7 Insanely Creative Shoe Storage Ideas for the Space Strapped Fashionista

Are you one of the many women who hasn’t seen her closet floor in years? Does your love of shoes reign supreme over the amount of space you have to store them? Or perhaps you toss them all into what seems to be a bottomless box or tote, where many the shoe has vanished into the abyss. Never fear! There are ways to neatly store your entire collection of footwear without designating it a room to itself – or stealing your hubby’s side of the closet!

Create Your Own Walk-In Closet

So what if your closet space leaves much to be desired? Even if you live in cramped quarters, you can create the utility a walk-in closet provides. Choose bookcases and extension units from IKEA to economically create the look. Our picture shoes a bookcase with sewing supplies, but you get the idea.

Window Seat

Take advantage of all the space in your bedroom. Choose a window seat with storage underneath. Not only will you be able to decorate your space, but you’ll be able to utilize what is generally vacant space to organize and store your shoes.

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Lazy Susan

Don’t you love how much extra storage a lazy Susan provides in the kitchen? Utilize the classic organizer in the bedroom, as well. Just look for any small cabinet that provides storage on all sides… if it spins, all the better. You’ll never have to worry about any shoe being stuck in the back!  Or place single Lazy Susans underneath your clothes in the closet (or under the bed).

Under Bed Storage

When it comes to underutilized space, under the bed typically beats all. Sure, we all try to take advantage of the dark void, but it usually ends up storing nothing but dust bunnies. It can also be used to neatly and practically store you shoes. And if you can’t find boxes low enough, use an over-the-door shoe pouch organizer to slide beneath your bed skirt.

Ceiling Storage

We all have shoes that we rarely wear, but still want them easy to locate when we need them. You can’t say you’re truly utilizing all the available space in your closet unless you’re also using the ceiling. Hang molding along the perimeter of your closet’s ceiling and use it to store those special-occasion shoes.
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Hang Them on the Wall

Take the molding idea one step further and hang rows of molding on the wall.  And why hide them in a closet when they’re not decorating your toes? Place shelves around your room, scattered or adorning a specific wall. To avoid a cluttered look, try to keep the shoe styles consistent on each shelf and space them evenly. You can even use decorated wooden crates for shelves that provide storage inside and out!

Use a Cabinet

Just because you don’t have a walk-in closet doesn’t mean you can’t have luxurious storage space. Use a curio or other glass cabinet to store your fancy footwear. You can occasionally update your décor by showcasing seasonally-appropriate shoes you rotate throughout the year.

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by on August 4th, 2014