Bug Resistant Clothing – It’s for Real!

Don’t like sprays or wearing ultrasonic gadgets to keep bugs away? Take a look at insect resistant clothing. Treated with permethrin – a man-made version of the insecticide pyrethrin -– the bug stopping properties will last through multiple washes (like over 50) to keep you safe from ticks, black flies and mosquitoes.

How safe is it to wear an insecticide? Pretty safe. Pyrethrin is derived from the chrysanthemum plant and is safe for use around food and poses no toxicity to humans (and animals, too!). The man-made version lasts longer than the natural version.

Permethrin is also the main ingredient in tick killer Nix and clothing sprays like Sawyers. You’ll also find this same ingredient in flea and tick killers for your pet. It’s safe for adults and children over 2 months but pregnant or nursing mothers should avoid it just to be on the safe side.

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Besides repelling bugs, some of this type of clothing also provides protection against the sun. Materials include, cotton, polyester, wool and blends so there’s plenty of options.

Ready to ban the bugs? Check out these items from Amazon.

ExOfficio has a whole line of insect resistant clothing for men and women. This woman’s hoodie is one of their most popular items. A poly/cotton blend, it comes in 4 colors.

Solstice Apparel makes bug busting clothing for men. Generally true to size it’s rated well for looks and performance. This traditional shirt is an example and they offer t-shirts and pants as well.

Lots of bugs attack from the ground, so insect repelling socks are a good option for hiking and other outdoor activities. Don’t worry – they’re usually made of breathable materials like wool. Here’s a kid’s sized version.

Here’s your basic tee in a poly/cotton blend available for men and women. Rated well for softness, you’ll also get some built in sun protection.

Layered over other clothing or worn on their own, these sleeves keep the bugs away from your arms or legs. These come in various lengths depending on how you want to use them.

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by on June 21st, 2018