The Ed Hardy Shop

Looking for some unique gifts?  I came across the Ed Hardy website and was floored with the variety of items they have.  Now, I’m not a biker/tatoo type myself, but some of this stuff is pretty nice.  And while some of the things were out of my price range, there were some low-mid priced items that would make great gifts.

They’ve got clothing for men, women and kids (I hear the women’s clothing runs a little snug…) as you would expect.  But what I like was the hats, jewelry and lifestyle products – things like barware and electronic accessories.  The Ed Hardy Shop also carries shoes (crazy patterns on them!) and of course, temporary tattoos.

While I was there, I found some reasonably priced items for gifts for various nieces and nephews.  Check out the sale section – 50% off final call shop – for some really good deals (got some cute kids sneakers there).  Note that sale items are not returnable but you have up to 14 days to return all other items (except intimate/undergarments).

The shipping prices weren’t too bad ($7 for my order…got the slow poke option) but sometimes during the holidays sites offer free shipping.  So I signed up for the mailing list to be alerted.

Anyway, check out the Ed Hardy Shop and let me know what you think.  And if anyone has tried the clothing and has some comments on the sizing, post it here!  And no….I don’t work for Ed Hardy and I’m not getting paid to post this…though if they read it and want to give me a gift card, I won’t mind… 🙂

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by on December 12th, 2011