10 Tape Activities for Kids

Tape is a wonderful thing not just because it’s useful but because it can entertain kids for hours. And with a variety of non-marking and easy to remove tapes on the market, the possibilities are mess-free. Masking, painters and washi – choose your tape for the activities below. Just remember that if some tapes get wet, they may be hard to remove so consider these indoor projects.

Carpet Roads

Tape roads onto carpet to make a framework for villages, racetracks or construction sites to use with blocks, Legos, toy cars or trucks.

Carpet Games

A hopscotch board, targets, bowling alley – you can reproduce them all with tape right on a rug!

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Tape Crafts

Decorate jars, cups, sandals, bikes, hula hoops – you name it – with tape.

Tarp Target

Use tape to highlight holes cut into a tarp for target practice. Or just tape pictures to the tarp.

Balloon Rocket

Tape a straw to a blown up balloon and thread on twine. Then let the air out of the balloon and watch it fly.

Tape Tubes

A single paper tube or several taped to the wall makes a great tunnel to drop stuff in.

Tape Web

Set up this web in a doorway where kids can throw lightweight trinkets between the spaces or to stick to the tape.

Tape Art

Just add paper. And if you can find colored removable tapes, pieces can be repositioned.

Tape Obstacle Course

A hallway is perfect for an obstacle course!

Tape Wall Art

Have the kids decorate a bedroom wall or give them a blank canvas in the basement or garage.

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by on June 24th, 2014