Make it Yourself Baking Mixes

Making your own baking mixes is not only a money saver but a time saver. It’s also a great way to keep unwanted “stuff” out of your baked goods. (Have you looked at the ingredients in some of your favorite store-bought breads??)

Most of these mixes will need wet ingredients to be added later. Write those down along with the baking instructions on a label. Store your mixes in jars or plastic containers/bags (remember not to re-use plastic without throroughly cleaning first) then slap the label on for future use.

Your mixes can be stored in the pantry, refrigerator or freezer depending on what ingredients are included for several months (longer if you can freeze them).

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This mix doesn’t require refrigeration so you can store it in your pantry. Placed in a decorative jar, it also makes a great gift idea.


This mix contains butter so it needs refrigeration. Use it for biscuits or pancakes – just like that famous store bought one. – but without the chemicals. Recipes for both are on the mix page.

Pie Crust

One of the things I don’t like about making pies is the whole mixing/cutting the fat in. Skip that step next time by keeping a batch of this pie crust mix in your fridge.


Another refrigerator mix all you’ll need is milk and eggs when you’re ready to whip up some yummy cornbread.



This post is the cookie mix motherload! Pantry ready cookie mixes based on the Betty Crocker versions. Add “wet” ingredients later.

Whole Grain Bread

This one is a little more complicated and requires a rising period but no kneading required. Just add water and oil to the mix the day before and let it rise in the refrigerator. Take it out before you go to bed and let it sit on the counter overnight.

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by on February 26th, 2013