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Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions

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As the New Year begins, about half of us are planning resolutions.  The other half – well, they say they just want to enjoy life – but that turns out to be a resolution of its own (#4 on the list!).  If you are making resolutions,  don’t think of them as punishment or ways to “stop” bad behavior.  Think of them as ways you want to make your life better.

Wishing everyone a happy 2017 and many thanks for visiting yoFreeSamples.

10 – Spend More Time with Family

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Source: blogs.psychcentral.com

9 – Fall in Love

Source: putrieynissa.blogspot.com

8 – Help Others

Source: shaswa.wordpress.com

7 – Quit Smoking

Source: life123.com

6 – Learn Something New

Source: www.read-and-play-piano.com

5 – Keep Fit and Healthy

Source: omgtoptens.com

4 – Enjoy Life

Source: www.b4e.si

3 – Spend Less, Save More

Source: www.allyou.com

2 – Get Organized

Source: www.healthsourcelaunchu.com

1 – Lose Weight

Source: cant-lose-weight-solutions.blogspot.com

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