Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Still procrastinating with the holiday shopping?  Can’t figure out what to get that person who seems to have everything?  Well…we’ve got some easy to find or easy to make gifts so you can check everyone off your list.

Gourmet Tea

Good for the foodie, natural food person or someone who just needs to relax! Most stores carry specialty brands in pretty tins or boxes. Add a special mug, tea cup or other goodies to make a basket.


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Cookie Tin

Unless the “giftee” is on a serious diet, most everyone likes cookies. And decorative tins are often saved and reused. This is a great gift for older adults who like to stash them away to nibble on them for as long as they last.



Paperwhites or Amaryllis

For the person with a green thumb, forced bulbs are ideal. They’re easy to grow and provide some cheer in the early months of winter. You can buy a complete set with the pot in many grocery stores and at retailers like Target.


Who doesn’t like popcorn? If you can’t find a tin of ready-made popcorn, assemble some jars or bags of gourmet or organic kernels and various popcorn seasonings.

Framed Photo

Photos of the kids or the family are always nice.  But don’t limit yourself to something recent. Family photos from the past are great for those interested in their family tree or to add a nostalgic touch.  Put the photo in a frame that suits their decorating tastes. A frame that either hangs or has a stand gives them the option of placing it on a mantle or dresser or on the wall.

framed photos


Christmas Ornament

A handmade or store bought Christmas ornament is a great choice for those who like to pull out all the stops at Christmas.  Consider their holiday decorating tastes – rustic, lavish, colorful, single color – or look for collectible ornaments that can be displayed on the tree or on their own.

last minute gift


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by on December 18th, 2017