The Rise of Digital Coupons

It’s common knowledge that coupons have seen a massive resurgence in recent years. And although the traditional printed variety still dominate retailer’s promotional offerings, digital couponing is on the rise. Websites such as have seen their revenue rise more than 30 percent, and just last year digital coupon transactions increase more than 20 percent to 1.6 billion. Popular retailers such as Kroger, Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreen’s and Dollar General all offer their own digital coupon programs through email, websites and apps. Of course the digital coupon landscape has grown so much that savvy shoppers are presented with a plethora of choices – so many, in fact, they may not even know where to begin.

Following are a few of our favorite digital coupon sources for your smartphone:

Apple and Android users can take advantage of tons of offers from the coupon app and access them while on the go. Choose from savings that are emailed to and printed from your computer, printed from your mobile device or even added to your store loyalty cards to scan at checkout – all depending on the deal. Apple users can even browse digital coupons offered by non-grocery retailers, such as Old Navy and Petco, and add them to their Passbook apps.

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Apple and Android users can use the coupon app to take photos of printed coupons and display them at the store. Or, they can search the app’s coupon database, which includes tens of thousands of coupons from major retailers. The app will even remind you when a stored coupon nears its expiration date.

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Savings Star

The coupon app for Apple and Android devices allows users to register their loyalty cards, then browse lists of exclusive offers. To access offers – which can be as much as $5 off – just tap the “I Want This” icon and scan your loyalty card at checkout. Be aware that the savings are immediately taken off your total bill, but instead are added into a SavingsStar account. Then, when you reach $5 in savings, you can have the money deposited into your bank, your Paypal account, an Amazon gift card, of you can donate the savings amount to the American Forests conservation group.

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The coupon app for Apple, Android and Blackberry offers instant savings when digital coupons are “clipped” and sent directly to your store loyalty cards. After you’ve entered your loyalty card info, just browse through various deals and tap those you want to use. The coupon savings are saved to your loyalty card of choice, and you simply scan the card at checkout to receive the savings. Although the app is free for anyone, those who register gain access to even better deals. Cellfire is partnered with stores nationwide, and you can enable alerts so you’re reminded of coupons when you enter a store.

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While the above listed apps are great sources for digital coupons, don’t forget couponing websites such as,, and Many retailers also offer their own digital coupons, including Publix, Dollar General, Kroger, HEB and Shoprite. The best part about all the digital coupon options is that each shopper can cater their use to meet their own shopping habits and personal preferences.

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by on January 19th, 2016