6 Places In NYC To Score FREE Food For Fun & Profit

What’s better than free food?  How about helping restaurants improve, consolidating small payments, making a little cash and donating to the NYC Food Bank?  You can do all this by downloading and using these clever specialty apps available for Android and iPhone.


Levelup is a loyalty and payment app that has special promotions for participating stores and restaurants. Sign up and set up a credit card for payment. They consolidate credit card transactions to save small businesses processing fees.

You get 1 Level up bill at the end of the month – and you’ll earn extra savings with special offers at selected retailers.  Fill in your birthday, and you’ll also get a birthday bonus at some of your favorite spots.

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Survy and LevelUp Apps

Survy and LevelUp Apps


Servy is a secret shopping app for restaurants, where you upload your receipt, evaluate your experience by taking a picture of your restaurant receipt and filling out a short survey.

Download the app and use code KM2733 to apply. Describe your love of food or trying out new restaurants and you should be approved within a few minutes to an hour.

Every time you complete a survey, Servy donates a meal to No Kid Hungry or the Food Bank for New York City.  Plus, you’ll be credited $1!

Important: You can reserve an evaluation at your restaurant up to 5 hours before you get your receipt. Take a picture of your receipt as soon as you get it, in order to be able to check in to the restaurant. You can complete the evaluation up to 48 hours after you submit your receipt.

Where to Use the Apps in NYC

You can use these apps in other parts of the country, but larger cities like New York, will have the most options.  Check out our list of favorite coffee and tea shops.

    • Argo Tea Cafe
      With more than 6 locations in Manhattan, Argo tea is a popular place to sit down, relax, and have one of the dozens of different and exotic teas they have.  Get $4 for every 10 visits using the Levelup app.

Argo Tea

    • Birdbath Bakery
      Having 7 locations across Manhattan, you will likely walk by the eco minded, locally sourced bakery. Get a free organic coffee or baked good from this environmentally friendly company. Get $5 for every $50 you spend with Levelup.

Birdbath Bakery

    • Gregory’s Coffee
      This popular nerdy chain of coffee shops has 20 locations in Manhattan and one in New Jersey. Some locations have latte art classes or coffee tastings and they always have new snacks or coffee blends to try.  You’ll earn $5 for every $50 you spend and $5 on your birthday as a LevelUp user.
    • Bluestone Lane Coffee
      This Australian coffee chain has artisanal coffee and exotic sandwiches. With 6 locations in Manhattan and 1 in Brooklyn, Bluestone Lane stands out with it’s iconic blue star logo. Their decor and authentic Australian accents make you feel like you are have stepped into a coffee shop in Auzzie land.  Get $5 for every $50 you spend & $5 on your birthday with Levelup.

Bluestone Lane

    • Kung Fu Tea
      A classic bubble tea spot with dozens of sweet flavors. With 9 locations in Manhattan, 5 in Brooklyn, 7 in Queens, this place is hard to miss.  Receive a free drink (up to $4) + get $5 after 12 visits & $6 on your birthday with Levelup.

Zaro's Family Bakery

  • Zaro’s Family Bakery
    This family bakery has 8 Manhattan locations mainly around Penn Station and Grand Central, a store in Jersey, and one in the Bronx. Even though they are not on Servy, this location’s Levelup credit covers up to $7, which means a potential free coffee and a cookie.


Use your Levelup app to pay and for beverages or snacks that are under $5 including tax. This way you don’t need to pay anything and the credit will just be taken from the app. Don’t forget to ASK FOR A RECEIPT to use with Servy. Levelup emails you a receipt you can use as well, but a printed receipt may be easier. Upload a picture of your receipt in Servy, complete a short evaluation and get $1!

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by on April 6th, 2017