10 Best Money Saving Lists – 2016 Edition

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Sometimes when we’re thinking about saving money, we turn to the web for some ideas. But there’s a lot of STUFF out there. To make things easy, we compiled a list of our favorite money saving lists. Some lean towards the classic, but others are newer lists and present some novel ways to save. So bookmark your favorites (or this page) for an easy and quick way to get inspired.

1. America Saves – 54 Ways to Save Money

This one has all the basics – and I forget so many of them. Review this one once a year…

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2. US News and World Report – 10 Out of the Box Ways to Save Money

A bit of the old and new, these suggestions are simple and effective.

3. Money Magazine – 29 Ways to Save on Groceries

This one includes the science behind some buying behaviors and how to out-smart your human nature.

4. The Simple Dollar – 100 Great Tips for Saving Money

While it’s got the usual suspects, there are quite a few unconventional suggestions – like volunteering to lift your spirits for free.

5. CNBC – 20 Easy Ways to Save Money Every Day

Many of these involve changing habits (that wait 48 hours until you buy can be tough!). But then, saving is a habit we all should want.

6. Pop Sugar – 101 Ways to Save Money

I like this because it’s a straightforward list. Just the tips! Plus, there are links out to examples for some of their suggestions.

7. Business Insider – 14 Ways to Save Money by Thinking Like a Millennial

Yes, we all can learn from Millennials who use tech to help them save.

8. Man Repeller – How to Save Money

Covers the nitty-gritty of budgeting and saving long term.

9. The Penny Hoarder – How to Save Money When You’re Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Follow this nearly broke bloggers yearlong money journey with the goal of saving $1000. Some excellent and novel ways to pick up money to save.

10. Lifehack – 55 Practical Ways to Save Money Efficiently

Another concise list, this one is grouped into categories like saving on auto or home expenses.

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by on May 16th, 2016