Top 5 Cheap Beauty Products

I am a makeup artist and I’m going to share my top 5 cheap beauty products. These amazing cosmetics will make you look and feel fabulous.

Everyone is on a budget including myself. Now, you don’t have to sacrifice your beauty anymore. Here are my top 5 picks as well as my helpful tips.

L'Oreal True Match Foundation Powder

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1. L’Oreal True Match Foundation Powder $10.95

L’Oreal True Match foundation has a wide variety of shades to match from the lightest of skin tones to the darkest. It blends well and it feels soft on skin. The foundation covers spots and imperfections. Another good thing about this product is that you can find it at most drugstores. (Tip: Apply this powder foundation by patting it ONTO the skin then smooth it out all over your face. This will ensure more coverage.)



2. Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara $6.99

I have been in love with this mascara from the first day I used it. The special characteristic of this mascara is that aside from curling the lashes, it also lengthens them. People often think I am wearing false eyelashes when I use this mascara. One coat is enough to give you the desired look. (Tip: Purchase in the darkest black. It will make your eyes stand out even more and your lashes will look fuller as well).



3. Elf Minty Lip Gloss $3.99

I know what you are thinking, $3.99 for a good lipgloss? But it’s the truth ladies. This gloss is very efficient. I love the fact that it is not sticky. It offers a variety of pretty colors. I purchased one in the light pink shade myself. The best part about the gloss is that it has a minty flavor that makes you feel like you just brushed your teeth. What can be better than that? (Tip: After applying your gloss make sure to wipe the inner part of your lips to prevent it from caking up later on in the day. )



4. Suave Moroccan Oil Shampoo/Conditioner $3.69

It is very hard to find a good shampoo and conditioner even if you are not on a budget. But to find an amazing product that is under $5, that’s a miracle! Suave Moroccan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner works great on hair. It makes it soft and shiny. You can style it after the shower with ease. I have been using it every day now for the past few weeks and I can say that I really love it. You have to try it and experience having the aroma on your hair until end of the day. (Tip: Only use conditioner from the middle part of your hair down. Your scalp doesn’t need the extra moisture. It will only weigh your hair down. )



5. Brucci Nail Polish $2.99

So last but certainly not least, Brucci Nail Polish. If you have ever gone to a drug store, I am sure you have seen the stand of Brucci Nail Polish on a rack. I love this nail polish because they have hundreds of colors available to choose from. They don’t chip easily. Your manicured nails will stay in good shape at least a week. You really can experiment and not feel guilty for only $3. (Tip: Always apply your nail polish in two directions. Once vertically where you will put most of the polish. Then finish with a horizontal stripe. This will prevent the ends of your nails from chipping easily.)

I hope you will give these products a try. You have nothing to loose because these products are very affordable. Enjoy and use in good health. Share your comments or own beauty ideas in the comments below!

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