distressed patients Six months of free cannabis assistance The patient needs to be receiving need-based government assistance Need to be a registered Dispensary 33 patient for a minimum of 120 days
The Higher Path Compassion ProgramLos Angeles based cannabis dispensary program Free medical cannabis to Los Angeles residents that have low incomes The patient needs to become a registered Higher Path member
Weed for Good Compassion ProgramA program that works with health facilities, hospitals, and nonprofit organizations Supply medical cannabis to people with low incomes who suffer from chronic illnesses. This program allows people to request or donate medical cannabis

3. Take Part In Cannabis Competitions/Giveaways

Some believe the easiest way to get free weed samples is by entering weed competitions and giveaways. Many cannabis brands and businesses use competitions and giveaways as a marketing strategy to attract more cannabis users. These prizes include medical cannabis, tickets to cannabis events or expos, cannabis accessories, cannabis growing equipment, etc.


You will need to follow the brand or business on social media to know which competitions and giveaways are taking place. Signing up with your email address is a great way to be one of the first people to know about ongoing and upcoming competitions and giveaways. Remember it is important to note when the competition starts and ends.

Below is a list of cannabis competitions that takes place in different states of America:

4. Become An Ambassador

Becoming a cannabis ambassador for a particular brand or business might seem difficult to achieve if you are a beginner in the industry. Being an ambassador comes with many free weed samples and accessories. To become a cannabis ambassador, you must have experienced at least one grow and harvest.

Cannabis brands and businesses worldwide are looking for people to advertise their products; this is why they hire ambassadors. These ambassadors usually receive free weed samples and free weed growing equipment such as tents, pot plants, seeds, soil, etc. This method of getting free weed samples might require more effort but is more rewarding.

Below is a list of cannabis brands and businesses that are looking for brand ambassadors:

  • Institute of Forbidden Fruit
  • Clear Cannabis Inc.
  • Solar Cannabis Co.
  • Sundae School
  • Good Tree

5. Do Research On Cannabis

Cannabis remains illegal in some states; therefore, more research is needed on how this plant affects us as humans. Some cannabis users receive free weed samples by doing scientific research on the plant. Cannabis brands and businesses usually reward people who contribute to our knowledge about this plant.

Various educational institutes offer cannabis research opportunities to anyone willing to learn more about this plant. This way, you get to increase your knowledge about cannabis while also receiving a nice sample or accessory. If luck is on your side, you might even get paid for your research, which is a bonus.


6. Go To Cannabis Expos

Going to a cannabis expo is another way in which you can get yourself some free weed samples. Cannabis brands and businesses usually attend these expos to advertise their products and to gain more followers. These cannabis expos usually include relaxing, vibrant music and cannabis stalls that sell everything from edibles to Rick and Morty bongs.

These cannabis expos entertain crowds with weed games such as ‘Fastest Joint Roller.’ These games can be seen as an opportunity for you to win some cannabis goodies and gift vouchers for cannabis products. Cannabis expos are a great way to learn more about the plant and connect deeper with the cannabis industry.

Below is a table of cannabis expos that will take place all across the United States from 2022-2023:

Cannabis ExpoWhenWhere
Cannabis Science Conference14-16 September 2022Baltimore Convention Center, MD
USA CBD Expo10-12 November 2022Tampa Convention Center, FL
New York Cannabis Convention26-27 August 2022Albany, NY
National Marijuana Business Conference & Expo15-18 November 2022Las Vegas Convention Center, LV
CBD Expo Tour18-19 August 2022St. Paul, MN
NoCo Hemp Expo24-25 March 2023Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center, CO
Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition01-03 June 2023Javits Convention Center, NY
CannMed15-17 May 2023JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort, FL

7. Subscribe To Cannabis Newsletters And Magazines

Subscribing to a particular cannabis newsletter or magazine can be considered one of the best ways to keep up with the cannabis industry. The cannabis industry is blowing up worldwide, and this is how we will be able to keep up with the latest cannabis trends. Occasionally, you will receive some free cannabis products when subscribing to a newsletter.

Cannabis brands and businesses usually attach a free weed sample or accessory to a successful subscription. This is a strategy used to gain more subscriptions. A simple task such as adding your email address for a subscription is what could get you your next free weed sample. Below is a list of famous cannabis newsletters and magazines in the United States:

  • High Times
  • Freedom Leaf
  • Cannabis Now
  • MG Magazine
  • DOPE Magazine
  • Green Entrepreneur
  • Cannabis Business Times
  • Terpenes and Testing Magazine
  • Broccoli Magazine
  • Grow Magazine

Cannabis is a worldwide topic that has so many questions attached to it. These questions create never-ending conversations that give us knowledge about this plant.

Here are some frequently asked questions about free weed samples:

What Are Other Ways To Get Free Weed Samples?

Social media is another method you can use to get free weed samples. Liking, tagging, and reposting a post on Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media platform can get you free weed samples. Cannabis brands and businesses usually have amazing giveaways on their social media pages. This is the perfect opportunity for you to win some weed samples or accessories.

One of the best ways to receive free weed samples, which is not mentioned above, is to connect and socialize with people in the industry. Networking is important when you want to strive in an industry like this. Learning more about the cannabis industry will assist you in finding ways in which you can receive regular free weed samples.


What Are The Best Weed Samples To Get?

Free samples include weed accessories, ready-made joints, edibles, growing equipment, etc. The best sample to get for consumption would be edibles. These edibles are usually potent and create a stronger, longer-lasting high. Edibles usually come in the form of brownies, fudges, sweets, etc.

Generally, we are allowed to accept or not accept anything we get for free. However, you should know that there is a minimum legal age that all countries put on the smoking and consumption of cannabis. The minimum legal age limit in the United States is 21. This number differs from continent to continent.

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