Best Air Conditioners 2018 Guide

Are you in the market for a new air conditioner? yoFreeSamples checked out this year’s top rated models. We’ve provided links to and prices from so you can view the details and reviews.  And for some tips on choosing an air conditioner, read our post All About Air Conditioners & Buying Tips.

Top Rated Small 

Top rated by a well-known consumer rating organization, this Amazon air conditioner has lots of features along with an excellent EER rating of 12. At 6,000 BTUs, it’s suitable for a small-mid sized bedroom. Only downside, Amazon customers say it’s loud.

Top Rated Mid-Size

Cold, quiet and energy efficient, this “humming” LG air conditioner comes in a 10K BTU and a larger 15K BTU model. Amazon reviewers either loved it or hated it (mainly because it came damaged or they had trouble installing). That famous consumer organization, however, gave it a top rating. Maybe check this one out locally and get some installation help! Currently $295 and $350 at amazon.

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Easy to install, the Frigidaire mini models comes in a 8K BTU ($249) and 6K BTU version ($196) . EER rating is 12, so they’re very efficient. They’re also relatively trouble free – I had one of these for several years.  But, it’s not that quiet so I used these mostly in living rather than sleeping areas.


If looks and wi-fi connectivity are important, check out the Frigidaire Cool Connect. It has lots of energy saving and usability features plus it’s energy efficient. But loud, according to Amazon buyers. Still, in the right location, that might not be an issue. It’s pricey, though, running around $400 at amazon.


Ideal for the bedroom because it’s truly quieter than most, the Fridgidaire Gallery line of air conditions efficiently deliver cool air and have a built-in timer. They look pretty good, too. Available in 6K BTU ($300) and 8K BTUs ($350).

Best Budget Buy

Not too loud, 5K BTU and energy efficient, this bare basics HomeLabs air conditioner keep small rooms cool at a budget price of under $140.

Best Portable

Available in several sizes, this  compact portable air conditioner by Black and Decker gets the job done. While the instructions are a little fuzzy and there were some complaints about the window kit the reviews were generally positive. That said, all portable air conditioners are quite similar in quality. It’s a matter of size, features and how much you want to pay. The Black and Decker ranges from $230 to $350 depending on BTUs – the same as most other brands.

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by on June 14th, 2018