11 Ways to Know You’re The “Frugal” One

If you are constantly looking for ways to save money on everything from food to clothing, you see people calling you frugal as a compliment. The only way to build your savings account and watch your money multiply is to be resourceful and cut on your spending. Here are just 11 ways that you can tell if you can officially be classified as a “frugal” one.

1. Your Receipts Are Filled with Coupons

You do not have to be an extreme coupon clipper to be “frugal”. If you review your grocery receipts and you see more minus signs than charges, you are probably a frugal one.

2. You Buy Your Meat in Bulk and Break it Down

Family-sized packs of meat are available at a lower price per pound. If you are single and you are buying bulk meats on sale, you are frugal and resourceful. With freezer bags and a sharpie, you can turn one package of meat into 4 or more individual proteins that can be frozen and used for easy meals for a month.

3. You Use Free Smartphone Apps While You are Shopping

New smartphone technologies make it even easier for people to be smart with their money. If you are using apps like Pushpin while you are strolling the aisles of the grocery store, where you can scan barcodes to find digital coupons instantly, you are most certainly frugal.

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4. You Search for Recipes of Your Favorite Dishes at Your Favorite Restaurant

If you are frugal, you certainly are not going to pay $20 for a dish that you could make at home for less. If you have taken time to find the recipes of your favorite restaurant dishes so that you can enjoy them at home for a fraction of the cost, you are definitely frugal.

5. You Make Your Own Laundry Detergent and Save 90%

Have you seen how much laundry detergent costs? If you have reviewed the ingredients on the back of the package, you probably realize that making your own laundry soap is not difficult. If you combine borax, baking soda, washing soda, and bar soap to make your own homemade powdered detergent for pennies on the dollar, you are frugal.

6. Foil is Your Dryer Sheet

If you want to eliminate static cling with a ball of foil instead of dryer sheets, you are resourceful.

7. You Know the Clearance Schedule at Target

If you know that target marks down kids’ clothing and electronics on Mondays, cosmetics and Women’s clothing on Tuesdays, health and beauty and toys on Wednesdays, shoes and housewares on Thursdays, and cosmetics again on Fridays, you are undoubtedly frugal.

8. You Compare Gas Prices Before You Pump

If you log onto the internet or use your GasBuddy tablet app to compare the gas prices of all of the stations in your zip code before you fill up your tank, you are frugal.

9. Pack Lunch for Your Travels

If you are planning a trip and you have a sack lunch ready for your flight, you are frugal.

10. You Use Olive Oil For More Than Cooking

If you know that olive oil can be used to treat diaper rash, to treat lice, to remove makeup, as shaving oil, as skin moisturizer, and as a furniture polish, and you actually use your olive oil for all of these purposes, you are definitely frugal.

11. You Make Your Own Liquid Soap

If you buy bar soap and turn the bar into an annual supply liquid soap with glycerin and water, you are a frugal scientist at heart.

If anyone says you are cheap, replace the word cheap with frugal and see it as a compliment. Look for ways to reduce your expenses on everything from your grocery bill to your entertainment costs and you will be the one smiling up a storm when you are ready to retire early.
Image credits: morguefile.com

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