Top 7 Money Saving Android Apps

1. Saverr

Saverr is an app that gives you custom coupons and circulars tailored to the products you buy on a regular basis.

2. Loot

This application gives its user their personal financial information in real time. As its goal was to replace the checkbook, the Loot application is built with security in mind so it doesn’t link directly to any of your accounts.

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3. The Coupons

Continuously updated coupons on your phone! Integrates with location services to find coupons and deals in your area. Tons of features all for free.

4. Mint

The application is synced to your account. View current balances and other financial information.

5. ShopSavvy

Turn on ShopSavvy and locate any sales in the store you’re currently in. Also includes bar scanner and the Shop Savvy Wallet where you can enter your credit card info, then slide you phone to pay at selected stores.

6. Gas Buddy

Uses GPS to locate the nearest and cheapest gas station.

7. Key Ring

Sick of carrying around all those rewards cards? Then check out KeyRings app and over 700 participating vendors.

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