Be a Mad Scientist and Experiment with Household Products

Whether it’s time for the school science fair or you just want to get the student in your home excited about learning, there are plenty of incredible science experiments you can do with everyday household products. There’s no reason you need extra money to explore science when you can simply open up your kitchen cabinets! Here’s a few of our favorites to get you started:

Dancing Raisins

All you need to made raisins dance is some ordinary clear soda like Sprite or 7-Up. Guide your child to learn what gives soda its fizz, and how it can make objects that would normally sink float to the surface.

Make a Volcano

We’re all familiar with the classic science project, but do you actually know how to make a volcano out of household products? Just gather yeast, water, hydrogen peroxide and some soap to begin.

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Homemade Lava Lamp

Lava lamps are mesmerizing, and your child will be fascinated when you help them create one with an empty soda bottle, oil, water and food coloring.

Electric Motor

Can you believe you can make your own electric motor with some wire, a couple of magnets and a battery? It’s true and sure to win a blue ribbon at the next science fair.

Tornado in a Bottle

Your child will be fascinated when you help them create a miniature tornado inside a bottle. All you need is a water bottle, water and soap.

Egg Through a Bottle

You’ll be amazed, and your child will learn about atmospheric pressure when you see an egg that’s too big to fit into a bottle get sucked inside.

Needle Through a Balloon

A needle is a surefire way to pop a balloon, but is there a way to push it through the expanded rubber without popping it?

Invisible Ink

You and your child will be amazed when you create invisible ink. The project is not only a great science experiment, but it’s also fun to use in pranks.

Recycled Paper

Help your child develop an understanding and appreciation of recycling with this fun experiment.

Magnetic Fluid

You can actually make liquid magnetic with just oil, toner and a magnet. Help you child create this ferrofluid and manipulate it with magnetism in this fun and educational experiment.

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