11 Simple Ways How to Get Free Stuff

Everyone wants to know how to get free stuff right? Here are 11 ways how you can get free stuff:

1. Ask about loyalty programs:

In addition to coupons based on a points system, you almost always get something free on your birthday when you sign up for a loyalty program. A lot of times they offer something free for signing up too. It pays off quickly for places you visit regularly, like your favorite coffee chain.

2. Use your social media skills:

Social media is more that just for looking at pictures of your 500 closest friends’ vacations and newborn babies. Use it to tell a company what you really think. Tweet, Facebook, and Tumble your way to free products. Most companies really appreciate the input and exposure, especially if it’s constructive. Sometimes they even offer promotions exclusive to social media channels.

3. Use Freecycle.org:

This site is the epitome of the “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” mantra. It essentially brings a thrift shop/garage sale right to your finger tips but for free! Find free things in your area and get rid of stuff collecting dust in your house at the same time.

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4. Take surveys:

A consumer’s feedback is invaluable to a company. To interest a customer into providing this information, companies will often send out surveys via email or snail mail featuring an appealing incentive. Sometimes it’s cash, sometimes it’s a fancy gadget, but it is always worth it.

Source: www.sxc.hu

5. Get a library card:

To some it may seem archaic and outdated, but the library will never stop being one of your best resources. It’s got books, movies, and many have foreign language  software among other educational tools. Plus the employees are always extremely knowledgeable  Did I mention that all parts of this are free? Do yourself a favor and learn (or relearn) the Dewey Decimal system.

6. Review products:

Companies truly value this information and appreciate your involvement. In addition to helping the company with product quality, you assist other consumers in finding exactly what they want (yet another benefit to the company). Sites like Amazon.com send out free products to helpful reviewers to encourage feedback. 

7. Couch Surf:

Why pay for a hotel room, when there is a perfectly good couch nearby? Couchsurfing.com has become a tool that thrifty travelers swear by, giving them a little more cash to enjoy their vacation. Stay for free on a local’s couch; it has the charm of a B&B but without the cost. You have to be comfortable staying with a stranger, but if you get past that you have a free place to stay and potentially a new friend!

8. Complain: 

While not the most praised route for getting free stuff, complaining to a company about a product can often result in a free sample in an effort to make amends and win back your business. Companies will work dilligently to ensure your return to their brand.

9. Use Klout.com:

Klout rewards you directly based on all that influence you have in your social networks stated above. By assessing the magnitude of your online presence in particular categories, Klout will send you perks based on those categories. It’s that simple.

10. Sign up for yoFreeSamples.com:

yoFreeSamples.com is another excellent example of a freebies search engine. With a huge compilation of samples, coupons and other offers, yoFreeSamples.com get you the best deal out there. You might even find a new favorite product! The site is clearly organized and easy to navigate, making finding your favorite deals a breeze.

11. Just ask:

By sending out free samples, a company gets free advertising and promotion from you. Personal testimony is very powerful in product selection and most companies are happy to help you tell your friends how much you love a product. Tons of companies have specific options on their sites for requesting free samples. Use their search option and see what you can find!

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by on March 23rd, 2013