Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Last minute invitation?  Or just a procrastinator?  Either way, we have you covered in the costume department for Halloween.  Check out these do it yourself in a jiffy Halloween costumes for adults or kids.

Bumble Bee

last minute halloween costumes
The basic bumble-bee costume is not only super cute, but it’s also easy to design. Start with either a black sweat suit or a black leotard with opaque black tights. Create yellow stripes around your upper body with yellow or gold tape. Construct wings from coat hangers and either paper, felt or plastic wrap. Antenna are easy: just paint some wooden skewers black and hot-glue them to a black headband. Add some painted foam balls to the end for a “buggy” effect.

Mad Scientist

last minute halloween costumes
Start with basic slacks and a collared shirt. Add a bow tie and a white lab coat or jacket.  Top it off with a pair of goggles on your head and/or a pocket protector for your pens or other “instruments.”  Add some extra creep factor by carrying a beaker filled with creepy crawlies, such as gummy worms or plastic spiders.

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Raining Cats and Dogs

last minute halloween costumes
You’ll be wearing the costume everyone’s talking about in this getup you made yourself! Start by wearing a raincoat and rain boots. Find an  umbrella and attach stuffed dogs and cats – as many of whatever types you like – to the top of the umbrella.  For outdoor trick or treating, fasten your goody bag to the umbrella hook or handle.


last minute halloween costumes
You’ll definitely make a statement by dressing as a rainbow for Halloween. Paint a white shirt and pants or a plastic or cloth tablecloth with rainbow-colored stripes. Top it off with a red wig, green or yellow face paint, a blue belt and orange shoes…anything colorful to fit the rainbow theme.

Garbage Bag Witch

last minute halloween costumes
Ten garbage bags is all you need to get Halloween ready. Follow the instructions at Martha Stewart or use your imagination to fashion this “disposable” costume.  Broom and makeup finish off the look.

Bunch of Grapes

grape costume

For this classic, you’ll need a bunch of purple balloons (or red or green if you prefer other grape varieties…) and a few pieces of green material for leaves and a green or grape matching hat. Stick the balloons (carefully!) onto your black t-shirt and pants or leotard and you’re done. Check out eHow for full directions.  Walk and sit carefully…

All You Need is a T-Shirt

last minute halloween costumes

Check out these last minute costumes from Women’s Day – mostly made from t-shirts with easy to stick or sew on embellishments.  Most are based on puns…like deviled egg, smarty pants and fork in the road.  Hey – when you need something fast, puns – and t-shirts – work!

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Speaking of t-shirts, grab a Magic marker and write that infamous web page error message on a white tee.  (Thanks to for this one!)

Creepy Makeup

halloween makeup

Don’t want to bother with bags, balloons, t-shirts and the like?  Then make yourself up. There are lots of tutorials online but some require special materials (like fake skin…) or a lot of skill.  Here are 9 Halloween makeup ideas that real people can do.

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by on October 23rd, 2016