A Green Christmas

When it comes to the environment, ittle things make a big difference. And as it turns out, even your holiday habits can have an impact. Here are some tips for going green for Christmas.  You’ll help the environment, your community and you’ll probably save money, too!

LED Christmas Lights

Start swapping out your old Christmas lights for LED versions. You’ll save up to 90% of the cost of operating regular lights.

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Fresh Trees

It’s almost a toss-up as to which is greener – artificial (since you can re-use it) or fresh. But fresh is the greener choice especially since it can be recycled. Consider a live tree you can plant later, too.

Handmade Ornaments

Instead of buying ornaments, use what you have or make your own. Collect scraps of fabrics, yarn, paper, cardboard, old/broken jewelry and other sparkly things during the year to turn into holiday ornaments.

Newspaper Wrap

Newspaper makes pretty good wrapping paper (you can’t see through it!). Dress it up with your handmade ornaments, twine or bows from leftover ribbon or yarn – even colored tape.

Buy Local

Buy your tree and other fresh decorations from local growers instead of getting them delivered. You’ll save the cost of shipping, put a little less pollution in the air/save gas and support the local economy.

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by on November 27th, 2016