10 Things to do With Water Balloons

How to keep the kids busy this fourth of July weekend and through a long, hot summer?  Two words:  water balloons.  Get the kids in their bathing suits then pick a spot in the yard where you might not mind a few muddy spots and try one of these fun activities.  You may even find the adults join in.

Water Balloon Pinata

Fill ’em, hang ’em then let everyone take their turn at bat. Or place the hanging balloons in different areas around the yard and make a race out of it.

Water Balloon Baseball

Nothing like making a splash with a bat!  But don’t use the traditional wood bat without supervision. A hollow plastic bat is good for the little ones and foam versions are fine for older, stronger kids.

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Water Balloon Target Practice

A variation on the water toss so that no one gets wet (on purpose at least).  Set up targets with foam tubes, string or even chalk.  Graduate sizes (smaller targets are more difficult) and assign points for each one.

Water Balloon Volleyball

You’ll need at least 8 people for this one (and of similar heights) plus two bath size towels (beach size are too large/hard to maneuver).  Each team member holds a corner and has to toss and catch the balloon with their towel.

Water Balloon Stomp

Give each player or team several loosely filled balloons to stomp and break. Not as easy at it looks especially with bare feet.  Play some music to get everyone in the mood.

Water Balloon Relay

The twist here is that each team member has to use their elbows to carry the balloon to a designated spot.  Once there, the next person continues to the “starting” post.  Another option is, once at the target spot, sit and break the balloon.  Once broken, the next team member has their turn.

Cold Potato

Circle the kids then give them a water balloon that has been pricked with a pinhole.  Toss it around left to right or to the person across. The one who ends up with the deflated balloons wins…or looses!

Water Balloon Bucket Catch

Another way to avoid too much water on the kids – contain it!  Cut the bottoms out of gallon milk jugs or use a bucket to toss and catch water balloons.

Water Balloon Yo-Yo

A piece of elastic or rubber band attached to the balloon makes an interesting yo-yo. Great to play alone.  Or, have a yo-you competition where the one with the balloon that lasts the longest wins.

Water Balloon Dodgeball

You can’t play dodgeball in school anymore, but you can at home! A water balloon ensures that the “ball” won’t hurt (but you will get wet!). “

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by on June 28th, 2016