As Seen on TV Products – Bargain or Bust?

I’m a sucker for something new and better. And those TV ads for new gadgets and claims of being the best – it’s like I’m a moth to a flame.  So it’s off to the internet to do a little research – or go right for the buy.  But are they worth it??  Before you spend your hard earned money, here’s what I’ve found out about some of the current batch of TV products.

Non-Stick Pans

Eggs sliding from pan to dish without a snag, okay to use metal utensils, no more scrubbing – and none of the nasty chemicals or peeling of Teflon pans.  Those are the claims of a new breed of safer non-stick cookware like the Copper Chef, Gotham Steel and others.

While it’s true about the coating being free of troublesome synthetics like PFOA and PTFE, the never stick part gets mixed reviews.  Most people who tried the sliding egg thing totally failed.  Some found the non-stick properties worked at first but degraded over time.

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Were there some happy people?  Yes.  They claimed the unhappy people weren’t seasoning or cleaning the pan properly.  Or, they were using induction stoves which these pans are not suited for unless you can find one with a totally flat bottom.  Didn’t hear any of that on the commercial!

Verdict:  If you’re into taking special care of your pots and pans and you don’t have an induction cook top (like I do…sob…), maybe give one of the cheaper ones a try.

The Best Pillow in the World

Pillows get a lot of the blame for a bad night’s sleep.  And with each decade, there seems to be a new kind of pillow that will solve all your problems.  The latest are crushed memory foam pillows that adapt to your head position but don’t get so flat as to not provide support.

If that sounds suspiciously like how expert recommended down/feather/down alternative pillows work, you’re right.  As for crushed memory foam pillows, the experts say they’re fine but warn that they can be hot.  If that’s an issue, look for those with casing materials that reduce heat.

People are fussy about their pillows so these new crushed memory foam versions get mixed reviews.  Mostly it’s about the amount of filling – sometimes too much, sometimes not enough.  There are companies that will send you more filling if you need it, or, do like one reviewer did and open up the pillow to remove some or add more from another pillow.  You’ll need some sewing skills since most don’t have zippers.

But the biggest complaint was the odor. Some have a very strong chemical smell.  Foam is, after all, a bunch of chemicals.

Before we make our verdict, what about specialized pillows?  Like ones for side, back or stomach sleepers, anti-snore or oxygen promotion (who knew?).  The problem with positional pillows is that few people don’t ever move while they sleep.  So the thicker side sleeper pillows can cause neck pain if you end up on your stomach during the night.  Snoring reduction and oxygen promoting pillows (to help diabetics with circulation) have been shown to be somewhat effective so they’re worth a try if you have those conditions.

Verdict:  I’ve tried several of these and even found one I liked. You can find them online but they’re often cheaper versions in stores like Walmart and Target. But no pillow will ever be “the one.”  Sleep specialists recommend you have a couple of pillows to swap out.  That way, when one starts “bothering” you, you can use the other…or both.

It Cosmetics Bye-Bye Full Coverage Foundation

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation
If you’ve got a red, blotchy face like me, you watched in awe as the woman on the It Cosmetic commercial wiped off the foundation that miraculously covered her red, blotchy skin. Not only is their new Bye-Bye Full Coverage Moisturizer Foundation supposed to get the red out, but it has anti-aging moisturizing ingredients, light diffusing particles AND SPF 50 sunscreen!

First thing to know is that it’s not full coverage.  But at least I thought I’d be able to skip using the good but not great Bye-Bye Redness Corrector for this foundation.  Not. The woman in the commercial probably layered both products…along with primer and setting powder…to get those amazing coverage effects.  Who’s got time for that?

  With a limited color range and high cost ($65!!!), skip it.

Replace Your Mattress Every 8 Years

As someone who thought a mattress was supposed to last for a couple of decades, I was surprised when I heard that you’re supposed to replace your mattress every 8 years.  Surely, this was some made-up fact by mattress companies to get you to the store.  But according to Consumer Reports, mattresses last anywhere from 5-10 years. And by last they mean the mattress loses it’s supportive properties.

To make a mattress last 10 years, you need to care for it. Using a cover, regular vacuuming, flipping and rotating a mattress are all the things you need to do to get you to the 10-year mark – no matter what type of mattress you have.  People over 40 may find themselves needing a replacement earlier regardless of care.  That’s because starting at that age, the body changes more frequently (tell me about it!) and requires different kinds of support.  But whatever your age, when you continuously wake up feeling achy or tired, those are signs that your mattress is no longer serving your body well.

Verdict:  It’s true!  And the 8 years in the commercial is actually a little higher than the average 7 years most people say they get out of a mattress.

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by on October 3rd, 2016